Self - February 28, 2019

15 Productive Things To Do on a Sunday

I hope y’all have been following along and loving the ‘Productive Sunday Things’ I’ve been sharing on Instagram over the past few weeks. I realize that so much of the time I share on the blog but forget to share me actually living out what I’m talking about, so yeah, that’s been fun! I’ve started using Sundays in such a more productive way and they’re definitely my fave day of the week. No more Sunday Night Anxiety.

I don’t want to overwhelm y’all and say you have to do all 15 of these things, but you can! Or you can pick and choose what works for you. I find that doing most of these makes me feel my best, especially come Monday. In fact, I don’t even hate Mondays anymore. Turns out they’re a lot easier to deal with when you spend part of your weekend being productive! Pretty sure this means I’m officially an adult? :)

  1. Do a brain dump – Y’all know I love my brain dumps and I think Sundays are a great day for them. Get everything out of your head to start the week and it’ll help you with the next thing…
  2. Plan your week – This has been life-changing for me and on the weeks where I skip this step, man, I struggle. This usually takes me about an hour but 1. it’s kinda fun (I psychically write in a calendar (this one) and make it pretty) and 2. it totally calms me. You’d think it might make things more stressful, but knowing that I have this plan for the week lets me enjoy the rest of my Sunday without that anxiety of what Monday brings. This is where I plan out my priorities first, then fill in the rest next.
  3. Plan out your meals – During your weekly plan, you can also plan your dinners so it’s one less thing to think about. IT’S FREAKING AMAZING living out a week of this, too. I see if I have any events out of the house (where I won’t need dinner) and then plan on cooking around that. Make that grocery list and then go to the store.
  4. Go to the grocery – Unless you go a different day, I find that Sundays are a great time. Honestly, the stores aren’t that much more packed and I just put on a podcast and go slow.
  5. Cook something – One trick I’ve found is that making a big batch of something (like in the Crockpot) on Sundays sets me up for dinner that night + dinner at least on Mondays (which are a day I always appreciate having something ready in two seconds). You could even just cut up fruit and veggies so that it’s one less step.
  6. Clean out your fridge – If you go through your fridge 1x a week, it saves it from becoming a hot mess. I toss anything I didn’t eat or use and do a little wipe down if I’m feeling really productive. If you need to do a full clean out, by the way, start here.
  7. Schedule workouts – This goes back to planning your week, but don’t forget this part! Book any classes, make some walk dates with friends, and put them in your calendar WITH A PEN!
  8. Workout! – This isn’t something I do every Sunday (definitely not) but it really makes a difference when I do. If I know I have a busy week coming up (because remember, I planned that out!), I like to workout on Sundays. It makes me feel productive in general and takes one workout out of my schedule. I usually like to do a fun workout on Sundays whether that’s with my roommates, meeting a friend for a new class, or going for that walk I mentioned above. Basically, I make it an enjoyable time.
  9. Plan out outfits for the week – Do a quick weather check, look at your calendar, and at the least, pull together some pieces you want to style around that week. Y’all can always tune into my IG Stories every Sunday for my “What to Wear This Week” ideas or use The Outfit Guide!
  10. Do laundry – There’s nothing worse than waking up Monday realizing you have nothing clean and/or waiting until like Wednesday night to do it all and then staring at a huge pile of clean laundry waiting for you after work. Right?! So just do it Sunday. I actually folding relaxing when I mix it in with a podcast or music or calling a friend to catch up.
  11. Declutter – Spend 30 minutes decluttering your home, car, life. Can you bring stuff in from your car? Break down boxes for recycling? Put laundry away? Put returns by the front door? Do a wipe down of your house or at least your bedroom? Do it!
  12. Relax + Rest + Restore – Spend some time unwinding. Take a nap, stretch, or hang with your family/friends. Do something that RESTORES your mind, body or soul. I usually go to church and watch a movie or go for a long walk and kinda incorporate it throughout my day, but especially in the evening.
  13. Self-care – Sundays are a great day for a little spa day at home, and what I mean by that is a bath + face mask combo which is the BEST. After the bath (ps here are my steps to the perfect bath), I’ll use a fancy body oil and hang in my robe for a couple hours as I’m winding down. You could also get a mani/pedi, read, or whatever feels like taking care of yourself.
  14. Do a quick self-assessment – As you’re getting into bed, think back to your week. What went well? What didn’t? What do you want your intention to be for this week?
  15. Go to bed early – The best piece of advice I can give – set yourself up for a good week with a good night’s sleep! This article can help if you aren’t the best sleeper.

Anything else y’all do on Sundays to plan for your week? I’d love to hear!