Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - July 16, 2019

Nsale: Cozy + Athleisure Picks

Every year during the sale, two of my absolute favorite categories to shop are the lounge wear choices and athletic wear. I love getting some new cozies to wear while working form home, running errands, and  lounging around. Nordstrom truly has the BEST selection when it comes  to all things cozy, so the sale is always super exciting! I’m excited share some of my favorite picks that are (as of writing this post) still in stock!

Lounge Cardigan & Shorts Set – Loved this little set by BP with the matching shorts and open front sweater. I’ve been wearing the shorts and a shite tank to sleep and then throwing on the robe to run around the house since I’ve been keeping it so cold. I’d recommend going up a size in the shorts though. I got size XS and they aren’t as stretchy as I’d hoped (at least not in the waist).

Zella Joggers – I showed y’all on stories, but I got a new pair of joggers. I’ve pretty picky about joggers because I feel like my thighs and booty aren’t always compatible with the jogger fit, but these are cute! They fit a little tighter than most joggers I’ve liked in the past but they’ve got a slinky, thinner material. They’re a little long on me but I love them for both lounging and running around. I got size XXS (which is one size down from what I usually wear in Zella).

White Tee – If I’m having a cozy day at home, a white tee is my go-to and honestly the search for the PERFECT white tee is one of the hardest tasks…anyone, agree? Ha! Just kidding but finding a tee that is soft, not completely see-through and fits well is tough to do! I love this v-neck one for chill days at home and am always finding myself throwing it on with denim shorts when I don’t want to think of an outfit to wear.

Short Sleeve Pajama Set – Y’all know I love a PJ set and this set is one of my favorites. The material is super soft and lightweight so you won’t get sweaty in your sleep. This set is under $40 and is really great quality so it won’t get dingy or pill like some pajama sets.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan – September through pretty much March you can find me in my house wearing this cardigan every day. Am I exaggerating – no. Ok well maybe one or two days I will actually get dressed and go to a photoshoot – but if I am just doing computer work at home, I’m in this cardigan. You know how fluffy cardigans get lint all over everything and pill and snag – this cardigan is like the OPPOSITE of all of that. No matter how many times I wash this thing it does not lose its shape or texture or softness – I don’t know what they make it with but IT. IS. HEAVENLY. It’s under $100 during the sale and comes in four colors as well as a few different cuts!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket – The infamous blanket that every blogger can’t stop talking about…let me tell you guys though, it’s worth it. The cheetah print is already sold out (annoying) but there are 6 more colors in stock online that would honestly probably look better in your house than cheetah print, ha! I have multiple of these around my house because when friends come over for movie nights everyone wants one! It’s under $100 during the sale – a perfect Christmas gift, too!

Zella Sweatshirt – You have seen me in stories with this crewneck sweatshirt on and it honestly reminds me of those super comfy sweatshirts I had when I was in college – the ones that were worn in and just so COZY! But this is like the elevated adult version that doesn’t have your schools name on it – an upgrade if you will. The sweatshirt has slits in the side so it gives you better shape than the ruched hem one & the high-low hem is long enough to cover your booty if you are worried about that! I throw this little number on over my clothes all the time when I am running around town or tidying up my house. It makes me feel a bit more put together than if I was just in an old hoodie! On sale right now for under $50 and comes in red and white, too.

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings – I have talked about these leggings on my blog so much because there is just soo much to say! I talk about these leggings versus the other pair of leggings I’m obsessed with and I would say that the Zella pair is really comfy for lounging but just as great for working out because the material is thicker & the waist sucks you in more. So if you’re chillin’ at home all day but have a workout later – these should be the leggings you choose, ha!

Zella Socks – A good pair of socks that doesn’t fall down in your shoe 5 seconds after putting it on is a thing of DREAMS, am I right? That is the most irritating thing ever! These socks stand the test and are perfect for lounging OR workouts – they come in lots of colors and also a 6 pack option as well!

Ugg Slippers – These slippers are so good that they are already sold out of the basic UGG color BUT all the other colors (which are some FUN hues this season) are pretty much fully stocked. You can find me throwing these on the second I get home because as I said…I love to be cozy AND comfy, ha! The ‘fur’ in these doesn’t get all weird if you have sweaty feet! These also make the perfect gift!

Cozy Wubby Pullover – Every year the sale features a pullover with this kind of material and I am honestly obsessed with this years colors! It comes in mustard, maroon, white and a heather grey. This pullover is perfect to throw on when sitting around watching Netflix or running errands in – it’s under $50 right now so it will sell out fast!

Heart Long Sleeve Pajamas – How cute would this set be to get for all the gals in your family!? Matching pjs on Christmas morning (or even a Galentines Day party!) is always so fun and I would honestly wear this set year round so it’s a great gift for someone who also enjoys the cozy things in life. The tops and bottoms are on sale right now each for under $30!

Zella Open Front Cardigan – I throw on cardigans like this one all the time when I’m cooped up in my house all day. I keep my house on the colder side but like to stay cozy so I gravitate towards solid layering items. I would also totally wear this cardigan after a workout when it’s colder outside, it comes in other colors as well!

What do you find yourself wearing on cozy days at home?

Thanks so much to Nordstrom for Sponsoring this post! As always, ALL opinions and selects are my own!