Home - September 5, 2021

My Bedding Details

Hi friends! Every time I do a Q&A on Instagram I get flooded with questions about my bed/bedding details. Currently, I have an all-white look broken up with a waffle textured blanket and some tan linen pillows. It’s perfect for spring/summer. During the fall/winter seasons, I replace the white blanket with a tan one and add rust-colored accent pillows to warm things up a bit. There are many ways you can style your bed, so I like to play around with it every once in a while for a new, fresh look.

That said, picking out bedding can be a very personal thing. I did a fair amount of research before deciding on anything because while I value comfort the most, I also do want it to look aesthetically  pleasing. :) I mean, who doesn’t want comfort AND for it to look nice??

So for our setup, these are the two styles I keep going back to. The differences are subtle but perfect for the change of season with the deeper colors for fall and winter.

Brighton Butler Bedding Sheets Accent Pillows Bed Frame Rug

I’m sharing some additional details on each of the main pieces of bedding below plus, of course, linking everything I can for y’all! Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to get back to them!

Bed Frame – I am so happy that we went with a black bed frame because it accents our black and white art in the bedroom perfectly. The black headboard makes pairing any color of pillows or sheets super easy. I also love a good canopy bed so I’m thankful our bedroom has high enough ceilings to fit it. Our frame is from Doorman Designs and is no longer available so I have two similar options here and here.

Sheets– Y’all know I LOVE my Boll and Branch sheets. They are a bit of an investment but SO worth it. The quality and comfort are unmatched. I have their Signature Sheet Set and I’m obsessed with the wide hem on them.

Blanket – Right now, on top of my sheets, I have this waffle white blanket to break up the softness of the white sheets. I love that it adds a little texture to the bed. When I’m not using that, I have a herringbone blanket which is a neutral/tan color that I use if I want to break up all the white (something I typically do in the winter months).

Duvet insert– If you’re going to splurge on anything, splurge on this. It’s my ride or die duvet insert! It has the perfect amount of fluff. It also comes in 3 different weight categories depending on how you like the density of your duvet (we have the all-season option).

Accent Pillows – Currently, I am using two beige/tan pillows to give a lighter feel for spring and summer (similar here), but it’s definitely time for me to swap with fall being here. For a “moodier” look, I love stacking these rust-colored pillows (similar here and here) and pairing them with the long accent pillow, which is vintage/custom.

Rug – I know my rug isn’t technically a part of my bedding situation, but it is my MOST asked question about my bedroom so I had to include it! It’s a wool rug with a neutral color palette that can complement any style of room – living room, bedroom, nursery – any room! I also get asked a bunch if it sheds and it does shed a little but not to the point where it bothers me or Duncan.

And that’s my current bedding situation! I’ll try to keep this post updated so if anything major changes y’all will always have this point of reference. Hopefully it was helpful!