Life - March 29, 2023

Our Favorite Baby Sleep Sack

I’ve had a lot of people message me asking what baby sleep sack we use for the kids, so I thought I’d dedicate an entire blog post to the one we use every day and the others that we tried and ended up not using. It’s probably important that I share the disclaimer that both of my kids have been really good sleepers. I feel super blessed.

So many of my friends have struggled with getting their babies to sleep through the night for months, so I know I’m lucky. We did do some sleep training very early on, which helped a lot, but I also know some babies just enjoy sleep more than others.

Even though my babies sleep well pretty early on, we did go through a few weeks with each where we needed to figure out which baby sleep sack would work best for them. I expected them to use different sacks since every baby is so different, but they actually both use the same one.

When they were super small, we used the swaddler version of this sack so that their arms would be swaddled down. Then, once they started trying to roll, we slowly transitioned into the sleep sack. I found this article on the Kyte Baby website super helpful when it came time to transition. It literally has a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not saying this is the only baby sleep sack you should try. You really do have to find what works best for your baby. This is just what worked for us. I’ll include the other sacks we tried too since some of those might be a good option for you depending on your baby’s needs.

brighton butler baby sleep sack

Favorite Sleep Sack

After trying (lots of) other sleep sacks, we discovered this sleep sack by Kyte Baby. There’s honestly nothing crazy special about it, but both Four and Blake loved it and slept best in this sack. I do think the lightweight material (it’s made with 97% bamboo rayon) helps make it highly breathable. According to the website, this sleep sack is 3 degrees cooler than cotton. We started with the sleep bag swaddler and then transitioned to the sack with open arms.

Kyte Baby

Sleep Bag

This is the *only* sleep sack we’ve used for both kids. It’s made from the softest material and keeps the babies cooler than a lot of the others we tried. We didn’t even try another sack for Blake!

Runners Up

Another popular baby sleep sack that we tried but ultimately didn’t use is the Nested Bean weighted sleep sack. I did a ton of research and this sack came highly recommended from several sites. It’s different than other sacks in that it’s got several areas on the sack that are gently weighted that sort of mimic having your hand on their chest or back. It’s designed to help babies self-soothe so they can fall asleep on their own. One cool thing I liked about this sack is that it can be worn with the little “egg” weight on the back or chest depending on if your baby is a stomach or back sleeper!

Nested Bean

Weighted Sleep Sack

The weighted sleep sack is a really cool concept. Basically, it has areas that are gently weighted to mimic the feel of your embrace so it helps calm the baby. We tried this for Four and he slept okay in it, but ultimately, we chose a different sack that he seemed to enjoy more.

The Halo Wearable Blanket was probably most like the Kyte Baby Sleep Sack. It’s super loose and lightweight so babies don’t overheat (Four tends to sleep super warm). I liked the loose fit of this sack too. It’s truly like wearing a blanket that is safe for babies (babies can’t sleep with blankets in their cribs). Honestly, the only reason we returned this was because I already had the Kyte Baby sack that Four was loving; otherwise, I probably would’ve just kept it!


Wearable Blanket

This was another option we tried with Four and liked. It’s made from the softest lightweight material. This is considered a transition swaddle so it’s meant to be used after the traditional swaddle (where the baby’s arms are swaddled).

Tried & Passed

Four loved being swaddled with his arms down when he was younger, but Blake… not so much. She went through a very short phase where she’d cry whenever her arms were being swaddled, so we decided to try out the Love to Dream Swaddle UP. Babies have a startle reflex which tends to wake them up quite a bit (it’s basically when you see a sleeping baby throw their arms up out of nowhere), so we couldn’t put her in a sleeveless sack for a while. We wanted to love this option because, in theory, it’s great, but it just seemed to make her angry for some reason. Thankfully, she got used to being swaddled and became a great sleeper!

Love to Dream

Swaddle UP

Blake went through a stage where she did *not* want her arms swaddled so in a desperate state of sleeplessness, we ordered this sack. It allows babies to sleep with their arms up instead of swaddled down. We ended up returning it after Blake kept waking up when wearing it, but I could see this working for other babies for sure!

Ahh, the magic sleepsuit. There’s nothing funnier than seeing a tiny baby in this sack. It’s just so… puffy. This is a good option for babies who are starting to roll and transitioning away from a swaddle. This baby sleep sack is designed specifically for babies who sleep on their backs. It’s pretty tough for the to roll in this thing! Several friends use this and love it, but I think it was just too heavy for Four. Since he tends to overheat when he sleeps already, this was just too much. I could see how it might work for a cooler sleeper though!

Baby Merlin's

Magic Sleepsuit

I’d heard great things about the magic sleepsuit, so we decided to give it a try when Four started getting older and was ready to transition away from the swaddle. Four never liked it and honestly never wore it to sleep at all so we ended up returning ours. I still know so many people who swear by it though!