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Everything You Need to Help with Spring Cleaning

Brighton Keller's bedroom

How many of y’all are starting your spring cleaning? And I don’t just mean because we’re all staying home right now, but because it’s, ya know…spring LOL. I honestly feel like I’ve been spring cleaning for months – basically ever since we moved into our Denver house. It’s been a constant whirlwind of trying to purge my closet, kitchen stuff and any extra stuff we brought with us from Dallas.

Anyway, the weather has been really beautiful and sunny lately and it kind of reminded me that, duh, it’s spring! Which is one of my favorite times of the year because it’s kinda like a fresh start. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining and it just does something to me that makes me want to get stuff done. I know being productive can feel extra tough right now so don’t feel bad if you’re not ready to clean house, but if you are, I’ve rounded up some of my best cleaning and organization posts from BTD along with some of my best tips. Turns out I’ve written about this topic quite a bit and have lots of good resources for y’all! Hope these posts are helpful! Happy spring cleaning!!

PS – The posts I linked below have TONS of shopping links in them for trays, drawer organizers, containers, etc. if you’re looking for them! And any links or info you want on my Dallas house can be found in this post.


IDK about y’all, but I find the kitchen to be one of the most intimidating places to really clean and reorganize. Maybe because you really have to work with what you have in terms of cupboards and drawers and storage. Like, drawer organizers and baskets have become my best friends. I think they not only help to keep me organized, but they also maximize our storage space, which is less than I had in Dallas so this has been key when setting up our kitchen. If you’re looking to tackle your kitchen, here are some posts I recommend checking out:


I really like to keep our bedroom a “zen” space, know what I mean? Not style-wise, but I try to keep it a room just for sleeping and relaxing. And I’ve found over the years that keeping it clean, organized and simple is the best way to do that. Not saying I’m perfect at it, but check out the posts below (especially the first one!) for my tips on simplifying your bedroom. You might even start to sleep better!


OK so I really only have one post on organizing your bathroom (some of the other ones I’ve linked have a bathroom section though), but it is like the granddaddy of them all! It’s a huge post all about how to organize literally EVERYTHING in your bathroom and has links to all the drawer organizers I love! Looking back on it and seeing the photos (they’re from the Dallas house) is honestly so satisfying!

Living space

Our living space is where I struggle the most when it comes to keeping our house clean and organized if I’m being honest. Our living room tends to become the catch-all space. From laundry being dumped on the sofa to my purse and D and I’s shoes, packages – stuff just seems to pile up there very easily. This is the space I’m focusing on the most this spring and moving forward to try and stay more organized on a daily basis. Because that’s what the trick is! If you can do a quick tidy up every day, you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner and organized your living space feels. Need to take my own advice on this one, ha!

Storage rooms

Ugh, storage rooms. They always start out great and then before you know it piles of “stuff” just seem to appear. Duncan and I are working really hard to not let this happen in our new house, which is why I linked my post on what to purge BEFORE you move below. Even if you’re not moving though, read it as if you are and focus on eliminating all the clutter. Your storage room will thank you for it!

And if you’re looking to spring clean more than just your house (think your relationships, finances, tech. etc.) this is the post you want to read for all of that!

Wow, that’s a lot! I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed. I just wanted to round up all the resources I have so if you need a bit of guidance on where to start your spring cleaning this year, it’s there for you. :)