5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Spring Look

how to wear long cardigan in spring, all white outfit

Spring always makes me itch for change: a new haircut, a wardrobe update or even rearranging furniture - yes, even after I just moved in. Blooming blossoms just have that effect on me apparently! How about y'all? Same boat or nah? I know we're already a few weeks (okay, maybe even a month) into Spring, but I wanted to share some easy ways to freshen things up! …


BTD Weekly Travel

Vichy Trip Photo Diary

brighton the day train outfit wearing white skinny jeans, denim jacket, and blank tank outfit

Assuming most of you also follow me on Instagram (if not, get on board!), then you know that I spent last weekend in Vichy, France with a France-based beauty brand named Vichy. Have you tried any of their products?! While on the trip, I got several texts from friends and family letting me know that it was one of their ABSOLUTE favorite brands and that they were so excited to follow along and learn more. Before this trip, I’ll be…


Faith OUTFITS Spring

The (True) Secret To My Resilience

brighton keller at St. Anne's wearing floral shirt with skinny jeans and straw bag

Remember that (recent) blog post I wrote on comparison and not feeling good enough? A few days ago I read it again and felt like something was missing; like it wasn’t finished. Because there’s actually so much more going on behind the scenes; and I feel compelled to share it with you despite my fear of communicating poorly and lacking eloquence. (Side note: I always struggle with this but I’m pushing past it today.) There’s More To It To put…



Shopbop Sale Is Here!

Spring shopbop sale 2017

With Spring in full swing Shopbop has marked down their entire site! There are some amazing goodies that are perfect for the season. Right now everything is 20% off with the code Event17 . Here are some of my favorites, you can click on the item to shop! Karla Colette Low Back Plunge Swimsuit…


Beauty Video

Hair Volume Video

March 06, 2017 at 0728PM

This video is a long time coming and one of my most requested videos. I’m so excited to show you all about getting volume in your hair. If you can tell this video is pretty much a continuation of my How To Get More Hair Volume blog post where I describe exactly what steps to use. I hope this helps any of y’all that have questions about hair and what products to use when looking for that extra volume! DryBar…


Home Organization

My Closet Reveal

brighton keller new home closet reveal

I am SO excited to finally get to share my closet reveal with y’all! As most of you might already know, I recently moved into my first home back in January. And ever since then, I’ve been working hard (in between travels…) to try and make this house a home and get settled in. I made a few adjustments to customize my closet (and I’ll share more on that later), but I’m so excited to finally say that it’s COMPLETE…