Summer - August 18, 2016

Capri City Guide

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Y’all, I’m finally getting to my Capri guide! I posted about this Italy trip a while back, but had so much information that I wanted to share, hence this taking some time. Capri is a postcard destination and just as unbelievable as the Pinterest images. I did a LOT in my short time there, and I hope this guide helps for anyone planning a trip to Capri!

How to Get There

Capri is an island off Italy’s mainland, so you arrive by boat (or maybe helicopter if you’re Beyonce). I came by ferry. Once you’re on the island, transportation is surprisingly cheap and easy.

To get to Capri, you can take a ferry from Almafi, Capri, Castellammare, Ischia, Napoli, Positano, Pozzuoli, Procida, Salerno, or Sorrento.

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Where to Stay

I’d be happy with a pitched tent in Capri, but here are recommended places to lay your pretty head:

Capri Wine Hotel – This is where I stayed and LOVED it! Actually, whatever word means more than love, that’s how I feel about it – and not just because it’s inspired by wine. The grounds overlook the gulf, there’s a garden, and the whole hotel has a modern feel. It’s a 10-minute walk to the town square (it’s hilly though, so bring comfy shoes), and the service here was amazing. OH, and the breakfast buffet was to die for. You can see more images from my blog post about ways to enjoy a new city (that I wrote while in Capri – the yellow dress photo above is from it!)

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Grand Hotel Quisisana – An old (built in the mid-1800s) and famous Capri spot, this hotel is what Italian dreams are made of. There’s old-world charm, a beautiful pool and sitting area, plus the people watching cannot be beat. Lots of shopping and stores around this area, too. This is a good place to stay if you want something lively with lots of Italian history.

La Minerva – This smaller hotel is known for the beautiful property and relaxing vibes. It’s an upscale option and the decor is way cool. It’s managed by 3 brothers which I thought was neat – especially with family being such a big part of Italian culture. If you’re looking for luxury and maybe something romantic – even though all of Capri feels romantic – I’d stay here.

Airbnb also has rentals all over the island which could be fun!

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What to Do

Gosh, WHERE do I even start?! There’s just SO much to and so much to see on this beautiful island. I wish I could spend my entire summer there – wouldn’t THAT be the dream?! So when it comes to what to do…honestly, I seriously could have laid on the beach every single day while in Capri, but I knew I had to get moving. Literally everything you do here ends up being the prettiest thing ever and it’s hard to leave not feeling like a rockstar – in a metaphorical sense and then in a literal sense too (kinda lol).

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Go on a private boat ride – OK, so I didn’t get the helicopter arrival like Beyonce, but I felt like her when on a boat off the shores of Capri. I mean, is this real life?! This is a MUST. The views are amazing and so is the ocean air. Plus, it’s just freakin’ fun to be on a boat! I actually did an entire blog post about how to make the MOST out of your boat ride in Capri and covered just about everything you’d ever need to know too :)

Fontelina Beach Club – This private location is a slice of heaven – like I don’t even know how to explain it well enough. There’s a beach, room to lounge, and a restaurant, all surrounded by rocks and water. This is likely where 99% of photos on Pinterest come from – it’s gorgeous and very Capri. You can walk, boat, bus, or taxi in.

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Walk through gardens – Like I mentioned in this post, it’s key to just get out and explore. Visit some of the many gardens on the island to feel like you’re in a magical paradise (well, you are), and just walk around!

Take bus up to Anacapri – There’s a bus that runs up to this town every 20 minutes and leads to the most breathtaking views. You feel like you’re on top of the world. Get a glass of vino by the pool at Hotel Caesar Augustus (in Anacapri) and just chill for a minute. Y’all, don’t forget your camera for this one!

Where to eat

Da Gelsomina – This place is off the beaten path and the views here are crazy (especially at sunset!). It’s a family-friendly option, but good for all. Food is DELICIOUS, as is the wine. The menu has everything from classic ravioli to rabbit. You have to arrange a shuttle to pick you up from the town of Anacapri, so remember that – plus I’d make a reservation.

Ristorante Da Tonino – Right outside the hustle and bustle, this restaurant has reviews that don’t even do it justice. It’s a pretty setting, has a nice wine list, and the flavorful dishes were something else. There’s a little outdoor terrace too if weather permits.

Da Giorgio – It has views of the ocean and serves wonderful fresh seafood (+ pizza, etc.). This is a charming, small restaurant, and the service was phenomenal. Yummy white wine, too – and yes, I realize I keep mentioning wine but it’s Italy and I HAVE to.

Villa Verde – Delish, affordable option for meals. This place is a good time – definitely not the romantic dinner choice – and good for groups or to let loose. You can’t not be smiling while surrounded by the energy here.

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Where to drink

Grand Hotel Quisisana – I already mentioned this hotel as a location to stay and people watch, but if you don’t end up booking here, definitely visit for drinks. The atmosphere is beyond FUN here!

JK Place Capri – Ahh, a drink on a patio with a view + a couch? Sign me up! Loved the decorations here, too. I actually did a blog post on when I went to grab drinks at JK Place.

Rose at Caesar Augustus in Anacapri, Italy

Caesar Augustus – Like I mentioned under what to do, a drink here – especially during the day or sunset – is a no-brainer. I ended up visiting this spot 2x during my last trip because we loved it so much – see more photos from their gorgeous patio (with a stunning view) in this blog post!

The Piazzetta – I had drinks here and it’s so cool because you’re in the town’s square surrounded by everything that is Capri. People, food, unique architecture – the buzz here (pun intended) is simply magical.

Taverna Anema e Core and Number Two are fun clubs for nightlife and dancing.

Capri is truly one of a kind, and I hope to be back real soon.

Let me know if you have other questions about the island and I’ll try my best to answer!