Style - March 20, 2019

7 Easy Tips for Simplifying Your Bedroom

easy tips to simplify bedroom

Hi friends! Are any of y’all in the process of spring cleaning yet? Reminder to check this post I published last week about this year’s tactic if you haven’t already! It makes it a lot less intimidating, I promise. Anyway, today I wanted to write up a quick post about the bedroom specifically. Because it’s a room that we obviously spend a good amount of time in and it’s responsible for establishing healthy habits like sleep, it’s an important one!

What I’ve found always works out best for my room and my mental state of mind is when I focus on SIMPLIFYING it. It doesn’t need to be perfectly clean or dust free, but if it’s decluttered, I feel a lot better about life. I sleep better slash it makes me happy. So here are some ideas I’ve picked up over the last couple of years that have helped. Obviously, I’m nowhere near perfect here (y’all have probably seen my room looking like a hot mess on Instagram and it happens), but it’s what I strive for.

No. 1 – Don’t have extra or decorative pillows

This is one I don’t follow (ha!), but I actually think it’s such a smart idea. If you love the look of decorative pillows (like me), it’s not going to work for you, but it’s worth thinking about whether you actually like them or you have them because you’re “supposed to” design wise. If not, save them for your couch and keep your bed super simple. I actually LOVE the look of a clean, simple white bed.

No. 2 – Get two nightstands with drawers

You can find SO many cute bedside tables that have ample drawer space and they really help to simplify your bedroom’s aesthetic. The key is to not stuff a bunch of crap in them – essentials only. A book, a water bottle with a lid, your glasses, whatever you need by your bed. If you have one on the other side, you can put other items you need often but not every night (medicine, tissues, bible, whatever).

No. 3 – Clean out under your bed OR store things correctly

If you ever read about feng shui (something I don’t follow perfectly but think it’s interesting!), you’ll know that you’re not supposed to put anything under your bed. TBH, I hate putting things under my bed, but I also know storage isn’t always in your favor in an apartment or whatever. If you have the option, though, either leave that space empty or at least avoid stuffing bags and one-off items underneath. You can get thin storage units like these to put seasonal clothing in or whatever you want under there.

No. 4 – Get a cordless vacuum

I stash one of these in my closet and I freaking loveeee it. I really like my room to feel clean and I find that a vacuum session changes EVERYTHING. But I’m not very likely to go grab my huge vacuum when I just need to vacuum my room (and then it doesn’t happen). I use this cordless vacuum that was under $100 a few times a week and it’s heaven. Not to mention, if your bathroom is connected to your bedroom like mine, this is a game-changer for cleaning up hair after you blow-dry. Trust me, friends!

No. 5 – Color coordinate your closet

I won’t go into all my closet tips here because I have a whole post on it, but this takes 15 minutes and can instantly simplify the feel of your room. I go further and organize by type of clothing, but that’s only if you’re feeling really motivated.

No. 6 – Choose relaxing tones and prints

This kind of goes with tip #1 around your bedroom, but your bedroom should feel relaxing. It’s not the room (in my opinion) to use a bunch of wallpaper or to have too much going on. Choose simple colors and prints to instantly simplify the space.

No. 7 – Have a catch-all area

So sometimes this is my floor, which is NOT a good spot, but ideally, you have a “catch-all” place in your room. This is basically planning for the inevitable – the times when you’re too tired to put away laundry or you spend too much time picking out an outfit (though my capsule collection should help that!), etc. Y’all know what I mean. To keep your mess simplified to one area, have a catch-all spot. This can be a chair or a basket in the corner, or really whatever you want. Just try to have it out of the way and be sure to go back to it a few times a week to actually address it, k?

How do y’all keep your room simplified?!