Shopping - May 4, 2019

Spring Crossbody Purses Under $250

Let’s be honest, lugging a big heavy tote bag around all day is the worst and not something I want to do all the time. So when I go out with friends or don’t need to tote around 50 different things in my bag – my go-to is a crossbody bag! There are SO many choices on the market right now and I know the title says bags under $250 but 5 out of 8 of these bags are under $80. I included a few splurge-worthy ones that I think will be valuable purchases – and all the bags are available in multiple colors, too. My favorite trends this spring for crossbody purses are pastels, unique shapes/details and – of course – straw bags!

Almost every outfit I style for the weekend or a fun outing includes a crossbody bag – they are so versatile and can easily change up the whole vibe of your look. For example, a dainty & classic look can be changed to a more edgy look with the easy change of accessories!

Crossbody bags are also great for traveling light if you are headed on a trip where you can pack everything in a suitcase and just carry your purse on the plane or in the car! A crossbody keeps you hands-free while going through security and all the lines at the airport – love it!

Shop my favorites below – there are so many good options that I know will last seasons to come!