Fitness - May 31, 2017

How To Make Yourself Actually Want to Work Out

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Your alarm goes off, you hit snooze, and curl back up in bed – sound like a typical morning? If you’re like me, it’s pretty easy to talk yourself out of a workout. Like, anything sounds better a lot of days – y’all with me? With summer coming in hot, I’ve been thinking of ways to get myself more motivated – without a back and forth in my mind of why I should vs. shouldn’t work out. I’ve been pretty good about the whole workout from home thing, but I figured more ideas for motivation can’t hurt, right?

And y’all responded really well to my last fitness post, I thought slash hoped it might be helpful for everyone. Ya? Here are some ideas on how to make yourself actually want to work out that I rely on:

Gotta love it

So many of us force ourselves to do workouts we hate – I’ve been guilty for sure. It’s easy to dread working out when you really dislike running – so if you love yoga or spinning, or dance (like me), embrace those workouts instead. Life’s too short to spend time doing things you don’t enjoy, simple as that! Try out different gyms and studios near you to narrow down what you like best. I’ve found that when I’m excited about my workout, I’m much less likely to skip it. Friends or roomies help too!

Schedule it in

Treat your workouts like you would any other obligation, such as a dentist appointment or work meeting. If you use a planner, schedule all your workouts at the beginning of the week. By treating your workouts as a priority (which you totally should!) and penciling them in, it’ll be easier to commit to them. I like to do it Sunday because then by Monday morning I know what I’m doing that day. I even schedule in my at-home workouts if it’s a crazy week and that’s all I can commit to.

Treat yo’ self

If you stick to your workouts for the week, treat yourself to something new – maybe some workout stuff? Whether it’s a shopping spree at your favorite store, or drinks with friends on a Friday night, you’ll be more motivated to actually work out when you have something to look forward to afterward. Checkout our favorite workout wear here or see what we’ve been loving lately on our “Shop Fitness” Page.

Get outside

Try ditching the gym and taking your workout outdoors when you have extra time – go out for a walk (I love to listen to podcasts and just walk for an hour or two when my schedule allows) A hike is fun too! Days are longer and lighter now, which means more chances for you to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. As a bonus, getting your daily dose of vitamin D (from sunlight) can help boost your metabolism all on its own. Plus, being outside just feels like a treat in itself and I appreciate how it’s good for your body and mind, ya know?

Find a workout buddy, or buddies

Like with many things, having someone to hold you accountable can help you stick to your workouts. This is one of the reasons my roomies and I have hired a personal trainer and stick to going together. Whether it’s a trainer or a good friend, find someone to work out with – it can even be a friend to meet for a walk each morning, doesn’t need to be fancy. Not only will you be more likely to make it to your workout, you’ll have way more fun having a buddy around!

Do you have any tips for working out when you don’t feel like it? Share the wealth, y’all!


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