Self - February 14, 2018

15 Self-love Solutions For However You’re Feeling

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Self Love
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Self Love

I want to talk more about self-love on BTD because I think it’s SO important, but I also don’t want to make every single post heavy or super lengthy. To start off, I thought it’d be fun to share some mindset shifts or SOLUTIONS in the form of self-love to address however you may be feeling. Just a quick, short read to give you something you may need, without needing to get incredibly deep. I had fun creating the list below and hope you’ll get something from it!

15 Self-love Solutions For However You’re Feeling

1. If your head feels full, try a meditation app (like Headspace), journaling, or doing a brain dump.

2. If you feel like you haven’t seen your friends in forever, call one right now and schedule a happy hour or hang sesh for next week! Or did you see the post we did on fun & cute ideas for things to do with your girlfriends for Galentines day? I loved this post!

3. If your skin is looking cray, instead of watching TV tonight, grab a face mask then follow that up with a face oil to give your skin some love.

4. If you’re feeling heavy and not confident in yourself, add hot lemon water to your morning routine (before eating), and go on a walk around lunchtime instead of eating at your desk.

5. If you’re stressed, treat yourself to a massage, a manicure, or take tomorrow off from work (no one needs to know it’s a personal day). Or what ALWAYS helps me when I’m stressed is to do a brain dump, then make a plan to tackle what MUST get done.

6. If you’re feeling broke, go through your bank account and find 3 places to spend less money. Maybe you need to call the cable company and take a break from that, start bringing food to work instead of buying or go on a no-shopping binge for the month.

7. If you’re feeling bored with your life, read a motivational book or website. Look into booking a conference that excites you!

8. If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship, give yourself a few days off from the person and do a self-assessment of your feelings.

9. If you can’t remember that last time you had YOU time, cancel your plans for the weekend and do whatever the heck you want to all weekend long.

10. If your body is feeling old or stiff, stretch for 10 minutes before bed then hop into a bath. How about taking a yoga class? Of if you need inspiration to take care of your body or workout AT ALL (**raises hand**), then come read about How To Make Yourself Actually Want To Workout.

11. If you haven’t treated yourself in a while, go to your favorite store and pick something out. Maybe it’s a small candle, maybe it’s a new bag – you can still find something fab no matter the budget you’re working with. Or, here are 10 Ways to Pamper Yourself (we wrote for Valentine’s Day specifically, but good ideas for whenever!)

12. If you’re feeling lonely, call your best friend or mom. Watch one of your favorite movies. Sign up for a class. Or if you’re just feeling “meh”, here’s a fun post you might find encouraging on What To Do When You’re Having a Meh Day.

13. If you’re sick of your job, spruce up that resume, like right now. Then, reach out to your connections and start thinking of your next move. Speaking of, we wrote a post on How To Stay Motivated in Your Career that you might find interesting. AND shared some tips on How to Get The Job You Want :)

14. If you’re feeling unhealthy, go on Pinterest and find 3 new healthy recipes to make that week (if you need inspo, we’ve got a healthy recipes board here!). Then, go to the grocery and get the goods. Sounds simple because it is! Maybe find a buddy to do it with you!?

15. If you’re waking up feeling dazed or out of it, try eating extra vegetables throughout the day and upping your water intake. On top of getting enough sleep, things like sugar, alcohol, dehydrating and overall bad eating can lead to super low energy.


Anything else I may not have addressed? I’d love to hear if y’all have any ideas :)

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