Life - June 12, 2024

My Favorite Restaurants In Dallas

Despite living here now for a long time, I have NOT done a great job of sharing about Dallas. Pretty much all I’ve put together is a post on the best spots in Dallas for kids. But I’ve had a lot of requests for a list of my favorite restaurants in Dallas, so I thought I’d write a post.

Going out to eat is one of my favorite activities. I just enjoy good food and getting to spend time with my people. Combine the two? Perfect.

Now that I have kids, we tend to go to a lot of the same spots regularly (aka La La Kind and Taco Deli) because they’re easy. But if I were to choose my favorite restaurants, the list below includes everything — from laid back Tex Mex places to the best brunch spots in town.

La La Kind Cafe

This coffee shop is an absolute staple for my family. We walk here pretty much every single weekend — and some weekdays. Their lattes are incredible, and my kids really like their food. I’m pretty sure the la la classic avocado toast is Four’s favorite food in the world. I ask for them to keep off the chili flakes for him.


I literally dream about the mushroom appetizer from Satchet. Sometimes in the spring, they have a watermelon and cucumber salad that’s also divine. They have a ton of great appetizers too, and I recently learned that this is a Mediterranean way of eating. It’s very similar to tapas, but they’re basically just small plates you can order.

brighton butler sachet dallas


Pretty much everything here is amazing. I’ve tried a lot of different dishes, but I always go back to the tacos. Cannot say enough about their brisket taco. Like… so good. I love the vibe here. It’s laid back and fun. Their queso is top-notch IMO. My kids devour queso so I’ve kind of become a queso connoisseur.

Mi Cocina

I feel like this should go without saying, but MiCo has been a longtime favorite of mine. It’s pretty much the go-to Tex Mex spot in Dallas, right? If you’ve never been, I highly recommend the Rico Salad and a Mambo taxi. That plus some chips and guacamole may be one of my favorite meals of all time. *chef’s kiss*

iL Bracco

Honestly, everything here is good, but I often go for the chopped salad. I literally ordered it once and loved it so much I can’t not get it any time I come back now. I’m also a big fan of their pastas. And, they’ve got a great outdoor patio when it’s nice out.


I love their Egyptian salad. It’s simple and light but hits the spot. ANY of their pastas are incredible with some red wine — YUM. If you’re feeling it, the 100 layer lasagna is a home run, but definitely a heavier dish than the salad.

brighton butler fachini dallas

Bistro 31

This is the cutest spot in Highland Park Village. My family has been coming here for years. They’ve got a great brunch menu, and their Maine Lobster Bisque is an absolute must-try. I love coming here during the holidays too — Highland Park Village literally looks like a scene from a movie with all of its lights up. It’s so festive.

Cafe Pacific

Another spot in Highland Park Village where we like to grab a bite at. My recommendation here is to order from the menu where you can get 2 entrees to split. It’s a great way to try different menu items and you get a perfect amount of food. They’ve got a great brunch menu if you’re looking for somewhere that’s a little bit nicer.

brighton butler cafe pacific

Bird bakery

My go-to lunch spot. Obsessed with their chicken salad half sandwich with tomato soup. Their tomato soup is some of the best I’ve ever had — and it’s coconut-based so it’s vegan. The kids like this spot because we always grab a cookie or cupcake when we eat here. Their lattes are also really good.

MERIT Coffee

Loveeeee a MERIT latte. I’m always boring and never order some of their fun drinks, but I’ve heard those are great. I can say for a fact that their baked goods are pretty dang delicious too… especially the almond croissant. There’s just something about a good coffee and pastry that’s absolutely perfect.

Taco Deli

Cannot live without it. My kids love it too. I make my own breakfast taco with three ingredients — the refried beans, the mashed potatoes, and eggs with the red Salsa Roja. Their chips and queso are top of my list. If you go to the Taco Deli at  Walnut Hill in person, be sure to get a coffee at Houndstooth on your way out. ;)


The Marshmallow Soup and Southwestern Soufflé. Period. The Dallas location tends to be pretty crowded, even during the week. You can’t make a reservation, so plan accordingly! I try to come for lunch during the week when it’s not so crowded.

Honor Bar

I know everyone loves Honor Bar, but their Ahi Tuna Tartar… omg it’s just so good. The ciabatta bread it comes with is the perfect addition. I genuinely think I could eat this every day. This is another Highland Park Village spot because honestly, everything in this shopping center is great if you ask me.

brighton butler honor bar dallas