Wedding - September 18, 2019

Wedding Dress Shopping at Stanley Korshak Bridal

I’m so excited to finally share my experience of finding my wedding dress! It was SUCH a fun process and honestly, it still feels surreal! Obviously, it’s a HUGE moment and one of those things you loosely think about and then when it’s here, you don’t even know where to start!

Before beginning my hunt, I asked around and began looking for reviews online – I knew I wanted to go somewhere fabulous but also a place that I could feel comfortable trying on a million dresses because, to be honest, I wasn’t sure what style I wanted AT ALL.

I had heard from several of my friends the top places to check out in Dallas and Stanley Korshak Bridal was at the top of everyone’s list as a *must* go spot to try dresses on. I’d heard their selection was amazing and that the staff was too, so I began there (very glad I did!).

I honestly had no idea what to expect going into dress shopping. Unlike a lot of girls, I’d actually never thought about what kind of dress I saw myself in. I had no expectations and no idea what I was going to like!

I’d actually never really even noticed dresses before, to be honest. They were all sort of just a blur of pretty white and lace to me – all sort of meshing together. My mom flew in to help me and I highly recommend going with only a couple of people if you aren’t sure of what you want. I didn’t want too many opinions and I really trust my mama, obviously!

brighton and mom trying on wedding dresses Stanley Korshak bridal

All About My Experience Wedding Dress Shopping

From the second I walked into Stanley Korshak Bridal, I was blown away y’all. The decor, the BEAUTIFUL dresses, the friendly staff, the champagne, it was all so fun and perfect. After meeting the women who would be helping me try things on, we started looking. I loved how easy going the women were especially since I didn’t know what I wanted (and I’m sure that’s kinda annoying). Then, the fun part – I started trying things on! Not going to lie, it’s kind of exhausting, but in an exciting way, you know?

Funny enough, I ended up getting the very first dress I tried on. I think I was drawn to it immediately and that’s why I tried it on first, and yeah, it was the one – even though I wasn’t 100% sure right away. Because I had never done this before and wasn’t sure what I wanted, I loved that the women at Stankely Korshak encouraged me to try a lot on. This not only let me know what I did like, but also what I didn’t – or what didn’t feel right, even if something was gorgeous. I had to try on several other dresses and even come back again to finally realize that I that was the one – which I hear is normal!

I want to keep the one I chose a surprise (of course!) but I did try on a few dresses to share with y’all. I tried on so many beautiful dresses and it was fun to narrow down which shapes and sizes I felt most confident In. As you can see, I was kinda all over the board but loved trying on such different and unique dresses.

I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do lots of detailing or something super elegant and simple. But after trying on 10 or so dresses, I realized that my eyes kept leaning towards something a little in the middle. I also couldn’t decide if I wanted to something timeless and classic or something more trendy and unique. I don’t want to give away too much, but I think the dress I chose is the perfect fit and mix of timeless and elegant, sophisticated yet also a little edgy too!

I ended up leaving Day 1 without a dress because I always think it’s smart to sleep on big decisions. And though I knew I loved one of the dresses, I wasn’t 100% sold. On my second visit, I actually had a very close runner up. I actually sort of was 90% decided on this other dress and then Linette, my bridal consultant, encouraged me to try on the first dress one more time. I didn’t feel like it, but she encouraged me to give it one more try. And then….that was that. It was game over! I knew that dress had to be it! Even stacked up to these other gorgeous dresses, it all came down to that first dress feeling most like ME. Hard to explain, but kinda like meeting the right person I guess? Ha! It felt good to feel done, satisfied, and excited about it.

The Narrowing Down Process: Choosing a Sihlouette

I tried to try on one of just about every single style so I could really get a feel for what I wanted. And I loved that I had time to do that without feeling rushed. I think my appointment was about 2 hours? It totally flew by and was so much fun!

I only photographed 4 of them, these being some favorites, and I thought it would be fun to talk about the different characteristics I liked my thoughts about these specific styles. Keep scrolling to see and read more! Now let me just say again, for the record, my dress is totally a surprise and I just photographed these so I could have some imagery to use as I shared my experience with y’all!

Illusion Neckline

This dress (below) by Isabelle Armstrong was that perfect balance of classic with trendy. The illusion neckline gives the *illusion* that it’s off the shoulder, but it’s actually not. The lace on this one was STUNNING in real life and I had a very hard time taking this one off. I also thought it had the perfect train – something with a little drama but not too long.

I also love the A-line fit of this dress and how comfortable it was! The lace is also so pretty to me – very classic and timeless in my opinion. And look how beautiful and different the back of this dress is in the second photo.

Fitted Lace

This dress (below) is by designer Ines Di Santo. I actually didn’t pick this one out, but I’m so glad I tried it on. I didn’t know I liked a fitted silhouette until I tried this on. Then it opened up a whole new slew of options once I realized I could feel confident in something more fitted. I’m usually pretty self-conscious about my rear and usually try to hide it (ha!). It just sometimes looks a little strange or flashy because I don’t really have hips and naturally have a smaller waist – so it’s like BAM hello booty. But there were some dresses, like this one, where I didn’t feel too flashy and still felt ladylike. Does that make ANY sense? Anyone else self-conscious about having a larger booty? I’ve been like that my ENTIRE life!

I love the super subtle mermaid flair at the bottom. I’m not even sure if that’s what it’s called. And I’m IN LOVE with whatever kind of lace this is? It’s SO PRETTY. Ultimately, I wanted something more extra but this is a beautiful choice for someone wanting something fitted (but still elegant).

Strapless Lace

This dress (below) is by Isabelle Armstrong and I tried it on to see if I would like a fitted bodice style dress. I had mixed feelings about it, honestly! I didn’t particularly love THIS one, but it did make me want to try on some other styles like this because I felt like it accentuated one of my favorite qualities about myself – my long torso/smaller waist. Ultimately though, I knew I wanted something a little more interesting when it came to a neckline and lace-detailing. I did, however, really like the shape and silhouette of this dress! It’s like a mix between an a-line and a subtle mermaid? Whatever it is, I liked it!

Strapless Floral Lace + Veil

This dress is by Israeli designer, Galia Lahav. I loved the ornate detailing of the lace and the mix of materials. You could tell that this dress took a lot of time to make and I felt so feminine and pretty in it. And can we talk about the back and the train?! I honestly kinda felt like a movie star and I liked it!!

I loved getting to know the women at Stanley Korshak Bridal – especially the owner, Mackenzie Brittingham. Mackenzie is an evening and fur designer who has made some of the most exquisite dresses I’ve ever seen! I loved getting to chat with her about customizing specific dresses and/or the possibility of designing my own dress! I played around with that a lot, too!

By the end of my appointment, I had already decided that I wanted to work with Mackenzie to either make my reception dress or my going away outfit or something for one of my events/parties. Love that the sales staff personally takes care of you from the time you step into the salon until the day of the wedding – and can help with all bridal events and questions along the way – even things like alterations. Mackenzie is actually the owner of the bridal salon and has SUCH a fabulous eye and understanding of dress design. I don’t know how else to explain it other than she just…GETS IT.

The bridal buyer, Christina, is the same way. I asked her opinion also on everything and loved hearing what her many years of being in the business have taught her. She’s been a bridal buyer for 20 years and has literally seen it all! She’s super well known in the industry and is SUCH an expert! I took both of their opinions very seriously and appreciated having them both weigh in on the dresses and my options.

Christina is internationally known and because of her relationships with designers she is able to source unique couture gowns from around the world.. That’s definitely not always the case! I’d even recommend traveling to Dallas for any of y’all looking – they are SO SO GOOD. Everything feels so relaxed but professional.

OK y’all, hope this was a fun post to read and see! I can’t wait to share more about my final dress selection and the reception dress that Mackenzie is helping me with. More wedding stuff will be coming up shortly, so check back for that soon!


Thanks so much to John Cain, my wedding photographer, for shooting these fabulous dresses for me!