Spring - April 18, 2017

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Spring Look

how to wear long cardigan in spring, all white outfit
white on white, blue long cardigan, spring white jeans outfit with long cardigan
white on white, blue long cardigan, spring white jeans outfit with long cardigan
white on white, blue long cardigan, spring white jeans outfit with long cardigan

Spring always makes me itch for change: a new haircut, a wardrobe update or even rearranging furniture – yes, even after I just moved in. Blooming blossoms just have that effect on me apparently! How about y’all? Same boat or nah? I know we’re already a few weeks (okay, maybe even a month) into Spring, but I wanted to share some easy ways to freshen things up!

1. Chop it off (& brighten it up)

I don’t think I’m speaking exclusively for myself when I say that winter is not the best time for hair. Dry, static-y, all around not fun, am I right? During the colder months, I feel like besides deep conditioning every now and then, my hair is totally neglected. I let it grow out (hello, split ends!) and just let it do its thing as I patiently await the warmer months.

Come Spring, I make an appointment with my hairdresser and let her work some magic. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, but I do usually need a chop of some sorts. Just cutting off a few inches will bring your hair back to life, believe me. Also, if you’re someone who colors their hair, now is the perfect time to brighten it up a bit, especially around your face. I just booked an appointment with my girl for Thursday – to get some more highlights for Spring. I’ll be keeping my hair long, but maybe come Summer I’ll go a little shorter!

2. Spa day For One

Plan an at-home spa day for yourself. I like to think of this as the end of winter hibernation. Exfoliation, face masks, hair masks, and a bubble bath: the whole works. You will be glowing and feel like new at the end of the day. Praise-hand emoji!

3. Spring-clean your closet

This is an obvious one, but I also feel like it’s one I never end up really getting around to because I have such a hard time letting go of clothing! Go through your wardrobe, and ask yourself when the last time you wore something was. If there is an item that stayed in your closet, untouched, through spring and summer of last year, get rid of it! There is no better feeling of purging your closet.

Also, when you’re done comes the fun part: make a list of the things your closet is missing for spring and summer. Maybe that perfect midi dress or a new pair of cropped jeans? I think yes!

I just did this before shooting my closet reveal and it was SUCH an amazing feeling!

4. Incorporate (more!) color

Spring means you can reintroduce more color into your wardrobe! And what can be better than that? Pastels are going to be huge, so are bold stripes, so don’t be scared to freshen things up. P.S. For more spring trends, check out this post.

5. Check-up on your makeup

Brightening up doesn’t just apply to hair and clothes for spring. The makeup I wear in winter is usually a little moodier (like the brownish lipsticks I’ve been loving), and better matched to my pale winter skin – UGH – than anything I would use in spring and summer. Spring is about reincorporating the healthy summer glow look, with the use of more highlighter and blush. Oh, and I’ve been experimenting with new bronzers and self-tanners – more on that to come!

Feel fresh already y’all? Feels good!

Outfit Details: Halogen Long Cardigan (such a good find!) // Pleione Pocket Tunic // Paige White Jeans // Michael Kors Wedges // Moon & Lola Hoop Earrings