Wedding - February 28, 2020

What I’ve Been Using From Our Registry So Far

Brighton Keller in kitchen wearing grey jogger pant and grey color block sweatshirt wedding registry
Outfit Details: Colorblock Crewneck Sweatshirt (wearing size xs) // High Waist Joggers (wearing size xs)

I seriously can’t believe it’s been one month (yesterday!) since Duncan and I got married! It’s honestly been such an amazing last 30 days or so. Between moving in together, settling in as Mr. and Mrs., and enjoying married life, it’s been one of my favorite months of my life. It just feels RIGHT ya know?!

I still have a little bit of wedding content to bring y’all, and today I wanted to talk about the registry process and what we put on ours. Honestly, I put off our registry for a while because it seemed SO overwhelming to me (and to Duncan, too). There is so much advice out there and since we both had been living on our own, we already had a bunch of essentials and I knew I didn’t want to be wasteful with that.

Registry Tips

Ultimately, I relied on WeddingWire’s Registry Page to hold my hand through the process and it was actually A LOT easier than anticipated. And fun!! Duncan and I did most of the registry together and it was a great time for us to sit down and focus on what we really could use in our home life together vs. just marking down one of everything.

Now, y’all already know my love for WeddingWire runs deep and they basically helped plan my wedding virtually. And when it comes to helping with the registry, I can’t recommend them enough. They serve as the platform where you can pull registry items from a bunch of amazing retailers like Amazon, Target, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and CB2, Best Buy, REI, Honeyfund, and more! We chose just a few of those since we wanted our items to have a similar style, but y’all can pretty much pick and choose anything from those stores.

From there, WeddingWire makes it seamless for guests to contribute to your registry, to send items directly to your home, or to theirs if they want to bring something with them to the wedding. WeddingWire also has a bunch of resources like Registry Etiquette, How to Create a Registry, What Type of Registry s Right for You and so forth. Overall, it’s a fantastic host for your registry and resource and I think y’all would love using it.

What I’ve Been Using Off Our Registry Most Often

As for what I registered for, I don’t want to list EVERYTHING (unless y’all would want to see that?? Let me know if so and I can try to get that together). Instead, I wanted to focus on a few things that we have been using NON STOP since getting married.

Dutch Oven + CrockPot: Y’all have probably seen a lot more cooking content on IG Stories and I’ve gotta say, I’m loving it!! Now that D and I live together, it’s so much more fun cooking for more than just me and since Duncan LOVES food, he’s just so grateful that I’ve picked up on the cooking. I’m still learning and have a long way to go but I’ve been feeling more healthy, productive, and just happier while regularly cooking.

So far, I’ve been obsessed with this CrockPot (CrockPot Chili recipe here!) and Dutch Oven that we put on our registry. Honestly, when I put this stuff on our registry I wasn’t sure if I’d use them much but boy was I wrong! They are both great for easy meals that you throw in in the morning and let cook all day, and I really like that most recipes for these two items involve throwing everything in together (much easier for me ha!). I know we’ll use these for a long time so I’m happy we have them!

Wine Decanter + Electric Wine Opener + Wine Glasses: It wasn’t until our registry that we had *fancy* wine accessories like this decanter (great for groups and for letting a bottle aerate) and this opener which is SO easy to use! I like a glass of wine a few nights a week and I’ve been loving these long-stem glasses as well.

Black Dinner Plates + Bowls: We decided to go more modern and masculine with our plates and bowls to match our Denver kitchen. While this is very different from the classic feminine style I had in Dallas, I’m loving it! Food looks cool on these black plates and yeah, we’re super happy with the set.

Old Fashioned Glasses: This is a more practical and everyday option but these glasses are our water/drinking glasses. They are chic and not too expensive!

I’ll leave links to these items below and I hope y’all head over to WeddingWire if you’re engaged because dang, it’s an incredible resource for brides and grooms. Can’t recommend their registry enough either!