Wedding - January 15, 2020

The [Decor] Vibe I Want For My Wedding

I meant to write this post months ago, but I just never got around to it. I thought it might be fun to sort of spell out what I *hope* my reception to feel and look like! And I seriously cannot wait to walk into the room and see it all come together. I know I’ll be happy no matter what it looks like, but I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the thoughts and vision I’ve had along the planning process.

The Wedding Venue

I’m not really one of those girls that spent a lot of time thinking about my wedding growing up. I sort of went through a phase right when Pinterest came out I guess, but other than that short season, I never really thought about it. And frankly, I had no idea where I wanted to get married. It wasn’t until I visited Barton Creek for father’s day last summer that I thought to myself, wow I could totally get married here. I loved how everything was all in one place (hotel rooms, room for ceremony, cocktail hour, getting ready area, and reception venue).

When I walked into the wedding venue, I was sold. It’s made of Texas limestone and has a HUGE fireplace, plus there are floor-to-ceiling, commercial black windows (my favorite) with stunning views of the golf course and Texas hill country. I loved how there wasn’t carpet or any intense colors fighting for attention (like most ballrooms) – it was truly a beautiful blank slate. Plus, the resort is special to me and Duncan because it was a major project that he worked on at his old job back in Dallas. He worked on the Omni Barton Creek project for about 2 years before we met, so it was also special in that regard too. Oh, not to mention we got engaged there!

This is actually the spot (above) where we’ll have the ceremony (weather permitting) – right in front of this tree! It’s so pretty!


I honestly had a hard time finding inspiration for what I wanted because I felt like Pinterest kept showing me the same 15 photos over and over again! And I never really found anything that I REALLY loved, but I could explain it.

I knew I wanted all white and natural-looking. In other words, I didn’t really want any color. I wanted it to feel natural – lots of green with some white accents of beautiful flowers but nothing over the top. I interview and got proposals

I loved all the green and rolling hills at the resort, so I thought it would be perfect to just go with a theme of bringing the outside, inside. My vision was to bring the greenery and kings inside the pavilion. The ceilings are crazy tall in the pavilion, so I wanted to make the most of that space, bringing in lots of greenery and hanging lights to set the tone.

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

This (above) is actually too much green for me, but I like that it does feel like the outside is coming in and that it’s simple and organic-looking.

Image Source
Image Source: Ruffled Blog
Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Again, it was really hard for me to find photos that I absolutely loved! I always wanted to change something in each one but I think these SORT OF capture the vibe I’m hoping for!

Furniture + Rentals

And for the furniture rentals, I wanted it to feel casual, yet sophistical – like a well-decorated Texas ranch home that was comfortable and inviting yet also had an elevated feel.

Image Source

My wedding won’t be anything like this because this one was pretty boho but I did love the casual, inviting vibe of this lounge area!

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

There’s a cocktail hour after ceremony while Duncan and I eat and for that, I wanted to do some really fun twinkle lights to set the mood. I have no idea what these will look like but I’m excited to see what the lighting team comes up with.