Organization - January 23, 2024

How I’m Decluttering My Home In 2024

Hey, y’all – I’m super excited to share a peek at the current decluttering situation in my home. New year, new you, right? Or at least slightly-improved-version of you?

But in all seriousness, I’ve found myself in a place where I’ve accumulated so much stuff. It’s causing me to have trouble focusing. Plus, I’m spending *entirely* too much time cleaning/picking up every day.

In this profession, it’s way too easy to collect “stuff.” Between PR boxes and the constant need to shop (which I’m trying to minimize this year), I feel like I’m always drowning in stuff. On top of that, having kids adds an entirely different level of accumulation.

So, I’m currently in a decluttering phase. I know there’s a lomore I could donate or get rid of, but my motto has always been progress over perfection. I’m starting here — then I can move onto other areas of my home when I am ready.


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this reel about how I organize my swimsuits. Before I started to organize, I went through the entire drawer and got rid of anything that I didn’t love. I’ve heard the saying before “if it’s not a heck yes, it’s a no.” That is my phrase when I’m weeding out my drawers and closet. Here are the clear bags I use to organize my swimsuits.

organized swimsuits in drawer

Bras and underwear (yes, again)

I don’t know how, but I swear my bras and underwear multiply in their drawer. I’ll admit that I like to stock up on new socks and underwear regularly, but I also feel like I’m constantly decluttering and organizing that drawer. Here’s a look at how I organize my bras and underwear drawer.

organized bras and underwear in drawer


As my kids get older and their toys get larger, my garage has become way more of a storage solution. Several months ago, I decided to have some hanging racks installed to help organize the situation. I needed somewhere to keep our strollers, some outdoor furniture, and of course, all of Four’s giant trucks. These hanging racks have been a game changer. You can find similar solutions on Amazon like this wall mounted storage system or this overhead storage rack.

brighton butler garage organization
brighton butler garage organization

Cleaning supplies

I’m not going to lie, I had collected so many cleaning products over the years. A lot of them were probably expired. And I definitely wasn’t using them all. My friends Kelly and Allison, who founded Branch Basics, helped me declutter all of the cleaning supplies in my cabinets and now all I use is Branch Basics.

I’m sharing a blog post about my transition to clean cleaning products later this week and will give my honest review! But I can 100% say I need WAY FEWER products now – I use the Branch Basics concentrate and oxygen boost for just about everything! If you want to try the Starter Kit you can use code BRIGHTONBUTLER for 15% off.

branch basics cleaning supplies


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• Although I’m not currently purging my jeans, I thought I’d share a previous reel on what that process looks like.

• You can shop my organization favorites on my Amazon storefront.