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I got a little carried away making Gift Guides this year and realized (oops!) that Christmas is like UNDER 2 weeks away! So although I’m not completely finished with my gift guides, I’m wrapping them up and pressing publish before time runs out! I’m some of you have already done a good bit of shopping, but for those of you who still need inspiration for what to get the HIM in your life…here’s Part 1! (Part 2 will be on the blog tomorrow!) Remember you can click on the images to shop!










Kristen Dee Photography

It’s hard to find the perfect cream turtleneck sweater, especially since I want several very specific qualities in one. For instance, I want the neck to be a little chunky and oversized so it feels nice and cozy! Plus, it looks better under big coats when the “neck” part is (for lack of better words) chunky ;) In additional, I don’t want it to be too short, so I can wear it with leggings (#duh. Necessary) Oh, and I also don’t want it to be itchy and it’s got to be the right color cream. See? Lots of stipulations and it’s hard to find one that meets all my requirements.

Unfortunately (sorry y’all!), the one I’m wearing is from several years ago. I’m telling you, when you find a good one….snatch it up quick! But I’ve tried my best to provide you with the best options around the interwebs that are similar to this one and seemingly (from behind my computer screen) fit all my requirements.

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Large Lapel wrap Jacket  //  Cream Turtleneck Sweater (old) but very similar here, here, here, here, here (only M & L left) and here
Dee Keller (the ‘Portia’) Pony Hair Pumps  //  Faux Leather Leggings
Prada Bag and here  //  YSL Lip Stain (No. 9)  //  Double-sided pearl earrings

Shop Similar Turtleneck Sweaters:

you can also check out these websites to see their collection (I’m linking to the results page of an advanced search): Shopbop, Revolve Clothing, Nordstrom and Piperlime









Kristen Dee Photography

I love shopping online, but I’m not really one for the hunt. In other words, I’d rather NOT spend hours searching, adding things to my cart and then trying to figure out what I actually want to (bite the bullet and) buy. So I’d much rather stick to one site that has several options and everything I’m looking for. Obviously, there are going to be times where I’ll have to venture off into the where-did-the-time-go/black-hole interwebs.

But if I can help it, I’d rather buy it from Nordstrom. And if you’re wondering….yes, they’re sponsoring this post (thank you, Nordstrom!); but I promise you (!) I would be saying this regardless. (slash I would NEVER say or wear anything if I wasn’t fully behind it.)

But even so, how can anyone NOT love Nordstrom?! Because let’s be honest, we all want great customer service, a variety of price points, and several brands to choose from (oh, and easy smeeeezy returns! …do I sound like a used car salesman? ha!) Plus, Nordstrom is one of the only department stores that has kept their petite department alive and strong ;)

Speaking of petite clothing at Nordstrom, I’m actually teaming up with them and putting together two outfits including items from their petite sweater collection. So what does “petite” mean anyway? Confession: I didn’t know until a few months ago when I looked it up (ha!). Don’t judge, but I thought petite was referring to small women – like skinny and just smaller in general (I guess I never put two and two together when I would see size 12 petite or XL petite….) But actually, it just means shorter women ;) To be exact, the good ‘ole Wikipedia explains that a “petite size is a standard clothing size designed to fit women of shorter height, typically 160 cm (5 ft 3 in) or less.”

Do any of you wear petite clothing? I know some of you have got to be shorties! Have you tried and noticed a difference?! Please, do tell us your thoughts! (I LOVE hearing from y’all!)

Shop The Look:

Halogen Cashmere Cowlneck Tunic (I’m waring a size small petite – it’s a tiny bit see-through so I wore a slip…and yeah, it’s showing a little. Ha!)

Black Riding Boots // Aviator Sunglasses (25% OFF)

Drusy Cuff – also love this ring! // Gold Ring – also love this one and this one

YSL Lip Stain (No. 109) // Black & Gold Earrings

So these are all gifts that I personally wouldn’t mind getting. And I think they’re just great gifts for pretty much ANY girl. ;) So to mention a few things….

I’ll start by saying that I’m pretty sure EVERYONE (including you!) enjoys putting on a brand new pair of undies, rather than your (or at least mine, most of the time) a-few-years-old pair thats been washed one too many times. I’m telling you, it’s a GOOD gift ;) And these come in a cute little heart-shaped box – how cute ;)

I’m sure you’ve heard all the rage about the famous “naked” palette. And if you haven’t, well I’m sure your daughter/girl-you’re-getting-the-gift-for has. And if she doesn’t have this, odds are she would like to receive it (if she’s into makeup and that sort of thing…)

And the eberjey PJ set? Let me say…DUH. This is a no brainer. Remember this post I did a few weeks ago and this one I did a year or so ago? And you should get them monogrammed! (but hurry…only 2 more weeks!)

A 2015 Planner. Better yet, a super nice one from GiGi NY. No brainer as well. I have the “Desk Diary” Date book in indigo embossed python leather and LOVE it. Oh, and you can personalize it to.

Have you ever tried Tocca perfume (or candles or lotion)? Go smell Cleopatra. You’ll see why I included it. You’re welcome ;)

Always love getting cute little gift sets – like this one from NARS (shown above) and of course I LOVE anything and everything Bobbi Brown does – especially during the holidays.

Monogrammed ring? If she’s into that sort of thing (yes, of course I AM! ;)), then she’ll LOVE this gift and most likely add it to her I-wear-this-every-day ensemble.

Barefoot dreams Cozy Chic Shawl – click on it to see what it looks like on! – tell me you’ve felt how soft these are? And their robes – I have NO words to describe. You’ve just got to feel them for yourselves. But really, this is a great gift too.

Hunter boots – does she have a pair? If not, get her some. Trust me, she WILL use them (even if she lives in the desert…eventually rain DOES come ;))

This margaret elizabeth cuff – I would love it next to my every day watch too….love the gold and white color scheme and the fact that it’s super thin

Bauble/Jewelry travel case – my baubles are currently all tangled up in some old ragged Vera Bradley zipper thing. I could really use this… I bet I’m not the only one in this situation. In other words, its a GREAT gift ;)

That Fuji white camera – honestly, I don’t really know what all the hype is about, but everyone has been talking about it, so I felt compelled to include it. Anyone ever tried this? Please do share your thoughts.

Double-sided earrings - the new cool thing. I’m telling you. If she’s one that likes to be ON trend, then you should no doubt get her these (plus, they’re under $40)

Oribe Hair Texturizer – yes, it’s expensive. But trust me….you need to try this stuff. Period the end.

duck boots

Y’all, I’ve never seen anything like it. I was trying to link up an outfit for instagram earlier this week and literally, the entire internet (!) is completely SOLD OUT of the classic duck boot – BOTH the L.L. Bean version AND the Sperry Top Sider version. And they’ve been sold out for weeks now. Maybe it’s the little economist in me (I majored in Business Honors and Accounting), but this blows my mind! ha! It’s not everyday that I make it to the FOURTH page of google search and still….no cigar (and I spend A LOT of time doing this as a fashion blogger).

hmm seems like a conspiracy or something. Okay no, I’m joking. But still, how is the demand SO much higher than the supply here?!! Or do they like it that way? ;)

I mean, I guess this means they’re cool. Right? ;)

The few pair I was able to find:

and if you’re one of those people looking for a pair, rest assured that I’ll keep you posted on the supply situation going on over at L.L bean. According to a recent article on, the company has since invested 1 million buck-a-roos into new equipment and hired new people on board to try and meet the ever-so-quickly-growing demand. But apparently it takes 26 weeks (half a year!) to train new employees to make the hand-made boots.

Am I the only one who finds this fascinating? (probably so, but that’s okay! ha!)

[Note: the ones I’m wearing in the photo above are actually by Sperry Top Sider; the L.L. Bean ones have been sold out the last 4 times I tried to purchase.]

Alternative Brands that make weatherproof boots: SorelThe North Face, Helly Hensen, Ugg Australia, and Hunter Boots

Other Articles I read:

Yahoo’s Style, “L.L. Bean’s already sold out of Snow Boots”, “The Waist list for L.L. Bean’s Duck Boots is Insane”

The Guardian, “L.L. Bean Duck Boots: Why is there a 5 Month waiting list to get a pair?”












Kristen Dee Photography

Lately, I’ve been planning my sister’s bachelorette party/weekend. I literally CANNOT believe that it is December and that she is getting married in like 3-ish weeks. Like, WHAT?! Seriously though, I’m actually freaking out.

Anyway, we’re going to Vail for the weekend and I’m so excited! But to be honest, I’ve never really planned anything like this before and have only been to one bachelorette party. I have a few ideas of fun things we’ll do while there, but I wanted to see if any of you wouldn’t mind weighing on any of YOUR experiences?! Was there a game y’all played or a fun activity that you wouldn’t mind sharing?! I would really appreciate it!! Oh, and please spare us the nasty stuff ;) (my sister won’t be having any of that nonsense – ha! SO not her style lol)

And on a side note, can we talk about how ghostly my legs are here? ouch! They OBVI haven’t seen the sun in a few months. (…and that’s why they make St. Tropez….I guess I forgot to put it on that day ;) – but it’s literally the BEST stuff if you’re on the market for sunless tanner!)

Shop The Post

Skirt: Check belted midi skirt (on sale for $42!) // Turtleneck: J. Crew Tissue tee in red

Bag: Kelly Wynne ‘Halo’ Collection c/o // Shoes: Kate Spade Licorice pump (the suede version is 25% off here!)

Lips: YSL glossy stain (No. 9) // Necklace: Classic cluster pearls (30% OFF w/ code GIFTTHIS)

Ring: Black arrowhead // Watch: Kate Spade Gramercy c/o (on Sale!!)

Shop Accessories:

Remember, you can click on the products to shop! In addition to all the products shown above and below, there are also lots of new boots on sale! I’m OBSESSED (slash I literally JUST ordered a pair a few weeks ago – should’ve waited!) with these heeled boots! And then those frye boots I wore in Monday’s post are on sale too! But if those are out of your budget still, then these are a great alternative (similar look!). Thirdly, if you’re still looking for a pair of heeled, black booties…these are cute.


One of my favorite things to post on Instagram are photos of my work space. And judging by your response, I’ve got a feeling y’all like it when I share them too ;) Anyway, I thought it would be fun to whip up a quick gift guide for the ladies in your life who LOVE themselves some cutesie office stuff and enjoy looking GREAT (and organized) while working ;) remember you can click on the products in the collage below to shop!

Shop the Post

Need MORE Gift inspiration?? Check out all my gift guides here! And stay tuned because I’ve got 3 more coming within the next few days!



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