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All About My Dallas Home

brighton keller dallas home decor

Hi guys! I’ve been compiling this post for a few weeks now and I gotta tell you, looking through all the photos certainly feels a bit nostalgic. But at the same time, this chapter of my life truly does feel over. Like, if I was offered the opportunity to switch everything back to how things were (back in my Dallas bubble living in this home with Duncan of course!), I wouldn’t do it! Although it has been a bit of an adjustment (and I’m sure lots more to come), I’m truly excited about this new adventure! I’m excited about starting a new life with Duncan here in Denver and decorating a home that will work for both of us. Because I’ll admit, my Dallas home was a bit girly – I’ll be toning down the pink for sure!

I thought that since I still sometimes get questions about my Dallas home, it would be nice to have an official closing of this chapter here on the blog by putting all the links ALL in one place. I’m also linking to all the blog posts I’ve written in the past throughout my journey of getting settled in that home over the past 3 years.

I learned so much about ALL THE ADULTING THINGS when I bought my Dallas home. It was a lot of “firsts” for me and everything was a learning curve. I wrote about what I learned when buying a house in this blog post if you’re going through it for the first time and want to know what’s ahead! It’s A LOT – or at least I thought it was!

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Living Room

The living room was one of the first things I decorated because it was the most important to me! I knew it would be where I’d host bible studies, hang out with friends, and spend time with my roomies! I also spent most mornings working from the couch, so I wanted it to be completed first.

I think the very first thing I purchased was this huge sectional. I remember it took me FOREVER to find one I liked and that felt like it would fill the space well. I even went to Dallas Market Center to see this one in person and sit on it too! It was my first big investment and although I was extremely nervous, it ended up being such a great purchase! I love the Gabby brand and ended up getting a few other pieces by them – like my bar stools that you’ll see if you keep scrolling.

And then after getting the sofa, I realized how badly I needed something to fill that back wall. So the next thing I purchased was this Triptych set from Frontgate and I LOVED how it anchored the room! The blue was the perfect starting point to add some color and start working on the rest of the room.

brighton keller dallas home traditional living room
brighton keller living room
Living Room console styled with books and white ceramic vases

Details: Console Table // White Jars // Blue Triptych Artwork // Vases (sold out) // Faux flowers (LOVE these!)

brighton keller living room coffee table glass acrlyic

I ended up decorating the bookshelves a few times while living at the home. This was the first way I styled them, but then later decided I wanted something a little less busy. If you keep scrolling, you can see the other style I went with for round 2 (or maybe 3? I might have forgotten to photograph) of styling.

Also, I loved this coffee table! It was so great for sitting on the ground and eating when we wanted to have a movie night in! It was also great for our quiet times in the mornings by the fire. :)

brighton keller living room dallas antique chest with gold mirror

I’ve had this chest of drawers for years and love it so very much. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece. Trust me, I know because I’ve tried to find a duplicate many times so I could use them as bedside tables. I love the warm tones of the maple wood and the curvy accents – it gives me such French vibes which I love! I found a somewhat similar one at Wisteria if you’re interested. I love it paired with this mirror!

bookshelf styling

I had mentioned above I styled the bookshelves a few different ways – this was one of the later (cleaner) designs I played around with. There are way less books with this setup but I loved how neat it looked!

Gabby Home Layla Sectional
Pillows on couch: custom
Gold Tiered Side Table
Flower vases + faux flowers
Rug: Imported/oriental (one of a kind)
Acrylic and Glass Coffee Table
Antique Chest of Drawers
Gold Mirror (size small)
Faux Orchid (sold out)
Custom blue chairs
Paint color on cabinets: SW Chelsea Grey

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Laundry Room

Since the home had such a cute and well-sized laundry room, I wanted to do something really fun with it. Plus, it has a window which I thought was SUCH a bonus and made it so much happier! I started with the wallpaper and then played around with the idea of painting the cabinets – I’m so glad I did because we loved how it turned out! You can see all the details and where everything is from for the laundry room in this blog post room reveal I did last year!

brighton keller laundry room blue and white wallpaper blue painted cabinets
brighton keller laundry room

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Brighton’s Dallas Bedroom

Brighton Keller Bedroom canopy bed frontage green lamp grey sidetable
Brighton Keller Bedroom canopy bed green lamp grey side table

My bedroom was a slow work in process – it took me almost a year and a half to finish everything in it but I love how it turned out! I started with the bed because I fell in love with it when I saw it on the Frontgate website! And then I got the side tables, but to be honest the color looked completely different in person. I ended up keeping them and loving them, but it took me a minute to get used to how blue they looked in person!

And then I think one of the decisions I made next was the window treatments. I had them all custom made – gosh I didn’t realize how expensive window treatments are! And people ask me all the time for the sourcing details and I’m so sorry I cannot remember for the life of me!

I had a few other details I loved about my room, but I never got them photographed. I ended up purchasing a Gracie Panel which I LOVED – it went on the left wall near the bed and tied together the green and pink so well! And I got a custom couch made, but again, I never got it photographed (oops!).

Frontgate Park Lane Canopy Bed 
Bedroom Pillows: custom made with Robert Allen velvet and Schumacher green leopard print for bolster
Bedding: Boll and Branch
Worlds Away Side Tables
Bungalow5 Emerald Green Lamps
Paint Color: BM Horizon Grey

Master Closet

It has actually been kind of nice not having as much closet space here because it’s forcing me to get rid of stuff I never wear. I accumulate a lot of clothes for work, but I don’t need to keep all of them. It has been a painful but cathartic process to get rid of so many things I’ve gathered over the years now that I don’t really have room for it all! My biggest challenge at the moment (in Denver) is figuring out what to do with the shoes that I do end up keeping! Shoe storage is such a puzzle sometimes – I’ll figure it out!

Most of the closet design was done by the builder and already there when I moved in. If I were to design it myself, I’ll be honest, I would have done it COMPLETELY different! ONE DAY, I’ll get to build it. :) I ended up adding drawers in here too because there weren’t any at first!

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Well shoot, now that I’m looking through all my old photos, I don’t think I ever officially “shot” the bathroom – just random beauty campaigns and then this photo of my bathtub area for a blog post I did titled 7 Steps to The Best Bath Of Your Life. But I loved my bathroom so so much!! I didn’t realize how big of a deal it would be that I had a window in there – that was such a plus!

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Bathroom rug – gosh I love this so very much!


Not gonna lie, the kitchen is what sold me on the house! The second I saw it, I was like omg I have to have this lol. The light fixtures were different, the hardware was silver, and the backsplash was grey tile but I knew that once I put my touch on it it would be perfect! And I LOVE how it turned out! I spent the most amount of time in this open area of the kitchen and living room.

all white kitchen acrylic bar stools grey island kitchen

Kitchen Details:

Acrylic bar stools

Regina Andrew Light Fixtures

Island paint color: SW Chelsea Grey

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Dining Room

I love LOVE how this room turned out! I ended up doing most of my work here because I loved being able to spread out at this table and the chairs were comfortable! You can find all sourcing details in the blog post linked below!

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brighton keller dining room burl wood dining room table grey velvet chairs blue rug purple walls

Front Office

This room was the last one I got to. I used it for filming my videos and doing try-ons for you guys! It ended up being such a great and fun workspace and I loved the natural light!

brighton keller office emerald green velvet couch with vision board copy

Gold Side Table
Zebra Rug – similar
Green Couch (custom)

Let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll be happy to answer! I’m so excited to get into full-on decorating mode for the new Denver home! I’m hoping to have something to sit on (ha!) by the time Duncan moves in in January!