Beauty - November 20, 2020

8 Things That Made Me Happier This Month

Hey friends!

So I think something helpful I can do both for myself and for y’all right now is find joy in the little things. There’s a lot going on in the world and finding the small silver linings in each day can work wonders on my mindset, which leads me to today’s post! Thought it could be fun to share a few small things I’ve noticed in particular lately that are making me happier. Hopefully this can make YOU happier too!

Billie Razor November 2020 4

Upgrading my razor situation

I think I’m the very last person on Earth to hop on the Billie razor bandwagon but I’m glad I finally did! Why did I use such a crappy razor for so long?? Wondering why a razor makes me so happy? Well, other than the really nifty little magnetic holder (LOVE) that somehow never falls off my shower wall, shaving when you’re pregnant is hard as it turns out LOL. And I need a razor with good blades that gets the job done on the first go-around so I’m not sitting there shaving the same spot over and over again. The Billie razor does that!

Billie Razor, shaving cream and lotion

I’ve also been really impressed with their shave cream and body lotion! They have so many great additional products on their site too other than the razor – like their travel case, which is also brilliant! And this gift set would be great this holiday season too if you’re looking for a unique idea.

PS: my robe is from Weezie Towels, it’s the one I got my bridesmaids for getting reading at my wedding!

Christmas mug

Calming tea before bed

I’ve been trying all kinds of things to chill out a bit before bed and one of the most relaxing things so far is calming tea. Maybe it’s the warmth of it, maybe because it has the word “calming” in the title and it has a placebo effect on my brain, but either way, it’s been helping! It’s also great for trying to curb my sweet tooth, which we all know has a mind of its own! So while Duncan eats his Yasso, I’ll have a tea (most nights) and we’ll chat in bed before going to sleep. Also, I got this fun Christmas mug that has been making me happy :)

Outfit Details here // Bag is from a company we found at the farmer’s market, Ti-a Woven Goods

The Denver Farmer’s Market

Although it’s now finished (last week was the last one), Duncan and I went for 3 weekends in a row and it was so fun! Truth be told, I’ve never actually been to a farmer’s market so this was a new little experience for me. We were introduced to some really awesome local, Denver companies that we were excited to support! And it was fun picking up new, fresh things to then build meals around. If you’re a Denver local, we went to the Pearl Street one :)

Green Smoothie

Y’all know I have a love-hate relationship with eating healthy, but I’m *trying* to get in some extra greens these days via this smoothie. As much as I don’t always love the taste (it’s really not bad, I’m just extra picky), I know it’s good for me and baby, which makes me very happy. And to be totally honest I DO feel better when I eat better. I know this should be common sense but it’s taken me a bit longer to accept since I love candy and French fries so much (ha!).

Outfit Details here

Getting To Check In On The Baby

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve actually gotten to check in on the baby twice! We went for our 20 week anatomy scan and weren’t able to get all the photos needed because he was moving around so much. So we got to go back at 23 weeks (I shared a sweet little image of him here on Instagram). It’s always so exciting to see the ultrasound and check up on how he’s doing! Plus, it’s something sweet and special that we get to do together :)

The Queen’s Gambit

Have you seen this show yet?! It’s been trending as number one or number two on Netflix for like a month straight now! It’s SO good! I know it might not initially look like this amazing show since it’s about chess, but don’t let that put you off. It’s amazing and worth every single minute of time you’ll spend watching it. Can’t wait for season two!!

Brighton Butler Christmas tree 2020

Outfit details here // tree and ornaments are from At Home // Living room decor included in this post

Decorating for Christmas Early This Year

It seems that everyone has jumped on the Christmas-starting-early in 2020 band wagon and I am HERE for it! I set my tree up super early this year and it truly does bring me joy every single day. I got my tree at At Home this year and all my ornaments too – it was super affordable and I love how it turned out! I’m currently working on gathering a few things for our front porch and elsewhere around the house. I’m excited!

My Favorite Essential Oil Combo

So glad I got into essential oils this year! I have a separate IG account for it where I share more about my favorite blends and ideas for using them in case you’re interested. Right now though I’m obsessed with valor and Christmas Spirit – it smells so yummy and puts me in a good mood!

And that’s what has really been giving me some extra joy this past month! What small things are making you happy?!


Thanks so much to Billie for sponsoring this post. As always, ALL opinions are my own.