Style - February 25, 2019

8 Blazers for Business Casual Style

Hi y’all! Back with another business casual outfit today and feel like I’m finally on a roll with bringing these to you on the reg! Hope that all y’all who were looking for more work style are liking them!

Since I don’t go into a regular office, I’m always looking for pieces that I can wear to meetings but also fun things like happy hour or even the weekends. Obviously everyone needs certain pieces that are “work only”, especially if you work in a traditional office, but for the most part, I feel like we can get away with SO many pieces that transition from work to play. This thinking goes along with me trying to buy less and live with less and I’ve gotten really into finding those pieces that can be versatile. Enter: the blazer.

Obviously a blazer isn’t ground-breaking, but I’d argue there’s not a better piece on top that can transition so well. OK maybe a white blouse, but they’re tied! Blazers have become such a staple in my closet and I love how simple they make getting dressed. Literally all you need is a pair of trousers (or black skinny jeans that can work for work as I have on here), a tucked in top, and the blazer – and boom! A cute outfit that can go from work to whatever.

I have a handful of blazers that I rotate. I like to have a couple of classics (like this black option that’s amazing for petite figures or my plaid one which is very classic), but I’m always into the idea of wearing a fun pop of color with a blazer. This red one is SO cute and I also love this lavender blazer for spring. Pretty right?

Y’all can shop my entire outfit here at Nordstrom so I’ll link that below and then I’m including 8 of my favorite blazers for business casual style, too! No shocker that most of my blazers are from Nordstrom – they’re always my go-to when prepping for business casual outfits for y’all. They always have those pieces that I’m looking for when it comes to transitional style for work. Plus, I have short arms and legs so I basically have to hem EVERYTHING! Definitely get your blazers tailored at Nordstrom when buying them there because the perfect fit can do SO much when it comes to blazers (mainly how it’s cinched and the arm length).

8 Blazers for Business Casual Style

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Thanks so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this blog post. As always, all opinions and selections are my own.