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Backstage at NYFW with Mary Kay

Mary Kay at Tracy Reese F/W'17 - Presentation and Backstage

I was more than honored to work with leading beauty brand, Mary Kay, this year for fashion week. I wasn’t originally planning on going to NYFW this season (Feb is just too stinkin’ cold) but the opportunity with MK was too fun to pass up. Plus, I’d just started using their moisturizer after a friend lent it to me and have been eager to learn more about the brand and try a few more of  their products. Even with all…

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What do when you’re having a meh day

white jeans, marc fisher wedges, monochromatic outfit, oversized sweater and white jeans, casual spring white jeans outfit, ysl nude bag

Let’s face it, y’all – “MEH” slash OFF days happen to us all. Heck, lately I’ve been having more OFF days than I’ve had ON days if I’m being honest. Everything from bad moods, exhaustion, hormones, or something completely silly can make a normal day go meh, am I right?? I think the biggest culprit for me is not getting enough sleep and then that starts to snowball into other things too. But whatever the case, “meh” days are bound…



10 ways to pamper yourself for Valentine’s Day

ways to pamper yourself on Valentine's

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! Who’s excited? Who’s not? I’ve got mixed feelings about it tbh, but I’m all about having an excuse to celebrate. If you’re not a big fan of V-Day, I outlined 5 steps to making this day a happy one – no matter your status – so be sure to check that out. In that post, I touched on the importance of self-love and pampering yourself – important year round but especially on a day dedicated to love…

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BTD Meal Plan Week 5

BTD Meal Plan Week 5

Happy Friday lovelies! This week has been super crazy, but I can't wait to fill y'all in on everything that's going on next week. For this meal plan Taylor and I decided to make a little heartier meals that would be great for not only yourself, but any guests you might be cooking for. We added one red meat that is so so yum and a great chicken salad that you can pack for lunches. I hope you enjoy this…


What Actually Happens When You Buy A House

what actually happens when you buy a house, the house buying process on btd

In case y’all are just catching up, I shared last week that we’re doing a fun little series on home buying. I just bought my first home (omg omg omg), so I thought I’d share how the whole process works. So much of this stuff was honestly pretty foreign to me before going through it, and a lot of it can be pretty complex. I was hesitant to write this series, but the last article got good feedback - so…


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How to Organize Your Kitchen

how to organize your kitchen, kitchen cabinet storage tips, kitchen organization hacks

A few weeks ago, I Snapchatted about how I was NERD-ing out and spent a solid 2 hours researching kitchen (and specifically cabinet) organization hacks, tips and tricks. As most of you all already know, I just moved into a new house and I’ve been spending this month getting unpacked and settled – slowly but surely. I’ve never had a “real” kitchen of my own with enough storage for everything AND the freedom to make changes and drill holes. In…