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My Honest Review of Branch Basics

branch basics cleaning supplies

A lot of you have followed along on my journey to clean cleaning products. So, without further adieu, here is my honest review of Branch Basics.

The Mission

Back in September, my friends Allison and Kelly were in town and stopped by my house with a mission in mind. Allison and Kelly are the founders of Branch Basics — a company that creates non-toxic, plant- and mineral-based household cleaners. Their goal during this visit was to remove all of the chemical-filled cleaning products in my home and replace them with Branch Basics, then check back in several months later to see if I went back to any of my old products.

The Backstory

Before I go any further, I need to share a fun backstory about my relationship with Allison and Kelly. I met both of them more than 15 years ago in college at University of Texas. We were in the same sorority, and they were actually my Bible study leaders in college. Like we go way back.

But what’s even funnier is that they’ve both been trying to convince me to “go clean” with the products I use since college. No joke.

When they started talking about clean living, it was not a thing (and definitely not an industry). That’s how long they’ve been passionate about this. Now they’ve not only built an incredibly successful business, but they’re spreading the word even further about the importance of living clean.

Part One: The Purge

When Allison and Kelly came over, they honestly had their work cut out for them. I really enjoy a clean kitchen, so parting ways with some of my favorite products (especially the ones that smell SO GOOD) was rough.

For instance, I’ve been used Bar Keepers Friend for my sink since as long as I can remember. I hate to say this, but honestly… that stuff just works. So, I was pretty skeptical about switching to anything else.

While they were going through all of my products, they’d point out why these products weren’t great. Did you know Clorox not only kills bacteria viruses, but it also kills the good viruses? Which actually harms your gut heath. I HAD NO IDEA.

Even some of the “clean” products I was using, like Seventh Generation, contain preservatives and fragrances (BB is fragrance-free) that are bad for you.

So, we put everything into a single box and placed it in my garage. The goal was to see if I could make it for 3 months without needing any of those products.

Branch Basics

Premium Starter Kit

If you’re considering trying Branch Basic, you need a Starter Kit. This will get you set up with everything you need, including the Concentrate, Oxygen Boost, and spray/foaming bottles. You can get 15% off the Starter Kit when you use code BRIGHTONBUTLER.

Part Two: Replacing My Products With Branch Basics

The crazy thing about Branch Basics is the fact that you really only need a couple of products (which has been great for me as I’m decluttering my home in 2024).

I ordered the Premium Starter Kit in Glass, which come with:

The ConcentrateThis is basically THE Branch Basic product. It’s multi-purpose (I literally use it for everything from mopping my floors to cleaning my fruit to scrubbing my bathrooms) — you just dilute it with water, and it will last you forever.

Oxygen Boost: This has replaced my beloved Bar Keepers (more on that in a minute). You can use it for laundry, stain, in your sink, or to clean your grout.

Reusable glass bottles: These bottles hold your solution. This set includes all-purpose bottles, bathroom bottle, glass-cleaning bottle, laundry bottles, and foaming bottle for handwashing. You can get plastic bottles instead of glass for a lower price.


I was incredibly skeptical to get rid of all of my favorite cleaning products. It’s not that I didn’t trust Branch Basics (I know Allison and Kelly have created a great product), but I knew my current products worked. Plus, I’d tried some other clean cleaning products in the past, and they did not get the job done.

It’s so funny, I actually remember a specific conversation when I was living at my old Dallas home that I had with Kelly. I was walking in my neighborhood and on the phone with her saying, “I’m just not there yet.” Well… I guess now I am.

Y’all, I’ve honest-to-goodness not reached for any of my old products once since September. I think the biggest shocker to me is how MUCH the Concentrate can do. Like I said, I use it to clean our fruits and veggies, scrub our toilets, mop the floors… you name it, I use Branch Basics for it.

What’s maybe even crazier is that I haven’t had to replace my concentrate yet. I am getting close to the bottom of the bottle now, so I am planning to order more soon, but this stuff lasts.

The only complaint I’ve had is that sometimes I’m not sure the dishwasher tablets work when I’m doing dishes, and I’ll have to run the dishwasher twice. It honestly could be a me-problem, but I always make sure my filter is clean so… I don’t know.

Regardless, I will 100% continue using Branch Basics. Will I never use any of my old products again? Eh… jury’s still out. But I will definitely reach for BB majority of the time. It works just as well as most of my favorite cleaning solutions, and I actually feel okay using it with the kids around. Major win.

If you’re looking for a clean alternative to the cleaning products you’re currently using, I highly recommend checking out Branch Basics. You can get 15% off the Starter Kit when you use code BRIGHTONBUTLER.