Fitness - December 8, 2016

How to Stay Fit Without a Gym

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front view of lululemon white vest, black leggings, and black sports bra

Gyms freak me out. Maybe it’s the thought of paying to use equipment when I could just go run outside or the thought of paying money every month to do a workout I could do in my living room/driveway – not to mention being intimidated by super fit people who know all the things about working out. Also, who has time to drive TO and FROM the gym and waste all that time. I know, I’m exaggerating, but whatever the case or excuse of the day may be, the bottomline is that I’m not a fan of gym memberships.

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I didn’t really play “traditional sports” growing up, BUT I did the whole dancing and cheer thing which kept me in good shape. I danced competitively in middle school and then did competitive cheerleading in high school (in addition to cheering at school), so I didn’t really have to think about my figure or building muscle. It was just part of the deal, you know? And plus, I was young and stuff.

But now that I’ve hit the real world and my metabolism has taken a speed hit, I’ve had to think about the whole move-my-body factor in my life. And to be frank, I’m not about it. No but really, I kind of hate working out. I wish I were one of those people that could say otherwise, but (ha!) not so much. So anyway, I’m constantly trying to keep up with my workouts and figure out new ways to MOVE more.

Outfit Details: lululemon White Vest (wearing size 2 – size down for a snug fit) // Both Ways Sports Bra (wearing size 8 bc I don’t like my sports bras too tight!) // Wunder Under Pant III in “iced wave white black” print (wearing size 4)

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Since I’m not a gym fan (at least as of today…), finding ways to stay fit and healthy outside of the gym is important to me. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you’ve probably seen or heard me talk about BBG. It’s the program that I’ve been quasi-committed to over the past few months. Mostly because my friends do it with me – otherwise, I wouldn’t do anything. But regardless, it’s the current flavor of the week.

How To Stay Fit Without a Gym

Some of the BBG stuff is too had for me so I tend to switch it up and since I hate gyms, I’m always looking/thinking of new ways to workout that don’t involve 4 walls, HAWT/fit people and scary equipment. As such, I’ve built up an arsenal of ways to stay in shape without a gym. Since I’m sure I’m not alone here, I wanted to share my tips. I hope they are helpful! Let me know what y’all think :)

1. Create a “fit corner” of your home

For me, this is an easy accessible closet, but designating an area of your house where you keep any fitness equipment is super helpful. I have a jump rope, yoga mat, yoga blocks, bands, and some weights lined up so that when I’m ready to workout, I can just grab whatever I need. No looking around the garage or under the bed for weights and then getting distracted or frustrated. I keep a (cute – ha!) bag in this area too in case I want to take some of my equipment outside or to a friend’s.

2. Skip equipment

An oxymoron to what I just said, but sometimes you don’t need ANYTHING to workout! You can have a really great workout using just your body weight. This is especially amazing when traveling. Do intervals, like 30 seconds of the following 5x in a row: burpees, squats, push-ups, jumping jacks.. Or, follow a yoga YouTube video and be amazed at how sore you can be from just using body weight.

3. Join a Multi-Gym Membership Program

So this might seem like joining a  gym, but it’s really not. One of the main reasons why I don’t like gyms is because I don’t like the idea of always going to the SAME place to workout and paying for a limited number of options too. I currently have Class Pass and absolutely love it because it allows me try out all different kinds of studios with endless types of classes and workouts. I’ve been able to try new workouts I didn’t even know existed that I found simply by scrolling through classes available during a specific time slot. It’s been a great investment for me. If your city has something like this, you should definitely check it out for a month or so and see what you think!

4. Compete

Using a Fitbit or some other tracking device – or even a fitness app on your phone – you can challenge friends, family, coworkers, whoever, to a weekly challenge. Since I forget to get up while working from home so often, I love being in competition (or even just being held accountable) with friends to MOVE more often. See who can walk the most each week until the new year and decide on presents the winner gets each week. Loser has to pay for healthy smoothies after your next workout?

5. Find a program

Like I said, I personally enjoy BBG, but it’s crucial to find a workout plan outside of the gym that you like. Without one, you might find yourself trying to do a workout in your living room and then get distracted after 5 minutes… or give up. I have friends who use the Tone It Up girls workouts and have really loved some of their stuff. Or even screen-shotting workouts to your phone or using the Nike app is a great ways to walk through a fitness routine sans gym.

6. Bike or Power Walk

Biking and walking are SUCH underrated workouts. I love to bike around the neighborhood to clear my head (and listen to a podcast) or even to a friends house if it makes sense. And then I end up doing longer power walks with friends rather than high intensity workouts most of the time to get my cardio because…well, I hate cardio. But I absolutely LOVE walking with a friend and catching up instead of “grabbing coffee or drinks”. Plus, you kill two birds with one stone!

7. Schedule it

This is what my friends and I do with BBG. We schedule a couple days a week beforehand – a time and place – and it’s marked in our calendars. We actually create an event in our iCal and make it official. That way, I treat this just like I would any other appointment I have, and it forces me to actually show up (ha) and do a full workout. Plus, I love taking the guessing game out of what fitness routine I’ll do that day or when I’ll fit it in. Because I’m the queen of putting my workout clothes on with the intention of working out later….and then never actually moving my body.

…And Cute Clothes Help Too

Right? I mean, who doesn’t LOVE getting new, cute clothes to be all fit-looking and stuff? Heck, sometimes (okay like ALL the time) I’ll throw on my workout clothes even when I have zero intention of working out because I think it’s a cute look for running errands. I guess that’s pretty normal these days though – but still. There’s just something so fun about looking sporty in general and then even more so when you’re actually being sporty (haha!).

I have a few fave brands and go-to spots for workout wear, but I’ve been a LONG TIME fan of lululemon ever since I discovered them while living in Austin back in college. Their stuff NEVER disappoints. I can’t rave about it enough honestly. If you’ve never tried on a pair of their pants, do yourself a favor and stop by the store sometime. I love hearing about the specs and details behind the fabric content and how each piece of clothing was specifically made to enhance your workout. If you do happen to stop by, be sure to visit with one of the sales guys/gals to hear WHY their stuff is so special.

Okay that’s all I’ve got for today – although I’m sure I could go on!

What about y’all? Do you have any ideas for me? I’d love to hear y’all!

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Thanks so much to lululemon for making this post possible. All opinions and tips and such are mine though (as always!).