Life - April 28, 2023

The Best Trips I’ve Taken

Travel has always been something that’s important to me. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to visit a lot of really amazing places in my life, and there are a ton still on my bucket list! Some of these trips were work-related, while others were trips that I got to take with friends or Duncan.

With vacation season in full effect and summer right around the corner, I thought it might be fun to do a recap of the best trips I’ve taken. As I was looking through my travel posts from years past, I realized that each trip I’ve been on has been special for a different reason. For example, 30A is always great because we go with my family and get to spend time together. Positano, on the other hand, was one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken because of the history and beauty there.

Now that I’ve got kids, travel looks a bit different. Duncan and I try to make time to take trips by ourselves at least a couple of times each year, but when we travel with the kids, it’s all about making memories I know we’ll cherish as they get older.

So, whether you’re looking for a fun weekend trip to take this spring or planning a larger getaway this summer, here are some of the best trips I’ve taken over the years. Each one has its own blog post with details about the trip! Ps don’t forget to check out my tips for packing before you take your next trip.

Lake Tahoe

brighton butler lake tahoe travel guide

Lake Tahoe travel guide

Lake Tahoe is legitimately one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I visited back in 2016 for 5 days with my dad and loved every minute of the trip. It’s the largest alpine lake in all of North America nestled right between California and Nevada. Seriously though, the lake feels like an ocean — aka if you wanted to drive around the entire lake it would take you HOURS. Also, since there are a ton of different ski resorts in the area, you can really visit Tahoe any time of year.

Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

Palmetto Bluff Brighton Butler May 2021 Trip 19

Recap of our trip to Palmetto Bluff

Palmetto Bluff was a place Duncan wanted to visit for a long time before we went. He actually grew up going to Sea Island, which is somewhat similar to Palmetto Bluff. D and I took this trip alone in May of 2021, and it was such a nice getaway. It was also perfect timing because Southwest Airlines had recently opened a direct flight from Dallas to Hilton Head, so it was a quick drive from HH to Palmetto Bluff. We stayed at the Montage, which is really your only open in PB, but we loved the resort-like vibes there.

Jackson Hole

Why We Chose the Amangani Hotel in Jackson Hole

Earlier this year, Duncan and I took our first trip to Jackson Hole. I would love to tell you more about the area in general, but tbh, I spent 99% of the time inside the Amangani Hotel lol! My intention with this trip was to relax and enjoy some wellness-focused time while Duncan went skiing. This hotel was 10/10 for getting some much-needed rest and relaxation in my opinion.

30A Florida

brighton butler 30a

The BTD Guide to 30A Florida

I’ve been going to 30A with my family for decades (literally). Like, I think I’ve been at least 30 times. This is actually my favorite beach to visit — even though I’ve been lucky enough to go to places like Fiji and the Almafi coast. Plus, the surrounding area in Rosemary Beach is so cute and has tons of great spots to shop and eat.


brighton butler fiji turtle island

A Week in Fiji on Turtle Island

If you get the opportunity to visit Fiji, you have to go — at least once. I visited it back in 2017 as part of a collaboration for my business. Since I worked with a travel agent for this trip, everything was taken care of for me, which made the trip even better (obviously!). It is pretty tricky to get to Turtle Island, where we stayed, but oh my gosh… so worth it. There are so many fun activities to do like horseback riding, snorkeling, and dinner on the ocean (one of my favorite things we did!).


brighton butler capri italy trip

The Ultimate Capri City Guide

Y’all… TAKE ME BACK! I visited Capri, Italy, in 2016 and still think about it all the time. My time in Capri was actually fairly short, but I did a lot while I was there. It felt a lot like I was in a movie, to be honest. From the moment you arrive by boat to the AMAZING Italy food you get to eat every single day. I honestly haven’t had a trip like this ever!


positano-buildings brighton butler

Positano Travel Guide

Oh man, there is nothing like the Amalfi Coast. It’s as stunning as the pictures you see. I spent six nights here in between my trip to Capri (I split it up between 3 nights and 3 nights). My recommendation when visiting Positano is to do your research. There’s a lot to think through before you book your trip — for example, whether you stay at the top or bottom of the hill can make a big difference. Check out my travel guide for all of my thoughts on it!

Turks & Caicos


Our Honeymoon Recap

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my honeymoon as one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. ;) We chose to visit Turks & Caicos for the first time and stayed at Amanyara. Staying at this resort was a total splurge, but you only have one honeymoon! I mean, we got a pavilion with a pool after all. The resort we stayed at is actually the “sister” to the resort we stayed at in Jackson Hole. It’s super focused on wellness, which I felt like we could both use after months of wedding planning. There were definitely some things we’d do differently if we ever visited again, so be sure to check out my recap post!


brighton butler banff canada

Banff Travel Guide

Dare I say that I saved the best for last? Banff is as surreal as it looks. It’s located in Alberta, Canada, in the middle of a national park. You get everything from mountains to trees to a lake that looks like it’s from a painting. It felt like I was in the Swiss Alps the entire time. I got to stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs, which is right by Lake Louise. You truly wake up feeling like you’re in a fairytale. Oh, and the gondola ride is a MUST in Banff. You can see everything!