Life - February 9, 2023

Why We Chose the Amangani Hotel in Jackson Hole

At the beginning of the year, Duncan and I decided to take a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was my first time visiting this beautiful place, and I’m already looking forward to the chance to go back.

After posting some IG stories from my trip, I had several people ask for details of my trip, so I decided to write a dedicated blog post to answer everything in one place. As I said, this was my first time traveling to Jackson Hole, but I did figure out what worked really well and what I’d do differently whenever we go back.

I stayed mostly at the hotel (D left a few days to go skiing) because I was really looking to just relax and enjoy some self-care. Because of this, I was super picky about where we stayed. I knew I wanted it to feel like an escape from the everyday chaos that is being a mom with 2 kids under 2, so we chose to stay at the Amangani hotel. Honestly, I’d love to stay here again next time. It has everything I wanted (and then some). Here are a few reasons why I chose the Amangani hotel for our trip to Jackson Hole.

Why We Chose the Amangani Hotel

When I was looking for places to stay in Jackson Hole, my main goal was to find somewhere that had it all. Relaxing at the spa and enjoying the beautiful scenery from the hotel were honestly my two main goals, so when I saw the amenities on the Amangani hotel’s website, I was immediately interested. I also love that they have a great restaurant at the hotel AND you’re surrounded by the great outdoors in a fairly remote location was a major win too. There were several other options I considered, but for this trip, the Amangani met all of my requirements.

Traveling to Jackson Hole

We flew directly into the Jackson Hole airport, and then the hotel was a quick 20 min trip from the airport. I will say, when you get off the plane, it’s one of those airports where there’s not a walkway. I highly recommend bringing your coat with you, especially if you’re going during the winter. Otherwise, it’s kind of a shock to the system when you step off the plane. 

We arranged for someone from the hotel to pick us up from the airport, and they were there waiting for us with a sign when we got off the plane (literally like you see in the movies lol).

How long we stayed

Since we didn’t bring the kids on this trip, we decided to only stay three nights. It’s a little chaotic finding childcare, so three nights is really all we could do. We went in the middle of January (the 16th to the 20th).

I loved going this time of year because I’m a sucker for a cozy fire, a notebook, and some journaling while I watch the snowfall. It’s literally my dream of a relaxing vacation. Add in a hot tub with an incredible view and I’m SOLD.

Shop the full look here.

Activities available at the hotel & in Jackson Hole

There are LOTS of activities you can do while staying at the Amangani hotel. They actually offer different activities in the summer and winter. I’d love to come back during the summer and experience some of those.

To be honest, I wasn’t interested in doing anything other than going to the spa and relaxing in the hot tub lol. Call me lame, but this mama is TIRED. I’m sure if we come back in a few years, I’ll be way more interested in some activities outside of the hotel too (Jackson Hole is notorious for its wildlife, hiking, and skiing).

I did do the sound bath, which was cool. However, I don’t think I’ll do it again. I didn’t realize how “spiritual” it was going to be. I try to be weary of overly spiritual practices that don’t incorporate Jesus and my personal faith. But hey, that’s me!

Here are some of the other activities I found when looking at their website:

+ fat tire biking

+ wildlife and snowshoeing expeditions

+ guided wildlife safaris

+ water adventures (trout fishing and whitewater rafting)

+ dog sledding

+ sleigh rides

+ snowmobiling

+ ice skating

+ photography workshops

+ hot-air ballooning

+ gondola rides

I definitely want to visit Yellowstone when we come back. I know there are several scenic lakes nearby too that I’ve heard are stunning and have amazing views. A friend of mine went and told she saw tons of bears in the Grand Teton National Park, which sounds equal parts amazing and terrifying.

Duncan went skiing every day and loved it. He said it was a great experience. He took the shuttle (they offer them daily and I believe they’re actually free) to and from the ski lodge. He said it was super easy to get rentals. The resort is a bit remote from the mountain, so you have to take about a 20-minute ride to the mountain/into town.

Where did you eat/drink?

We didn’t leave the hotel, which was IDEAL for me and exactly what I wanted! The hotel has an amazing restaurant where you can overlook the Snake River Vally and the mountains of the Tetons. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so we ate every meal here! There are also two bars that we visited a couple of times that I highly recommend.

Anything you’d do differently next time?

Next time I want to ski! I didn’t plan on skiing this time, so I left all of my ski stuff in Aspen. But when we come back, I’ll definitely bring that with me. I also think we’ll try to go in February or December when it isn’t AS cold as January!

I hope I answered most of your questions! If there’s anything I missed, definitely leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to follow up. I truly cannot wait to come back and stay again. It was the perfect spot to relax and unwind with plenty to do at the hotel with endless outdoor experiences available too (for those who aren’t quite as sleep-deprived as me lol).