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5 Clear Signs You Need a Vacation

clear signs you need a vacation
clear signs you need a vacation

Y’all might have noticed that my recent trip to Florida was last-minute, which is very Brighton but it’s not how I usually travel. Whether work or personal, I usually have trips planned out at least a few months in advance, but this trip was different.

It seems like it’s a natural thing – waves of motivation – and lately, I had been in somewhat of a slump. I don’t even want to call it a slump because *that feeling* happens a few times a year, and it’s pretty regular. I just like to think of it as waves of motivation; sometimes I’m riding that wave and things happen naturally, and sometimes they don’t. And I’ve learned that when motivation or inspiration just isn’t happening, it’s not always beneficial to force it.

I didn’t even realize I needed a break or a vacation so badly until my mom called and said I should tag along with my family to Florida. As soon as I pictured myself there, I knew I needed to make it happen – even though it was so last minute and I basically just bailed out on life for a few days. But WOAH, was it necessary. Let’s just say I came back feeling a lot better!

Since it’s not always easy to see when you need a break aka a vacation, I thought I’d round up the signs for y’all. Because I actually missed a few of these but looking back I totally see how necessary a break was now.

Your life feels like Groundhog Day

This is something I’ve struggled with as I’ve gotten older. During childhood and college, it always felt like there was something NEXT to look forward to. A new semester, a new class, a summer break. There was always something either different or exciting looming ahead, and month to month life just felt different. Remember?!

Then we all grow up and get a job and become an adult and things can get…stagnant. I realize I still have a TON to look forward to in life and I’m not saying the opposite, but it’s easy to fall into a routine where your days look pretty much identical week after week. And what I’ve learned is that while I do well in a routine, I’ve also gotta switch things up. I’ve gotta have something new to look forward to.

If you feel like you keep waking up to the same day over and over without anything on the horizon, it’s probably time to book a trip. Even if that’s a staycation or a weekend away with the girls – the anticipation can keep you feeling refreshed when you need it most.

You have a lot of vacation days at work

One clear sign that you need a vacation is that your vacation days at work are stacking up. And if you don’t have a corporate job with vacation days, then count how long it’s been since you took a day off. If it’s been a few months, it’s time to get out of the office. Sometimes I think I just took a vacation only to realize it’s actually been 20 weeks – which is a lot of weeks back to back filled with work!

Vacation days are meant to be taken, and you’ll be no good to the company if you’re ignoring that opportunity. Don’t be the hero; even presidents take vacations! If you have double digit vacation days stacked up and you’re not saving them for a 2-week honeymoon or something, book a freaking trip.

You’re on edge with those you love

This is one of the signs that I didn’t really realize until after I got to Florida, but it’s SUCH a good indicator. If you’re feeling short and just blah to those you love (and it’s not just that time of the month), it’s probably time for a vacation. Yes, we all have our bad days, but if you’re noticing a trend, it’s probably time for some relaxation.

Clearly something is bugging you, whether it’s easy to see or not, and we all know how a vacation can serve as a reset. I always notice how much happier and energized I am after a trip, and the people you love will be thankful you took one ha!

You’re being extra negative

Similar to the sign above, this is a clear indicator for me personally. I’m a fairly positive person in that it’s usually easy enough for me to see the good in a situation – even if that’s a lesson learned. So when I’m having a hard time noticing anything good in my life, it’s time to take a trip and get my gratitude back.

I always find vacas as a time to connect internally and realize how beautiful this precious life is. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but hopefully you get what I’m saying? I’m back from Florida and am actually re-excited about projects and even my workout program – it’s SUCH a positive boost for me!

You haven’t been focusing on you

Whether you have a family or are single, life gets busy and sometimes it’s hard to remember to focus on yourself. Or heck, to fit it in the calendar! I don’t think self-love is selfish, in fact, I think it’s the opposite. It’s NECESSARY!

If your schedule is getting too busy to schedule a massage or even take a nap, you deserve a trip. Even if it’s a trip with your family or friends, we all know vacation schedules are a lot easier to manage! Sometimes it takes escaping your regular calendar to be able to fit in YOU time.

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Do you have any signs that tell you it’s time for a trip?

I’d love to hear!