Faith - July 16, 2019

Attributes of God: He is Omnipotent

Welcome to WEEK 9 of our Attributes of God study! I can’t believe we are about to wrap up this series! It has been so good for me personally, and I know that it has resonated with a lot of you based on feedback and comments I have gotten! This week we are back in “None Like Him” by Jen Wilkin on chapter 9 to talk about God’s OMNIPOTENCE.

If you missed the series introduction post, I announced the Attributes of God series there and explained a little bit about WHY we should care to know more about God and his nature.

So far we’ve covered the following attributes:

Attributes of God Week 9: He is Omnipotent

God is infinite in power! His is not limited in His power in any way because He is the source of all power. Even when doesn’t always exercise His power like we would expect him to or think He should according to our own wisdom, He is still the God of infinite power. Check out some of my favorite highlights from the chapter this week! 

God of all power

The power of God is unlimited. It can neither increase or decrease because He is an unchanging God. This is an important truth for us to remember because sometimes we find ourselves in situations in life where circumstances seem too overwhelming for us and we don’t possess the power to change them and it can be easy to assume the same is true for God. But God…He possesses the power for anything at all times and we can trust Him to use it according to His wisdom. 

People of limited power

We are people of limited power who can often convince ourselves that we can be like God. Quite often, God has given us power and influence in particular areas of our lives with particular people and His intention is that we steward it for the good of all and not wield it for the benefit of one. So often that’s not how we see it play out because we don’t look to God’s wisdom in the execution, but our own.  Jen points out in the book four main sources of power our culture looks to and how they can either glorify self or glorify God.

ONE – Physical strength

In our culture today, we highly value physical strength. It is often used to glorify self instead of protecting those around us that aren’t as strong. We bring glory to God and mimic His use of power when we protect those around us who may be in a weaker position such as the elderly, children, the disabled, the unborn, etc. 

TWO – Beauty

There is a privilege our culture allots to the beautiful. Whether we like to admit it or not beauty carries with it a certain degree of power. Everything around us in the world is telling us the outside matters, but in the economy of God it is the inside that matters. God made beauty so obviously He’s not against it, but it is not where our value lies. As believers, we are called to place value on every person we come into contact with as image bearers of God – not only the beautiful ones. Jen says, “Inner beauty has eyes to see the least among us, and to see them as beautiful when others do not.”

THREE – Wealth

There isn’t any power in poverty in our culture. Wealth definitely opens the door to position and power in our society, but often the desire for these things terminates on ourselves. Scripture tells us that we are to steward power and wealth to help elevate and advocate for those in need. In this way we reflect God in the way that He gives with us even though we are undeserving. 

FOUR – Charisma

We are drawn to these personalities and they rise to the top of whatever room they are standing in because these powerful personalities know how to use their words. This can often be used in such a way that it becomes about the person themselves, but those gifted in communication can utilize this gift to give a voice to those who don’t have one. 

He is our power source

It’s important for us to recognize where we have power and with whom so we can be thoughtful about how to use it to glorify God and care for others as well as have an awareness of when we might be using it for ourselves. God is our power source and we can trust Him to show us how to use it to bring Him glory. Lift your eyes up to Him friends and recognize that He has given us power and influence in certain times and places and ask Him how to use it! The Spirit is within you and will work in unbelievable power through you to accomplish God’s purposes if you let Him. 

What kind of knowledge do you crave the most?

How can you discern whether your knowledge for it is healthy or not?

Verses for Meditation

There is a section at the end of each chapter which includes verses for mediation I am going to include below that I hope you find helpful.

  • Psalm 147:5
  • Jeremiah 32:17, 27
  • Romans 1:20
  • Ephesians 1:18-20
  • Hebrews 1:3

Tech Backgrounds To Reflect Throughout The Week

Since we’re doing this study week by week, I thought it would be fun to add in a little extra value for those of you joining me in this study. I wanted to make these backgrounds for you to put on your phone so that you could think about, pray, and meditate on God’s omnipotent nature throughout the week.

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