Organization - April 17, 2024

What I’m Using for My Linen Closet Organization

Organizing my linen closet has been on my to-do for a long time. I think we can all agree that’s one of the toughest spots in a home to keep tidy — or at least for me it is. Between my lack of ability to fold a fitted sheet (does anyone know how to do that…?) and the more visible spots in my home that I try to keep clean, linen closet organization just has not been a priority.

However, I was recently scrolling on IG and saw someone post about a linen storage container that made their closet look so more put together. In fact, I even saw The Home Edit use a similar container. Sold. They’re the organization queens.

brighton butler Linen Storage Container

What I’m Using for My Linen Closet Organization


Linen Storage Container

After seeing this used on Instagram, I had to give it a try in my own linen closet. I’ve been super impressed by how much room it frees up and the way it makes my closet feel instantly more organized, even though it’s the only thing I’ve changed in the closet so far.

First off, I love how cleaned up this makes my closet feel. It freed up a ton of space in my closet, which was  the biggest goal. I only needed two sets (each set comes with 2 containers) for my closet, but I’m planning to get a few baskets to organize my comforters.

Before using these organizers, I would half-way fold my fitted sheets (more like a roll, if I’m being honest) and basically stuffed everything into the closet. Now I have a place to put each set of sheets, I don’t worry about losing any one-off pillow covers, and the best part — I don’t have actually FOLD anything.

My only complaint about this storage container is that it’s slightly confusing to put together the first time. However, after I figured it once, it was a breeze.

brighton butler Linen Storage Container

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BTW ordering this storage container reminded me that I actually needed another set of Queen-sized sheets, so I got these sheets from Amazon. I haven’t used them yet, but the quality seems pretty good so far.

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