Shopping - April 12, 2018

The Best Tops to Wear With High-Waisted Bottoms

I actually can’t believe it’s taken me so long to think about writing a post about this because finding the right top to wear with anything high-waisted is SERIOUS BIZZ. The trend has been happening for a while now, but it honestly probably took me a full year to know what exactly to wear with anything high-waisted. Like, not every tank top tucks well into higher jeans or a skirt – some work, some don’t. Now that spring is here and I’m all about that high-waisted skirt life, I’ve been thinking about this even more and wanted to share my faves with y’all.

In today’s round-up you’ll see everything from body suits to crop tops. There’s s certain kind of top that works best with high-waisted bottoms and I thought with Spring here – and Summer around the corner – this would be a (hopefully) helpful shopping round up for those looking!

Crop Tops

I know crop tops *sound* intimidating. But trust! I’m not trying to show my belly button off or anything crazy, but if you find the right-fitting one for your figure, they’re kinda magical. At least with something high-waisted, which is key for crop tops in my opinion. I like to line up the crop top with the waist of the skirt, and the ideal place for both of those things to hit is the smallest part of your waist (if you’re wanting the silhouette to flatter, and who doesn’t?).

Ruffle Sleeve Twist Hem Tee

Love this cropped ruffle tee to pair with high waisted jeans or shorts. The fit is so flattering and the ruffle detailing makes it light and fun for spring.


Also, bodysuits. Whoa. I need some (or one?), actually. So they’re kinda weird at first and reminded me of being a little girl, but now I totallyyyy get why they’re back! They make tucking in seamless and you don’t have to deal with extra layers around your waist or a confusing tuck. I think these look especially cute with a flowy, almost boho style skirt like I’m wearing in these pics. I’ve actually worn this same skirt with a bodysuit and it was sooo comfy and cute. But really into it with this crop, too! If you’re looking for an easy bodysuit, I like this one by Free People – the neckline is so flattering and it’s only $20.

Striped Bodysuit

Just discovered this cute little bodysuit and think it would so stinkin’ cute paired with a denim skirt for Summer! I love the colors too! Can’t wait to find some fun earrings to pair with it – just added to my cart!

Tie-Front Tops

Lately, I’ve been seeing this tie-front style top all over the place. And even more recently, I’ve started to see them in the cropped form. I’m a huge fan and think they’re the perfect pair with anything high-waisted. Well, as long as your bottoms don’t have some sort of tie-waist because that would be too many knots slash too much going on around your waist. But otherwise, this style pairs really well!

BP. Twist Crop Top

Crop tops are hard to find and pull off. I’m currently liking this twist front one from BP. It’s the perfect length and goes great with skirts and high waisted shorts.

OK so yeah, all of these tops are easy to pair with the high-waisted trend, but I wanted to call those two styles out since they’re kinda scary sounding!

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Do you have any other tops to add to this list? Any styling tips on pairing these with a high-waisted item? Lemme know!