Faith - July 9, 2019

Attributes of God: He is Omniscient

Welcome to WEEK 8 of our Attributes of God study! If you are just tuning in, we are studying the attributes of God using Jen Wilkin’s book “None Like Him” to navigate some of God’s incommunicable attributes, which basically means attributes that are unique to God alone. If you missed the series introduction post, I announced the Attributes of God series there and explained a little bit about WHY we should care to know more about God and his nature.

So far we’ve covered the following attributes:

This week the attribute we have been looking at is the chapter about God’s Omniscience.

Attributes of God Week 8: God is Omniscient

This week we will be taking a look at the OMNISCIENCE of God. This means God is all knowing about everything past, present, and future. He doesn’t  learn knew things because He created knowledge and knows everything there is to know. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE? We are going to recap some of my favorite thoughts Jen has from this chapter in this post and make sure to stop by my instagram to catch the video recap as well! 

Unbound in knowledge

As I just mentioned, there is not a thing that God does not know. He doesn’t just kind of know a lot about many things…He literally knows ALL things. He doesn’t learn new things because He is the origin of all things. He knows everything equally well. Humans often can become really familiar and knowledgeable about certain things, but our limitations don’t allow us to have a vast knowledge of many things. Partly because we are limited by time, but also because our mental capacity is limited. 

Limits to our learning

“To be human is to learn” is a statement made in this chapter. Unlike God, we are always learning. We are taking in information every day and processing new information. We learn new things about ourselves, the people we are around,  and the world around us. There is constant opportunity for humans to learn. The only catch is we have limitations on how much information we are actually able to consume and use. We live in an age of “information overload”.

\Technology has given us the ability to acquire even more information with 24-hour news cycles, social media, and anything you’ve ever wanted to know at your fingertips via the internet. It is far more information than we consume, but we often find ourselves over-consuming because it’s simply so convenient. 

The dilemma

We often think the more information we have, the more at peace our hearts and minds will be. It seems to be though that the more information we consume, the more stressed out and anxious we become. We are paralyzed in our decision making because too many options means we have a difficult time deciding on one option.

We reach for knowledge of what others are doing through social media and we end up feeling lonelier and less satisfied with the life we are living. If this makes you wonder if maybe we aren’t designed to have all of this information – YOU’RE RIGHT! While this isn’t a new problem, we certainly see the effects of it more clearly than ever. 

Who is like the Lord?

The answer is: not us. We are not designed to have all of this knowledge. When we grasp for the limitlessness of God in regards to knowledge, we often end up more unsatisfied than we ever imagined.

Only God can possess all of this knowledge and in His perfect wisdom know what to do with it. We often want to know what tomorrow holds, but God has asked us to be present in today and not worry about tomorrow.

Trust God with your future and with all of the questions you don’t have answers to in any area of your life. He is trustworthy to cast our anxieties on so that we can be present in today, which is really what our capacity was designed for because He wants us to trust Him with the rest. 

He knows you

There are times when we can feel alone and unknown, but God knows you better than you know yourself. He knows your desires and your heartaches.

He is a safe, trustworthy place to run to with anything in your life because He knows the most about well…everything…EVEN YOU! He is aware of your weaknesses and loves you exactly the way you are.

Nothing is hidden from Him and He will never forget you, so come before Him freely because you are the most known by Him. 

What kind of knowledge do you crave the most?

Tech Background To Reflect Throughout The Week

Since we’re doing this study week by week, I thought it would be fun to add in a little extra value for those of you joining me in this study. I wanted to make these backgrounds for you to put on your phone so that you could think about, pray, and meditate on God’s omniscient nature throughout the week.

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