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After my recent purchase of THIS adorable little coin purse (that I instagrammed here!), I decided that lemons are making it on my permanent love list (remember this post about lemons from way back when?!)









Crop Top: Bailey 44 ‘Talk to Me’ leather crop top  // Skirt: Meadow Lined Pencil skirt by Tabitha via Anthropologie // Sunglasses: Prada Cat eye // Lips: Stila Stay all day lipstick // Bracelets: BaublebarVita Fede, Lisa Freede // Bag: Prada // Ring: Heart Ring in Gold via Giggleosophy //  Watch: Cartier stainless steel bracelet // Earrings: Kendra Scott Morgan Studs // Wedges: Dee Keller Kristen Wedge (Sold Out) // Images via Dyan Kethley Photography

This skirt from Anthropologie caught my eye immediately; I love how it pairs two different prints (florals + stripes) so perfectly.  And I chose to “play” on the black and white stripes by wearing black up top and on my feet. I also liked the juxtaposition of the edgy leather with the girly floral print!

image (1)

And speaking of floral prints, Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels and I have teamed up to style the trend in tow different ways! And as you can see, we’ve both taken the concept and put a completely different spin on it. I love how Laura paired her button up blouse with a lady-like midi skirt (you know how I feel about those!), pulling out the reds in the floral top!  I think one of the fun parts about working with floral prints is the versatility and flexibility that the (typically) multi-colored print offers.








Sweater: (c/o) 525 America Crew Sweater // Skirt: (c/o) French Connection Isabella Drape Skirt // Shoes: Kate Spade // Necklace: Baublebar // Watch: Cartier Bracelet Watch // Bracelet: Vita Fede Mini Titan Two Toned Bracelet // Photography by Dyan Kethley


BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-32 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-27 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-42 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-33 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-38 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-41 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-34 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-35 (Custom)

BTD Shoot 3 Pt 2-39 (Custom)

Crop Top: Bailey 44 ‘Talk to Me’ leather crop top // Skirt: (c/o) French Connection Winter Simba Printed Skirt // Shoes: Dee Keller The Kristen (SOLD OUT) // Sunglasses: Prada Cat eye // Lips: Stila Stay all day lipstick // Bracelets: Baublebar, Vita Fede // Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner // Watch: Cartier stainless steel bracelet // Photos by Meredith Marceau

I sure have worn the heck out of this skirt – especially with all my traveling lately. Specifically, it was perfect for ENK Vegas market (remember this instagram post?!) .  And here’s why: it allowed me to show of my shoes (aka Dee Keller Design) and somehow matched every single pair of shoes I put/tried on (oh….right, because leopard IS a neutral!). Aside from learning the ins and outs of how to run a booth at a retail trade show (I “shadowed” our very talented Sales Rep, Hilary), I guess my technical title and reason for attending was as the Dee Keller shoe model, since I wear the sample size and all (how convenient! ha!). So anyway, needless to say, this skirt has been a key piece in my wardrobe lately – it’s a winner for sure.


“You will never have to force anything that’s truly meant to be.”

“You will never have to force anything that’s truly meant to be.”

This is one of those things my mom always says to me…And yet, I continue to challenge her – as if I’ve got some magical justification to rationalize why it’s OKAY that [enter scenario] is complicated and different…and that my unsettling feeling is totally normal. Right? You know that craziness I’m talking about! Those games our minds play with us – the endless analyzing and rationalizing to (essentially) create a “whole” out of random parts – which is usually just a desperate attempt to make sense of the world as we want to see it.

But you know what? Although I don’t have much experience with this whole things-feel-right-and-meant-to-be ”feeling”…I’ve got (emphasis added) to believe it actually exists. Because I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can barely pick out what to order at the taco stand without second guessing myself. I’m like the queen of doubt and what-if-ing/well-maybe-if-ing myself into oblivion – blame it on my twenties (ha!). I’m hoping these things come with age!

But really though, I think that when it’s right…it’s right…and you just know. (or so they say…)

 I can hear my mom telling me right now….Brighton, it’s just really NOT that complicated. Period the end.

What about you? Any great cliches (if you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for great saying/expressions!)  from your parents/mentors/whatever that you’d be willing to share?


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Each and every thing on this here (rather short) list of loves serves a VERY different purpose – and yet they all have ONE thing in common: I WANT/LOVE/have a special place on my wish list for them (…among a few others things). I’m SO close to pulling the trigger on these polka dot keds (I mean…COME ON. Way too much cuteness going on there NOT to get them…right?!)

And those brass gem decor objects? You know those are AWESOME! The only thing holding me back here is the fact that I have NO place to put them – my apartment is on FULL overload at the moment with all my decor-fetish-obsessions. No need to make the issue worse…

Moving on to that beautiful tropical print above; I’ve already got a perfect outfit planned for this one….enter white jeans and coral Dee Keller wedges (YES!).

And how cute is this citrus plate? I love it! And lastly, I’ve had my eye/heart/mouse on this “GLAM” print for months! But unfortunately I STILL haven’t even started putting up my gallery wall again since moving to Houston (yikes!) I REALLY need to find my tool set….slash get a new one or something.