Self - May 20, 2020

How to Actually Learn From the Info We Consume

What I’m writing about today actually has me fired up and I’ve been SUPER excited to share this post. Does that make me a #nerd? Anyways, it’s something I think about often – how much I consume information and don’t necessarily let it sink it. Sure, I’ll learn some stuff, but am I really utilizing that information I just consumed as much as possible? Usually not. Unless I journal hardcore or write a post around a book, it kinda just goes in my head, swirls around, then escapes as soon as I jam-pack new info in. Do y’all know what I mean?

So in an effort to start letting info sink in and for me to take advantage of helpful learning lessons, I’ve been being more intentional about exactly HOW I consume. I thought y’all might find this interesting, especially since our culture is always about what’s next. I think it’s cool to kinda slow down and do the following practices…

How to Actually Learn From the Info We Consume: Books

Y’all know there’s nothing I love more than a hot coffee, a cozy fire and a book that’ll leave me feeling motivated and inspired to get stuff done. Reading is one of my favorite ways to learn and relax which is why my reading list is always MILES long (you can get a glimpse of it in this post) but I know how hard it can be to put all that new information into practice.

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to actually learning all of the info you read (well, at least the important stuff) is to take notes. This isn’t the first time that I’m talking about my love for note-taking on BTD but even though it’s a little nerdy, it totally works! Keep a cute journal beside you or scribble your thoughts in the margins to keep track of all your new revelations and ideas. I also like to get different color post-it’s and place accordingly. I’ll do a color for each of the following: blog post idea, to take action on, to explore more. This is super helpful, especially when a book is like 500 pages (aka most of Tim Ferriss’ stuff lol).

Also, I know what I’m about to say is obvious…but you know how authors of motivational books often include fun little assignments at the end of each chapter (well at least if you’re reading that type of content which I’m obsessed with at the moment?). It’s a really good idea to do them. Yes, it’ll take longer to read but it’s worth it IMO. Ok, ok, I can be guilty of skimming over them too (sometimes a girl just needs to relax!) but it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE if it’s something you want to let sink in.

Don’t be scared to read fewer books so you actually have space and time to soak in all that goodness. I know it can be SO hard to find the time to read, let alone the time to actually take notes, do assignments and apply it all to your life! But there’s no point reading a ton of books if you don’t actually remember any of them. Cut your usual reading time in half and spend the rest of your time learning and applying. And if you’re looking for a book recommendation, read my post on The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

How to Actually Learn From the Info We Consume: Podcasts

Y’all already know I’m OBSESSED with podcasts (I mean, why else would I write a guide to the top 5 Christian podcasts AND the top 5 self-improvement podcasts AND the top 5 podcasts for entertainment??). I looove podcasts because I can be inspired, motivated, moved and entertained no matter where I am. And while that’s what makes podcasts really good, it can make it kinda hard to actually learn all the info that gets shared, especially if you’re a binge-listener like me. And also if you’re multi-tasking.

Don’t worry, I’m definitely NOT recommending that you stop listening to podcasts when you’re driving, working out, getting ready for the day, cooking dinner or just doing whatever life admin needs to get done (because #reallife). But I love listening out for just one thing in each podcast-listening sesh that I want to try out, look into or apply to my life. And then (if I’m not driving!) I just make a super quick note of it in my iPhone. Most of the time it’s nothing overly elaborate or profound, but I find that I get SO much more out of my fave podcasts when I do this.

Or, if I’m like on a walk, just screenshot certain points in the episode and then come back to those times with my notepad after I’m home. Of course, you could always sit down with your journal and listen to the podcast ep like it’s a college lecture, but maybe that’s only fun for me?

How to Actually Learn From the Info We Consume: Youtube Videos

If y’all really stop and take a second to think about it, the tutorials and how-to videos on Youtube these days are actually kinda insane. There is literally a YouTube video that will show you EXACTLY  how to do ANYTHING you could want. I LOVE the internet slash I get lost.o.often.

I feel like the biggest trap with YouTube videos is that sometimes they’re just so mesmerizing that you can spend 7 hours watching beauty bloggers apply the most amazing glam without ever picking up a makeup brush yourself #guilty. Cut back a little on the watching so you’ve got some more time to press pause and actually do all of that stuff you’ve been learning about. And if you need to, take notes (I wasn’t lying when I said I love note-taking, you guys). Or, just try as you go – instead of just consuming, consuming. Actually, take action on what you’re learning.

Speaking of, make sure y’all are subscribed to my YouTube channel so you can watch (and try out!) my fun fashion and beauty tutorials, like the one I did on how to do a side braid.

How to Actually Learn From the Info We Consume: Instagram stories

I’m an Instagram stories girl and I have to admit that I probably spend WAYYYY too much time watching them. It’s just so easy to mentally switch off and just watch story after story after story, without even realizing what I’m doing.

With this one, my advice isn’t to take notes on your favorite blogger’s or whoever’s Insta stories (which is actually kinda surprising) but instead to just be intentional with Stories so that you have time in your life for the stuff that will make a difference! I know that FOMO can be real but refreshing insta every 3 minutes is not going to help you achieve your life goals. Promise.

Go to the Instagram profiles of the bloggers who leave you feeling motivated and inspired and like a few of their recent posts so their stories come up first in your feed. That way you won’t have to sift through all of the boring ones to get to the good stuff and once you’ve watched them all, you can get on with your day.

How to Actually Learn From the Info We Consume: Blog posts

There’s nothing that gets me more motivated and inspired about life than scouring Pinterest for the best blog posts. It’s really cool seeing what other people are writing about or how they’re succeeding. But sometimes a blog post can be SO inspiring that I can actually feel better about my life without actually changing it. And that’s not exactly a bad thing, but it’s so easy to read blog posts and then never actually do anything. I’m guilty of it and I’M A BLOGGER!

By this stage y’all probably get the idea, but make sure you take notes and actually set a little time aside to do all of those things you’re learning about on my blog! So if you read my blog post on creating a morning routine, make sure you actually create one. Don’t read a new article until you mentally or physically note what you just learned – or want to start doing – in some capacity. Once you get in this mindset, you’ll start actually consuming articles instead of just reading, reading, reading on auto-pilot.

How do y’all learn as much as possible from everything you consume? Let me know in the comments!

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