Motivation - September 3, 2019

What to Do When You’re Feeling Uninspired

Hey friends! I’m coming at you today with a post that I *hope* will provide some inspiration and tips for when you’re feeling a little blah. I try to make all my posts inspiring in some way or another and provide insight into what I do to get myself motivated, stay productive, etc. So if you’re needing some inspo to relight your fire, here are 15 of my best tips along with links to past blog posts that I think will help! If there are other posts you love that I didn’t include, be sure to mention them in the comments for anyone else needing a little pick me up!

  1. Boost your confidence – Whenever I’m feeling down, I like to remind myself how capable and strong I am. This post about the habits of confident women is a great one to reference if you’re ever feeling that way. I also love this post, which lists specific things you can do every day to be more confident in yourself.
  2. Take care of yourself – If I’m feeling uninspired, it’s usually because I’m burnt out or just exhausted. If you don’t have a self-care plan, use this post to create one or if you just want some ideas on little things you can do for yourself, this post is a good read. I also love this post on 30 ways to nourish your mind, body and soul.
  3. Stop overthinking – I am THE overthinker, so I have a lot of experience in this department, which definitely blocks my creativity. I think the biggest key is to stop obsessive thought cycles. More on that in this post.
  4. Do a brain dump – If you’ve been reading BTD for any amount of time then you probably knew a brain dump was going to be on this list. It’s my number one way of decluttering my mind and starting fresh.
  5. Go for a drive – This might sound crazy, but I have some of my best ideas when I’m stuck in traffic. Could just be me being weird, or there could be something to it!
  6. Organize/clean your house – For me, sometimes it’s not that my mind is cluttered but that the space around me is. I have TONS of posts on organization, so just go here to sift through them. I also love this post on how to actually keep your house clean.
  7. Think about your goals – Sometimes just the thought of my bigger picture, long-term goals instantly snaps me back into creative slash work mode. This post has some really good ideas for sparking that motivation.
  8. Prioritize – Anyone else get stuck sometimes because there are just too many things on your to-do list? Same. Learning to prioritize when everything feels important was a game-changer for me on this front.
  9. Take a weekend trip – Not everything has to be about work work work. In fact, I think one of the best ways to refocus and find some inspiration is to step away and take a little trip. 30A is always a good idea for me (check out my guide here!), but even playing tourist in your own town on a Saturday can go a long way.
  10. Listen to a podcast – Podcasts are always a good idea and I have lots of suggestions for all kinds of moods/occasions.
  11. Give Yourself a Blowout – For real though, if I’m in a slump, it probably means I haven’t done of my hair or makeup for days, so showing yourself some love and blowing out your hair might just help you snap back.
  12. Build yourself up – I wrote this post on what to do when you’re having a meh day a few years ago, but so many of the tips still ring true! They will definitely help you move past whatever kind of funk you’re in.
  13. Get in the kitchen – I’m definitely not a master chef, but food has a way of making me smile and helping me to feel creative – even if I’m just making a meal from Plated. I have tons of recipes for inspo saved on my Pinterest, though so definitely take a look.
  14. Sweat it out – I’m a pretty consistent yo-yo exerciser LOL but breaking a good sweat and finding ways to work out even when I don’t want to always helps me out of a funk.
  15. Read a motivational book – Books are always a go-to for me when I’m lacking inspiration. Check out this list for some of my favorites!