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Season - Spring

Spring style is always exciting and refreshing, and it’s definitely a season I get excited to shop for. But coming up with spring outfit ideas can be difficult, especially when it still feels like winter outside and you’ve still got ALL your winter wardrobe hanging in your closet. When the weather forecasts start somewhere between 70 and 80 degrees and end in the low 50’s, it can be pretty confusing to know how to dress for that kind of all-over-the-place weather! I’ve found that the key to smart spring style is having a variety of essentials in your closet. For those, and lots of spring outfit ideas, keep reading!

I’m always on the lookout for new spring outfit ideas to put together during those few weeks of fickle weather between the harsh winter and onslaught of summer. And if you think about it, spring outfits are really just some sort of combination of our fall and summer wardrobes. Well, for the most part. Whatever the case, the point is that spring is a transitional season and it’s a time where we can have fun mixing and matching different pieces in our closets! With pretty much all of my spring outfits, I strive to inspire you to dress for spring in the most comfortable and pragmatic way possible – without necessarily having to go out and buy more clothes! Here are three spring style staples that I find myself coming back to every year – and I hope they help with your own outfit ideas!

Staple for Spring Outfits: Denim Jacket

First up, you’ve got to have a denim jacket to pull off most spring outfits – at least I think so. Since spring style is transitional, I find that denim jackets serve as the perfect blend of warmth, versatility and #springfeels. I end up throwing denim jackets – whether in classic blue jean or white – over everything from sweaters in the early days of spring, to floral dresses come May. It feels good to put away the winter jackets in place of denim jackets – and they always get me excited for spring style.

Staple for Spring Outfits: High-waisted Jeans

You’ll notice that in every season in this Outfit Guide, jeans are a staple. I live in them! But my favorite variety for spring are high-waisted pairs for a couple reasons. One, they make your legs look SO long. Two, you’re not really wearing chunky sweaters anymore, so I find that the tops we wear in spring are easier to tuck in. They’re usually lighter material, and I just love the flattering look this gives spring outfits. One of my go-to spring styles is a cami or fun t-shirt, high-waisted white denim, and then a light cardigan in case it gets chilly. How easy is that?

Staple for Spring Outfits: Gingham

In my opinion, gingham screams spring style, and you’ll notice below that I love the print! If you’re looking for spring outfit ideas and don’t know where to start, just add in one aspect of gingham and things will feel like spring no time.

Now that you know my essentials for spring style, you can scroll down to see all my spring outfit ideas in one place, and hopefully get inspired for dressing yourself this season!

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