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Top 5 Interior Decorating Styles

Top 5 Decorating Styles and Bedroom Themes by Brighton The Day Blog

Before diving into decorating my room, I wanted to get a read on the type of decorating style I preferred. But before I could really do that, I felt compelled to educate myself on some of the most popular styles. Today I’ll be summarizing the research I did, briefly explaining the few major styles I came across in my journey to discovering which one I liked best.

Why Research Decorating Styles?

You have to know what you like, in order to know what you’re looking for. And knowing what you’re looking for helps determine where to shop for items that kind of style. Also, you might like a specific aspect of a particular style, but aren’t crazy about how it meshes with items you already own or have in your bedroom. It’s important to figure out which style you lean towards so you can gather inspiration with purpose and learn when to say to yourself – oh I really appreciate that style of room but it’s ultimately not for me.

I didn’t really know what the decorating styles were and what made them different, so I had to do LOTS of research which consisted of flipping through countless magazines and scouring Pinterest for hours. And to be honest, I still don’t understand it all. But I figured out enough to move forward and share a little bit of what I’ve learned.

Top 5 Decorating Styles And Bedroom Themes

Like I mentioned above, my research was super brief but I basically just wanted to spend a little time familiarizing myself with the many different types of decorating styles and bedroom themes there are out there. I realize that there are countless different styles and taste preferences when it comes to decorating a bedroom, but I wanted to keep a narrow scope and decided to only cover five of them. Otherwise, this post could have gone on FOREVER!

But hopefully the decorating styles that I did get a chance to cover will prove to be helpful in some way or another in your own personal journey. Regardless, I’d love to hear which one you like most and/or if you have anything to add. I did my best to summarize each style but some of them are relatively subjective and hard to define – I’m sure they could be interpreted differently too depending on the amount research or experience one does/has. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Atlanda Homes Magazine Pattern Headboard + Monogrammed Pillows Traditional Bedroom

Image Source: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle

1. Traditional Decorating Style

Short Description: think antiques, matchy-matchy floral and stripe fabrics with an overall classy/fancier vibe that looks put together to a tee. Additionally, most traditional rooms have symmetry (matching side tables and lamp) and repetition (similar colors in different textures, matching chair upholstery and bed skirt).

This decorating style is actually what I was surrounded by growing up. My parents flipped a number of houses –  working together to build or modify a house, my mom would decorate it, and then they would sell it with most of the furnishings and upholsteries still in it. My mom’s decorating style changed over the years, but I would say there was definitely a common motif of traditional design elements that made up my rooms. We always had lots of antique furniture and the throw pillows usually matched the window treatments and chair/bench upholsteries.

studio mcgee pacific palisades project master bedroom transitional decorating style

Image Source: Studio Magee

2. Transitional Decorating Style

Short Description: think not too traditional and not too contemporary but I think this style can best be defined as a merging between the two.

Although there may be sharper lines characteristic of contemporary design, the neutral colors and soft textures create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Transitionally styled rooms typically lack ample color and ornamentation and can typically be characterized as simple and sophisticated in all the right ways. I mostly associate the transitional design look with a pottery barn or restoration hardware vibe, cozy and simple.

Sara Tuttle Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Sara Tuttle Design

3. Eclectic Decorating Style

Short Description: think a little bit of everything, mixing different time periods and decorating styles that is tied together into a unified look by way of the fundamental principles of color, shape, perspective, and space.

An eclectic decorating style borrows bits and pieces of design from all different eras and styles into one cohesive look. I think pulling off this look is all about having a balance and finding unexpected pairings that complement each other by way of either color, shape, or form.

One might thing this style is just a hodge-podge of all the others and in some ways it is, but it’s actually pretty difficult to execute well. I noticed that even though these rooms had multiple colors, styles, and textures within them there was still a cohesive look to it that somehow brought everything all together.

Luxe Homes Modern Bedroom

Image Source: Luxe Interiors + Design

4. Modern Decorating Style

Short Description: think low-to-the-ground furniture, minimal decor and accessories and mostly neutral tones with primary colored accents.

When I think of modern, I think of sharp edges and clean lines with minimal decoration, detail and color. Modern rooms typically include stark contrasting neutral tones with only occasional accents of color. Additionally, modern rooms don’t usually have much depth or height, most all the furniture is close to the ground and everything is somewhat on the same plane or at the same height. Lastly, there’s usually very little texture or variety in materials in order to create a clean chic look.

contemporary bedroom design

Image Source: Birmingham Home & Garden

5. Contemporary Decorating Style

Contemporary is sometimes hard to define because it’s one of those styles that changes with time. But in general, contemporary design typically incorporates neutral tones, subtle patterns and minimal decor often found in modern design. However, it includes touches of traditional style and comfort in a subtle way.

I think it’s safe to say that this style of design is somewhat trendy and typically changing and evolving with current popular styles and is not afraid to incorporate different textures. As such, contemporary rooms can encompass elements from many different styles utilizing the balance of lines and use of space to maintain a calm and balanced vibe.

What’s My Style?

After much research and many Pinterest pages later, I realized my style is a combination of transitional and contemporary decor. I can’t necessarily put myself in one or the other but both together describe exactly what I am looking for.

The transitional style allows me to incorporate elements of my bedroom that are more traditional and remind me of the rooms I had grown up in. While the contemporary decor lets me incorporate neutral tones with pops of color that make a statement. Overall I hope these two styles show case the comfort and subtlety that I hope to be reflected throughout my bedroom.