Beauty - August 25, 2017

My “Eight Hour” Experience with Elizabeth Arden

a few of my favorite things including elizabeth arden eight hour line

I first discovered the Elizabeth Arden eight-hour line through the cult-favorite skin protectant. It was unlike any product I’d ever used in that it served multiple purposes and quite literally too in that the composition/texture/make-up of it was different than any moisturizing product I’d come across. And now that I’ve been traveling non-stop lately, I’ve been into more than ever. Let me explain.

I mentioned last week that I have a love/hate relationship with traveling. I think anyone that travels a lot (and sometimes nonstop) for work has GOT to feel this way. After a certain amount of time, it starts to wear on your body little bit. As I’m sure you’re aware or if you’ve been following along, I do quite a bit of traveling for work these days. And my skin is always acting up for whatever reason – but probably because I’m constantly switching between climates, humidity, temperatures and more.

Everyone’s body reacts different to traveling (of course), but one of my (many! ha) pain points that flares up more when I’m traveling, is that the skin around my nose gets really chapped. And after a while, it can get pretty painful. It happens all year round so it’s not like a cold weather kind of chapped.  And before discovering the skin protectant, I would use chapstick to (kinda sorta) soothe my skin. But after a friend of my mom suggested I try this product, I’ve been addicted ever since. It also feels nicer than rubbing chapstick on my face (what I used to do – lolz).

elizabeth arden what's in my suitcase travel photo

I’ve even started bringing the Eight Hour Skin Protectant with me to apply to my hands or cuticles when they’re a mess and dry. It’s thicker than most moisturizers but not as thick as some balms. And even though it’s not necessarily FOR your hands, it works so why not? I’ll dab a little on my eyebrows to keep them in place – especially when I’m traveling and don’t have every single product/tool of mine. Basically, this stuff rocks and it’s something I have on hand 24/7 because of it’s versatility. You’ve probably noticed it in my Insta Stories and through social media posts, too.

elizabeth arden eight hour line

I’ve since discovered the rest of the Eight Hour Line and have come to love and regularly use some of the other products, too. Since we’re already on the topic of Elizabeth Arden and I feel like I’d be doing you a disservice NOT mentioning something else I love, let’s chat about the hydrating mist, shall we?

elizabeth arden hydrating mist in Fiji

Here’s the thing, mists are everywhere right now. And I kinda used to think they were silly (slash didn’t know what to do with them)…until I started traveling so much and tried the EA kind. Since getting to Fiji and even when I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago (which was pretty cold!), I’ve been spritzing this non stop. I’ll put it on my face for a quick refresh – even after I have makeup on – it doesn’t affect it, which I haven’t found true with all mists. It basically sets my makeup and feels so amazing. Especially when I was traveling to Fiji for legit 20 hours non-stop. Another weird thing I do with it? Use it as a deodorant refresher. Seriously, it works!

Ya’ll might be excited to know that you can win a ton of awesome Elizabeth Arden goodies right now. If you have tried any product in their Eight Hour line, snap a photo and post it on Instagram. When you post with #MyEightHour #Sweepstakes and give their Insta a follow you could win over $300 in must have Elizabeth Arden products. This ends on August 29 so hurry before it’s too late!

Anyway, whether you’re traveling, on the go, or just looking for a couple can’t-function-without products, I hope those recommendations help. Y’all know I try to be really honest with “reviewing” or sharing about products, and I never share something positively that I don’t love.

OK back to hanging with (Fijian) Mama and teaching the people of Fiji how to make grilled cheese sandwiches. (Follow along on Insta Stories if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)