Beauty - December 16, 2020

The Three-Step Skincare Routine I Got Duncan Started On

Raise your hand if you’ve ever caught your husband or boyfriend sneaking into your skincare for moisturizer or maybe even a cleanser! I’m going to guess a bunch of you (figuratively) raised your hand because this has definitely happened in our house – especially since moving to Denver where the air is very dry. This is why I partnered with Nordstrom x Kiehl’s to share some amazing holiday skincare for men that Duncan is in love with, plus a few other products and sets that I think would make great last-minute gifts!

First, I have to say that for me, Kiehl’s is one of those classic brands that I know whatever the product is, it’s going to be good. When I was picking out Duncan’s products, I actually also grabbed this trio mask set for myself. It would make such a great stocking stuffer for literally anyone on your list too. Duncan and I will even do masks together LOL, so we’ll probably break into them over the holidays when we have some downtime.

Anyway, onto the cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream! The theme  is “Age Defender” as the products are all anti-aging focused. Duncan keeps the exfoliating cleanser in the shower. And  the cream moisturizer and eye cream helps manage any current and incoming wrinkles. I wasn’t 100% certain D would be on board with an eye cream, but he is ALL ABOUT IT. Seriously, I thought I might have to convince him it’d be good for him (especially since he turns the big 3-0 this month), but nope. He’s started using the entire set pretty religiously!

I just think it’s the perfect starter for a man wanting to get into skincare. It is three simple, easy-to-use products, none of the products require any kind of crazy application – everything is straight forward and Duncan is loving how fresh and “not tight” (his words) his face feels every time he uses it. I recommend grabbing the products for any guy in your life.

Also, just as an FYI, the Kiehl’s section on Nordstrom’s site has an entire men’s grooming section where you can find amazing holiday sets as well as individual products. This on-the-go grooming set that includes shaving cream, face wash, moisturizer and a body scrub bar would be another excellent gift option for the guy that shaves frequently and needs something to keep his skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Or, I’m really into the Kiehl’s lip balm set. I know a lot of guys wear lip balm daily and would definitely get great use out of this! A good idea for any ladies you need to shop for too!

I linked my favorite holiday sets (for both men and women!) plus a few other basic products that could be great for your guy (or you) if you just want to start off with a one-step skincare routine!


Thanks so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.