Life - March 31, 2023

My Mom Uniform When I Don’t Have Time to Worry About My Outfit

brighton butler mom uniform

Here at BTD, we love a neutral look. So it’s no surprise that on the days when I don’t have time to worry about my outfit, I opt for a mom look that is tone-on-tone. I’ve shared my love for a monochromatic outfit before, and I truly think it’s just so timeless, while also being a bit on trend as well.

STEP 1: Comfortable Pants

On the days when I’m full-on mom-ing (is that a word? It is now.), comfort is my number one priority. I always gravitate toward looser pants like this pair of straight jeans for Madewell. Not only are they trendy, but they allow me to move around and chase Four or pick up Blake without worrying about anything being too tight. Abercrombie has this pair of straight-leg jeans that I also love.

STEP 2: Supportive Top

This bodysuit that I bought a few months ago has turned into a staple too. I bought it in several colors. I love that it’s always “tucked in” so I feel put together — plus, the neckline is great, especially for those nursing mamas who need a little more support up there. My only complaint is that it does take an extra minute when I need a quick bathroom break (bodysuit problems), but totally worth it IMO.

Step 3: Layers

I’ll always throw on layers when I’m in mom mode too because I never know when I’m going to get hot and need to take off my sweater or jacket. Having the versatility is great since my focus is always on the kids, and I need something easy to remove or put back on. This cashmere sweater is one of the favorites that I own and is so versatile! I also found a super similar style for under $50.

Step 4: Sneakers or Flats

Lastly, I *must* have a comfortable pair of shoes. Typically, for me, that looks like sneakers. If I’m going sneakers with jeans, I will usually go with Golden Goose, but I also love my white sneakers (here’s a look at how I normally style them). Oh! and team hair claw clip for life. Blake is at a stage where she’s constantly pulling at my hair, so having it back is great right now.