Travel - August 19, 2017

How to Make Traveling SO Much Easier

travel outfit - bobeau cardigan with white t-shirt and jeans shorts
travel outfit - bobeau cardigan with white t-shirt and jeans shorts
travel outfit - bobeau cardigan with white t-shirt and jeans shorts
travel outfit - bobeau cardigan with white t-shirt and jeans shorts
travel outfit - bobeau cardigan with white t-shirt and jeans shorts

Y’all might have picked up on this before, but I have a love/hate relationship with traveling. In theory, traveling is glamorous and amazing and everyone’s dream, right? And yes, traveling is so fun and a little dose of adventure is always exciting and fun. And I’m SO grateful to be able to do it. But #realtalk, traveling can also be exhausting.

In order to travel WELL, I think you’ve got to do things the right way, which usually requires a lot of research (we’re talking hours and hours of looking into the best of the best, planning around budgets, reading reviews, and familiarizing yourself with as much as you can.) Otherwise, you won’t make the most of your time there and that pretty penny you spent to get there, you know? And plus, you want to make sure you’re eating the best food in the coolest spots – right? Obvi.

The thing is, that information isn’t always as easy to find and it can sometimes take sifting through hundreds of reviews to get the “REAL” scoop slash 411 on what you should actually do (especially if you’re pretty anti-touristy like I am…). So not only does the actual traveling take it out of me, but the planning before can be just as exhausting.

Anyway, there are so many places I’d love to visit in my lifetime, but that I haven’t even looked into because I get overwhelmed at the thought of figuring out where to even start in planning that. Like, for instance, I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, Fiji, South Africa and Thailand – I could keep going. But I’m so clueless on when to go, what makes sense, and how to best spend my time – especially because all are out of the country so things just work differently. Anyone else feel me here?

So, when I got the opportunity to not only travel to FIJI but to partner with Traveluxe Official, a legit travel agent company – and a service I actually hadn’t used before – I was super excited. Slash interested since I didn’t really know what exactly a travel concierge or service could offer. I’ve actually been in the market for a travel agent to help me coordinate and better plan my trips – especially when ample research is required, but I had never made the jump. So I was super excited to link up with Emily of Traveluxe Official and I’ll be sharing my entire experience with y’all! I hope it’s helpful!

So Why Does this Matter For You?

Maybe I live under a rock, but I actually wasn’t very familiar with how the travel agency business worked. I mean, I know they used to play a much larger role in the travel industry in general. But I figured that with the rise of technology, online-booking, and DIY-traveling tools like Airbnb, that travel agents weren’t really a thing anymore. Or really expensive. And to a certain extent, their role has indeed changed. But it’s come to my attention recently that they’re 100% still a thing; people just aren’t as familiar since so many people book their own travel these days and do their own leg work.

Why Should I Work with a Travel Concierge?

I’m definitely sold on the whole idea, but if you’re like I was and aren’t totally sure about the benefits of using a travel concierge, let me break it down.

Smart Spending – Traveling is a big investment – both monetarily and of your time – so you want to make sure you’re spending every hour and dollar well. It’s peace of mind knowing that what you’re paying for is legit, too. Travel concierge’s have different pricing, but it’s usually under a couple hundred dollars for a couple, or much less per person if you’re in a group. And with the amount that they’re likely saving you with upgrades, etc., it pays off majorly.

Upgrades – When you work with someone who’s “in the industry,” you’re more likely to enjoy special upgrades and discounts since they have agreements and/or relationships with airlines, restaurants, and hotel companies.

Customized itinerary – Within your budget and timeline, they can really shine here and exceed your expectations. Think planning activities, transportation, sites to see, etc.

Additional amenities – Again, since you’ll be connected with the resort/area in a way you normally wouldn’t be, you’re more likely to enjoy additional amenities with your agent’s preferred partners such as $100 resort credit, early check-in and/or late check-in. When you’re far from home, these things are so appreciated.

One-On-One Service – At the end of the day, traveling brings forth a lot of uncertainty. You’re (usually) going to a new place where you’ll be totally out of your element. It’s nice to have someone on your team, helping you plan your time and dollars. Not only will they save you ample time in planning, but it’s nice to have help when things go wrong and you need someone well connected to guide your decision-making or help find a solution. Instead of totally freaking out at a train station in a foreign country (been there).

My trip to FIJI has already been like none other (even though I’m just now leaving today – ha!), simply due to the fact that I (1.) Wasn’t as stressed planning, and (2.) Know there’s someone to help along the way if things do go bad. Plus, I’m super excited for some of the activities Emily told me about that I normally wouldn’t have done.

If you’re traveling soon, or skip traveling because of the stress/uncertainty, do yourself a favor and use a travel concierge. If you’d like to work with Emily (more information on my experience after the trip), you can sign up here! I promise you won’t regret it! Any questions?!

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