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Instagram Round Up (July Part 3)

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This post is a few days late, but I never got a change to put the together while in DC last weekend.

Anyway, there’ll be another one up soon that covers everything starting August 1st and then all the subsequent photos during this first week of August.

As always, feel free to ask any questions that I might not have answered. And if you want to make your life A LOT easier, then please pretty please sign up for I promise, it’s great.

If you don’t want the emails, then you can set your settings to NEVER send you any, and then you can shop just MY feed (photos + products) at this link (save it to the home screen on your phone to make your life easier) and it looks like this (see screenshot below). SO easy and you can get your questions answered so much quicker too! :)

Screenshot 2015-08-05 14.29.17

ok and now for the round up, here we go!


Stripe Tank

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I’m looking at these photos and giggling a little because I have no idea why I look so serious in all of these? Like, what? That’s so NOT me (ha!) but I think Kristen and I might have been talking about something kinda on the heavy side maybe? Which is usually NOT the case (hence the often cracking up photos you usually see).

But anyways, let’s talk about this tank. It’s pretty great and kind of reminds me of that blue and white striped one that you all loved so much (the one I wore on instagram a few times – like here).

There’s not really much else I can say except that it’s BOMB dot com, you should get it, and I’ve got a feeling it might sell out soon maybe? It’s $44 and comes in 3 colors (I already have 2 color ways…) so yeah, have an awesome day peeps! see ya tomorrow :)



Cobalt Tank and Sandals

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Ok but really tho. Is it obvious how obsessed I am with this top? I seriously feel like I wear it ALL the time. But that’s just because it’s SUCH a great basic and maybe also because I have it in like 4 colors and actually just ordered 2 more (oops!)

What can I say, it’s just THAT great and looks good with so many things! I’ll include a few more looks where I wore the same top at the bottom of this post if you’re interested!



coral pleated midi skirt

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I love love love this skirt and have worn it at any chance I’ve gotten to over the past few weeks.

It’s so fun and festive and feminine and just makes me feel…pretty and girly. I wore it to one of my best friends’ rehearsal dinners and got SO many compliments (see photo below!). But regardless, I just love it.

It’s actually part of the Cupcakes & Cashmere collection – have you seen her new line? She did such a wonderful job! And this skirt is just one of the many amazing pieces she designed!


Being BRIGHT with BRIGHTON: Quiet Time


It took me a while to actually bring myself to press ‘record’ and film this video – for many reasons really. One of them being that I literally did not know my camera had a filming function/setting slash I didn’t know where to begin on that front. But also because I was a little iffy about publicly declaring my thoughts on something so personal and often kept filtered behind vague, happy-feeling blanket statements. You know what I mean?

And it’s not that I haven’t done this before – share scary things. Because if you’ve been following my blog & insta for more than  a month, then you’re well aware that this is not a first. I’ve talked about sticky-ish faith-based things before.

But then there’s something about making a video? Making videos is hard…and then making videos about a sticky subject – that’s like two ‘uncertains’ combined. So yeah, I’ve been talking talking talking ABOUT doing this for forever and I’m so relieved and excited to finally be actually following through.

So anyway, here we go. I can’t wait to hear what y’all think and get your feed back. It’s pretty long, but I didn’t want it to be choppy – I just wanted it to be me…talking…to YOU (slash the camera ha)

Videography by Carley White (website coming soon)


(you can find these and more on my #beSTILLbeBRIGHT page over here:

Brown Leather Journal – I just got mine at Barnes & Noble; they always have GREAT journal options!

ESV Journaling Bible (the one I use with wide margins)

Moody Commentary – ok so #confessions…this is just one of the first ones I found on Amazon. I look around a little, BUT I probably should have done more research. Patience is hard for me…but it’s been great for me so far and has been an awesome resource to keep my scripture reading rich and exciting (might be a bit of a stretch, but i truly truly enjoy learning all the backstory and such)

IMG_2470 Agenda: A Look Inside

// Everything Else

I still can’t believe it’s REALLY August 2015. Like, wait really WHAT?! How though? Blows my mind. But whether we’re ready or not, it’s here and the days are just going to keep rolling on by.

So with that being said, are you on a 17 month planner basis or 12 month? If you’re a fan of the August to December kind, I HIGHLY recommend this legitskis planner right here (see below).

I’m obsessed and so excited that I FINALLY get to start using it (I’ve had it for a few weeks and have been itching to put it to use!) 17 Month Planner (Spiral Bound) // Pens


White Off The Shoulder

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Hi Hi Hi! Happy Friday!

This week has been a little off since I’ve been traveling, so it doesn’t feel like Friday AT ALL. It totally feels like Monday or Tuesday because I’ve been getting my life back together and running errands and such to get things back on track. Because I’m going to DC this weekend and leaving super early in the morning tomorrow…so yeah, another quick turnaround :)

But this top though…OBSESSED. I say that a lot, don’t I? Well I guess I love love a lot of things and especially when they’re under $40 ;)


drawstring tee dress

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This little tee shirt dress is basically ME in a dress. Aside from the simple swing dresses that I always wear (wore one yesterday actually*), I love a good baseball-tee-hem-tee shirt dress. And I’m guessing that’s a genre of dresses…right? Or maybe we should just stick to calling it a “shirt” dress. Regardless, I LIKE ’em.

I’m finally back in Dallas after being in Austin over the weekend and then immediately jumping on a plane to go to Baton Rouge for the beginning of this week. And then I just decided to take a trip to DC to visit friends this weekend, so I’ll be doing a little laundry and packing my bags up again here soon. But I’m so excited because I’ve never been able to make the trip up there and so when I found an open weekend, I jumped right on it! Can’t wait :)

Also, I just got some few new travel accessories from Vera Bradley that I can’t wait to share with you all :) They’re so cute and have all the best pockets for organizing everything!


Comfy Cream Tank and Distressed Denim

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Easy Black Tank

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Hi friends! Blogging from my iPhone here…because I forgot my laptop in Dallas like a champ. Typical. I’m in Baton Rouge right now for a few days hanging out with my family :) hope you have a happy happy Tuesday!


#NSALE: Stocking Stuffers ON SALE

// Shopping Round Ups

click on the products above to shop the round up

Because are you really ever going to regret getting a head start on some Christmas shopping? I mean, who doesn’t wish they started in July every year? I know, it sounds a little ridiculous but I bet you’d seriously thank yourself later. Especially since you can get stuff she/he would actually (seriously tho) have on his/her list come November. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s not a bad idea…

#beingBRIGHTwithBRIGHTON Teaser Video


Videography by Carley White (website coming soon)

Remember when I said I was going to do videos about my faith on BTD?

ha. yeah. Well, 3 months later…here we are. I’m back! and I’m super excited to give you a little sneak-peek-teaser of what’s to come over here on BTD.

But y’all, this time I REALLY mean it. I know I’ve done a few intros – lots of talk and not so much walk – about what’s “to come” without really following through. Sorry about that.

But this time is different. I’m excited that today I actually get to promise you that there will be a REAL (like not another intro) video on the blog tomorrow. In fact, we’ve already filmed it.

UPDATE (11:41 PM 7/26) ….ha! of course I would run into issues. Plot twist! We did have it already filmed but for a few reasons…we have to film it again. See? Literally, jumping through hoops over here. But even still, it IS def coming. Just not Monday morning.

Let the anticipation begin…

ha, just kidding. (kind of)

So last week, I posted a novel on instagram about how much I hated editing videos and how for every little thing I get excited about (like something I want to share or tell you all), there’s about 47 other things that get in the way of me doing so. Namely my lack of video editing skills/software and patience and other technical things etc.

and then the coolest thing happened (but really it was freaking awesome and happened only a few hours after posting).

I was introduced to this bomb dot com chick named Carley who had mad video-editing skills. And BOOM. We started working together and making magic happen. The best part about it (in my opinion) is that she had been thirsty for (and praying for) a way to use her new-found passion of making videos to share the gospel. I think her exact words (well, via “text” message) were, “I’ve been praying for opportunities to use my minimal video skills to minister to people! It’s funny how the Lord works!”.

And so yeah, that was that – the beginning of something (I hope will be) awesome socks. So yay for trying new things and following through on making more videos! Hope you enjoy this little teaser video! 


Lace Cap Sleeve Dress

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I’ve been sitting on these photos for a few weeks now – oops! Sometimes I do that…and then before I know it, it’s been like 3 weeks and the dress is already sold out! eeekers!

Good news is that this dress is not quiet sold out, but the sizing is limited. sorry people. But on another note, there’s one that is SUPER SUPER similar that I posted decades ago (see post here or just shop the dress here) that is still available AND on sale! yahoo!! And by on sale, I mean it’s like $52. No joke.

jly part 3 round up

Instagram Round Up (July Part 3)

// Instagram Round Ups

Hi friends! And happy Fri-YAY!

Finallyyyyyy….I feel like this week has taken FOR-EV-ER. Or maybe it’s just me?!

Anyway, I’m super stoke for the weekend because I’m going to Austin :) and staying with one of my good friends from college (we cheered together! so it’s always a good time). I’ll be doing Austin things and floating the river on Saturday :)

Anyone have any fun plans this weekend?!

I’ve got some super exciting things on the horizon for BTD by the way! And I’m SO pumped about it. I finally got around to filming another #beingBRIGHTwithBRIGHTON video and it is all set to launch on Monday. I’ll be posting a little teaser video to get you all excited on Sunday :) Can’t wait to hear/see what y’all think!


Top (obsessed and comes in lots of colors) // Skirt (size up one size)

Necklace // Shoes // Tote // iphone case


I sure do love this top…and I’m surprised I haven’t posted it more. I sure have worn it a ton – I just haven’t taken photos etc. It’s a fun one :)

Top (ON SALE) // Shorts ($44 – Size up 2-3 sizes ) // Hello Sunshine Tumbler

Hat (sold out – similar) // Watch // Cuff

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