The Silk Neck Tie

boyfriend jeans, striped tee, red neck scarf

Hello friends! I'm back again today with the third and final way I've styled this simple striped tee this week! We started out this week with a classic yet stylish sleeveless trench that you could wear to the office, then talked about Parisian style (pairing the tee with a midi skirt), and lastly today I'm styling it with a silk neck tie and boyfriend jeans. I've had so much fun this week sharing these three looks and if y'all like…


Beauty Monthly Favorites

5 Reasons to Love Charlotte Tilbury’s Miracle Cream

march beauty favorites brightontheday

Last month I shared my beauty favorites on my Instagram (and via Stories) and y’all seemed to really enjoy hearing about which products I was loving at the moment. Plus, I really loved hearing from y’all about which products YOU were loving too! So I thought I’d make this a monthly thing – where I talk about my top, favorite makeup products. This month I want to gush about Charlotte Tilbury’s Miracle Cream because OH EM GEE it’s so stinkin’…


OUTFITS Spring Style Guides

How to Dress Like a Parisian

black pleated midi skirt, striped tee, gucci belt, pointed toe flats 9

Parisian girls seems to have it all - have y'all ever noticed that? The effortless, cool girl look that is just as sophisticated as it is laidback. And, they all seem totally confident in their attitude. We all covet this, but a lot of times when I try to copy it I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m still trying too hard. (You should have seen me getting ready for my Paris trip, lulz right there). But what I’ve…


OUTFITS Spring work attire

Spring Work Wear Essential: The Sleeveless Trench

green trench vest, striped tee, black pants, business casual outfit idea

For my recent trip to Paris, I tried to be smart about how and what I brought with me. And if you saw, I shared some of packing tips with you last week! That being said, I spent some time brainstorming ways to make the most out of every item I packed in my suitcase all the while thinking of content ideas that I could share with y’all. With Parisian style staples on my mind, I was inspired to style…



How to make the most out of your time traveling

Black midi skirt, hot pink sweater, gucci loafers

Y’all know that I just got back from Paris – insert all the excited emojis -, and if you follow along on Snapchat, you know this was a pretty last-minute trip for me. I didn’t have a ton of things planned for this trip, which is exciting and a little crazy for me! I’m trying really hard to be more present and to make the most out of my moments (as lame as that sounds – it’s true okay!), and…


How to perfect the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look

Paris vanity makeup parisian apartment no makeup look 14

While I’m just speaking from my own experience, I think by the time women are in their twenties, they have more than mastered their go-to night out look. Dark eyes, red lips, cat eyes, pink lips…whatever it may be, we’ve got the routine down. Am I right? And maybe it’s age – or laziness? – or both, but the look I’ve really been trying to master lately is wearing makeup, without it actually looking like I’m wearing makeup. Catch my…