Self-Care - October 2, 2017

How to Declutter Your Mind

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club monaco white tank, off white long cardigan, distressed denim, brown suede ankle booties
fall outfit, long cream cardigan, white tank, rolled up jeans and brown suede booties
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Y’all may have noticed my random absences from social media or this blog over the past few months. I think I’ve been fairly open about it – the fact that I’m taking a few days away, shutting down tech, whatever – and I’ve gotten so much kind outreach from y’all. That response has really showed me two things 1. Y’all are the freakin’ BEST (truly, I appreciate it so much slash feel like we’re all a huge group of friends and I love that), and 2. I’m not alone.

What I’ve learned from being open about feeling overwhelmed/exhausted/lost/too busy/etc, is that a lot of you are right there with me. It seems like – for the majority – no matter your job, where you live, where you are in life, we all have these moments of excessive clutter in our minds. For me, it literally shuts me down if I’m not careful, and seems like y’all are the same way.

So as I’m processing what’s happening in my own brain and trying to get through days without feeling completely tied up in my own head, I’ve been doing A LOT of reading on decluttering the mind. I actually find it soothing to read about the topic – so I obviously wanted to craft a post around it. I’m not going to lie and say that my mind is 0% cluttered at all times now, because it’s not. BUT, I do feel a lot more confident with quieting it slash clearing it when things get really bad. Out of everything I’ve read and tried for myself, there are 8 things that I’ve seen results from.

Morning routine

Morning routines are kinda trendy right now, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually started one for myself. I’d read a lot about all these different things I should be doing in the morning (working out, drinking lemon water, journaling, etc.), and to be honest, it overwhelmed me at first. That seemed like a lot to do in the a.m.! But what I’m realizing is the golden ticket that comes from morning routines is picking the habits that make YOU feel best. For me, I often times wake up pretty anxious with the 394829 things I need to do that day, so finding something to quiet my mind first thing is crucial. So far, I’ve really enjoyed laying in bed for 5-10 minutes after my alarm and just kinda breathing. I’ve even dabbled with the Headspace meditation app which I like. Then, I like to journal. THEN, I get my butt outta bed and start my day. Nothing crazy, but it helps soooo much.


OK y’all, I know. Some people love yoga, some people hate it, I get it. I haven’t done much of it, but friends kept telling me to try it as I was complaining about a cluttered mind, so I did. I just typed in “20 minute yoga” into YouTube and found a billion videos that I could do right in my bedroom. At first, my mind kept wandering through the easy start, but eventually, I realized that I was so focused on the moves that my brain actually shut off for a few minutes! As in shut off from my world and focused on my body and not falling over. Now I totally get why people say yoga is so good for the brain.

Less information

Between TV, podcasts, books, people in our lives, magazines, even blogs, information is being pushed at us pretty much 24/7. And while I love learning and engaging with info, sometimes my mind has had enough. I now know that when my brain is feeling super busy or anxious, I need to put down my phone, turn off my music, and kinda turn inwards. And this is usually when you see me step away from Instagram…

Clean up

Maybe this is a working from home thing, but as silly as it sounds, sometimes the nagging tasks of getting ready (or showering, doing my makeup, shaving, making my bed, etc) clogs up my head so much. It’s like this constant voice in the back of my head telling me I need to eventually get ready or clean up my room, whatever. So now, when I hear that voice, I get up and do it. Something as simple as getting yourself or your house tidy can do wonders for a busy mind.

Single task

Multi-tasking is so deceiving, and y’all, I’m the queen of it. Texting while writing an article while doing laundry while talking to Lisel is pretty much a normal Tuesday for me – so it’s no wonder my head is all over the place. Do yourself a favor and start single-tasking. You end up getting more done because your focus stays…well, focused…and I promise you end the day feeling a lot more peaceful.

Talk to someone

So much of the time, we have these internal worries or fears or thoughts swirling in our head over and over and over. I once even read that like 80% of our daily thoughts are thoughts we’ve had before, so the cycle can be exhausting. Next time you feel insanely cluttered up top, talk to someone. I try to find someone who’s opinion and ideals I trust or even look up to. Asking for help can lead to a productive conversation that may help you hash out whatever is on your mind. Plus, hearing other’s opinions often times puts things into a new perspective for me anyways, plus it feels good to just get it out.

Brain dump

Speaking of getting it out…BRAIN DUMP y’all! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this. One of the best ways to clear your mind pretty much instantly, especially when your to-do list feels long. Obsessed.

Work on the weekend

I know this sounds contradictory, but it works for me. Instead of dealing with Sunday Night Anxiety or stressing about a million work things all weekend, I simply give myself time to work. Usually for a couple hours on Saturday or Sunday morning, and there’s something calming about it. No one is really emailing me so I can usually get caught up without distraction, and it just seems less stressful when it’s not a normal work day. I grab coffee, play a little music, even work from outside – make it pleasant.


Obvi! There’s no better way to shut down your brain than to sleep, so if you can, take a nap. Shut down.

Ok y’all, I really hope those help because a cluttered mind can really take it outta you. If you have further ideas, please share below!


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