Home - October 30, 2018

Tips for Making an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards…love to have them, but making them is an undertaking. Thinking about what the vibe of the board will be plus finding all the images THEN printing them off, taping or tacking them up — can take more time than expected and leaves me with NO inspiration, lol.

I’m here to give you a simple guideline to creating an inspo board without getting overwhelmed.

Define your aesthetic

When I thought about my inspo board I wanted clean but colorful and motivating as well as having cool fonts and images that were #goals, lol did I really just type that? I wanted my desk area to invoke feelings of mass creativity and uniqueness, not your typical “pink & gold” inspo board.

Gather your images

I scoured Pinterest & IG and just found random things in daily life that gave me a spurt of inspiration & snapped a screenshot or picture like I would if I was taking an IG story! I had about 50 pictures in my album on my phone/iPad and was ready to print (I used my new printer that I’m obsessed with!). I also used some magazine clippings as well to help put mine together. I like the different textures of the paper – the glossy vs. the matte printed paper.

Incorporate texture

Speaking of texture, adding elements of fabric or small trinkets, like pom-poms or a single flower held by a tack, can elevate your board to a new level of quality AND inspiration. Ha! I think an inspiration board looks coolest when there are more than just images to draw your inspiration from.

Arrange & experiment

When you are incorporating texture as mentioned above, grab some cool washi tape or push pins that you like. Arrange your images on your desk or a flat surface to where they look cool to you – I arranged mine to where there was a photo next to a text image mixed with blocks of color in between, my style is to make the board look like it flows. BUT you can design it in whatever way inspires you, that is the point of the board after all, haha!

Be inspired!

Step back & admire while being inspired (you’re welcome for the rhyme). Take in the beauty of your creation & DM me a pic of your board (or TAG me in your stories so I can add it to my story!)! You can always add & take away from your board so keep the inspo flowing!


I actually had such a fun time putting this project together, that I’ve decided to do another inspiration board. You know that office I have downstairs? You might have seen it on my stories (the one with green velvet couch!). Anyway, I’ve decided to put together a massive inspiration board (40×40!) to go on top of the couch and I’m SO excited about getting started – hopefully, this weekend! I’d love to hear if you have anything to add to these tips. I’m new to the inspo board game and would love to hear from and of y’all that have put one together!