instagram round up june part 2

Instagram Round Up (June Part 2)

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I actually just put together a massive instagram round up this past week, but in an effort to NOT let my round ups get that overwhelming, I wanted to keep the somewhat-long-ish-standing BTD tradition of posting details on Sunday. So albeit at 6 PM, here are the instagram details from the past week..

As always feel free to ask any questions I didn’t answer in this post!


pom pom scarf

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The fun and bright colors of this scarf is what got my attention and the tassels is what sold me. How fun is it? As someone who’s an avid wearer and fan of scarves (I think I have like 7 different colors and especially love wearing linen ones in the summer), I decided that I needed to add this one to my collection. I also sore it last weekend as a swimsuit coverup by tying it around my waist. (and it’s also cute tied in your hair!)

Shop The Look:

Scarf: Kate Spade Ombre Pom Colorblock Scarf

Shirt: Scoop Neck Linen Blend white tee

Jeans: c/o DL 1961 (old – similar)

Shoes: ‘Summers’ wedge (sold out in most sizes – see other options here and here)

Clutch: Bop Basics (also exact available here)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban All Black Aviators

Watch: MK Lexington // Cuff: Gorjana ‘Teagan’ Cuff


On Faith: Asking The Hard Questions

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The more I learn about God and faith (and even just the world in general), the more I wish I had a pause button.

The smaller I feel and the bigger He becomes.

The more I’m able to see the wretchedness of my sin and the more I’m able to see my need for grace upon grace.

The more questions I have and the stronger my desire is to wrestle with doubts and inconsistencies in the world and in my life…


Bohemian Printed Maxi Dress

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Aside from your basic day dress, maxi dresses have got to be the easiest thing on earth to wear; they literally require zero thought :) Just throw it on and GO. Done and done and easy as pie. The trick, I think, is finding the right color print. I usually prefer maxis that either have an empire waist or are a little more fitted than this one, but I loved the bohemian-esque vibe going on with this print. And I actually liked how there wasn’t much structure to it either – it’s super flowy and free.

Shop More Summer Maxis Under $70


Instagram Round Up (June Part 1)

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I realized that it’s been too long (yet again) since I’ve done one of these instagram round ups. And I really do enjoy putting them together, but as I rounded up these images and started linking everything up I realized…goodness gracious do I instagram a lot!

Maybe I should pipe down a little bit over here…4 and sometimes even 5 instagrams a day is CRAY. But I guess there has just been A LOT going on lately?…and sales? …and other things to gram?

Hope this super long round up doesn’t annoy y’all! Please let me know if you have any other questions and remember that you can always shop my instagrams instantly (from your inbox) via registering with!

Also, if you’re wanting details from an instagram earlier than these, see previous round ups here or all my shoppable instagrams here!


Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

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I don’t know about you, but I’m still struggling with the fact that it’s already June – much more the fact that it’s almost the middle of June (aka halfway through!)

Like, WHAT?! Seriously, 2015 is flying by!

With June comes summer and pool time and other awesome things…and it also brings us Fathers’s Day! And whether you like it or not, it’s just over a WEEK away! It’s NEXT Sunday! So let’s get to thinking and shopping for your pops.

I’m excited to be teaming up with my favorite retailer and place to shop [Nordstrom #duh] to put together a Father’s day gift guide! I’ve enjoyed sifting through all the hundreds of gifts they’ve got for DAD on their website and after much (internal) debate, I’ve finally decided on my fave picks!

Continue reading after the jump to shop the collage!


Jorts + Chicwish Top

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There’s just something about this laid-back combo that I can’t get enough of. I love the juxtaposition of the distressed denim shorts paired with the fancy-ish patent leather pump. It looks (and feels!) effortlessly chic. And for the record, these are the same denim shorts I wore and talked about in this post last week. They’ve actually become one of my go-to’s lately because they’re so comfortable (since they fit so loosely).


Denim on Denim

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I’ve been wanting to try a pair of MiH’s denim for over a year now, but I never really had any reason too because I had my jeans that worked and that was that. So when Anthropologie emailed me wanting me to put together an early Summer look centered around denim and ‘indigo’, it was the perfect opportunity to try a pair…


Distressed White Denim

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I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of white distressed denim…and I didn’t really have much luck finding a pair that I thought looked (and felt!) good on me. But then I tried these on and the rest was history. I haven’t had much luck with the ‘cheaper’ versions of distressed denim. I just feel like the ‘brand’ names have the BEST selections and they’re just by definition more expensive. But when it comes to denim, I’m fine spending a little extra since I wear jeans almost every single day.

Have you found any gems lately? What’s your experience with distressed denim? and is anyone with me in that I seriously hope this ‘trend’/thing never goes ‘out’?!

Shop Distressed White Denim:

Thoughts inspired by David Platt’s Book, Follow Me

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I’ve been reading Follow Me by David Platt. And Wow.

It’s rocking my world.

But not in the feel-good way that you might presume. Rather, in a way that leaves me eagerly and wholeheartedly chasing (sprinting) after Christ. Specifically, over the past few weeks, I’ve been spending hours (and craving more) of my free time reading and studying his Word.

This is not normal. Yes, I have my daily quiet time. But I’ve never hung out at a coffee shop for 6 hours reading the bible.

Never. Like, what? Who is this girl?

striped dress 3 ways featured image

Striped Dress 3 Ways

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madewell top

Mid-Week Markdowns + Personal Side Note

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I always like to make sure you’re in the loop when things I’ve worn are NOW on sale! And after discovering yesterday that several of the things I’ve been wearing have been marked down, I changed what I was posting today and decided to post this little markdown update instead!

I’m hoping I’ll have time later today to add some more things I’ve found on sale (that I might not have worn recently but that are still super cute), but I have GOT to tend to some personal things first.

Super Personal side note and totally unnecessary vent sesh: One of the things I’m headed to do now is have a long and patient and STILL quiet time. I’ll be turning OFF my phone and getting far away from my computer (because even seeing it in the corner of my eye tempts me sometimes lol)

Anyway, I’ve got some catch up work to do since yesterday was such a cluster (for no reason at all..but if you follow me on snapchat you might have seen my little rant – and yes, I’m being a total diva here).

Among other things (like bills and stuff), I’m like two chapters behind in my reading plan of Genesis…which I’ve really been enjoying. Frankly, I 100% did NOT expect to enjoy it and was actually kind of dreading it a little – since we’re being totally honest here (ha!). The Old Testament just isn’t as much fun (or straight forward or mushy gushy feel good) as the New Testament….


Mint and Pink

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How fun is the color of this dress?! I LOVE It. and it also comes in 3 other colors (white, hot pink, and a pretty blue-ish color)! But wait, the best part is that it’s under $50! I know. Awesome. It’s perfect for summer and a great option for Sunday’s or even to go out to dinner (I would personally get it hemmed a little to make it a little more fun, but I’ve been wearing it as more of a conservative look).

PS: if you’re obsessed with this color like I am, did you see that post I did a week or so ago on that mint colored tunic? I just checked and it’s STILL available in all sizes! YAY. (also, see the widget below for more pretty mint options!)

Shop More of the Mint Hue


Summer Dresses Under $50

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Easy summer dresses are seriously one of the best parts of spring/summer fashion….or at least my closet during the warmer months of the year. A casual, flowy dress is the summer equivalent to my fall favorite outfit combo: an oversized sweater and skinnies. Why? Because it’s easy and comfortable and takes little-to-no thought to look effortlessly chic and put together :)

Hope you enjoy this round up of 14 summer dresses for under $50! Shop the post after the jump or via the widget below.

may part 5

Instagram Round Up (May Part 5)

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OoOopppsss y’all! It’s been a little too long since I’ve done one of these round ups, so this is a BIG ONE! Sorry to overwhelm, but hope this answers all your questions. Please let me know if you wanted to know about anything else and I’m happy to answer any questions. Ok so here we go…