Side Dutch Braid Hair Tutorial

how to do a side dutch braid hair tutorial // half half down dutch braid hair tutorial video

I've been wanting to film this video for y'all for ages now since you guys have been asking for a tutorial on how to do a side braid for months! And as I was filming this, I realized how stinkin' hard it is to explain! I tried my best to break it down for you guys, but please feel free to ask questions as you try and follow the steps for yourself. I'm not 100% happy with the video, but I…


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Capri City Guide

black one piece wala swim swimsuit

Y'all, I'm finally getting to my Capri guide! I posted about this Italy trip a while back, but had so much information that I wanted to share, hence this taking some time. Capri is a postcard destination and just as unbelievable as the Pinterest images. I did a LOT in my short time there, and I hope this guide helps for anyone planning a trip to Capri! …


Dressing for yourself

transitional summer to fall cute outfit idea with burgundy blouse, distressed denim and peep toe booties

As a blogger who runs a business on fashion and what I'm wearing, I spend a lot of time thinking about outfits, but I haven't taken much time to stop and think about who I'm dressing for. I guess often times it's for readers/followers or what I think will have a good reaction - and I'm constantly trying to showcase pieces y'all might like or sharing how to put certain items together. But I realized it's fairly rare that I'm…



The Best Face Highlighters

best of the best face highlighters for strobing

Consider me FULLY aboard the shimmer train. I’m ALL about that-no-sun-glow look, friends! And if you’re into looking effortlessly fabulous (um, who isn’t?!), then you’ll probably appreciate this here little round up of the best of the best face highlighters to give you a radiant shimmer, giving your face that real-life instagram filter look. Between smokey eye disasters and major contouring #fails (more on that to come!), I’ve found my “happy place” in the trendy new makeup scene a la highlighting and illuminating. It’s basically just…


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Perfect Little Black Slip Dress + All About My Hair Extensions

brighton keller hair extensions blog post wearing black lace trim slip dress, brown heels, leopard clutch, simple summer night time outfit

Some of you might have missed me snapping and instagram-ing about it, but I got "permanent" hair extensions a few weeks ago. And I promised to answer ALL your questions about them and give you the scoop on what I'm thinking, how things are different with them, and how I'm getting used to them! …