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St. Barths Petite Tote Review

brighton butler St. Barths Mini tote review

One of the most popular bags the past year has been the St. Barths tote. You really can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing someone wearing it. And I have to admit, I’ve fully jumped on the train too.

My first St. Barths purchase was the large tote. It was pretty much my go-to bag for most of last year. It’s great because it will carry basically anything you need to bring with you. I also used it as a carry-on a couple of times when I was traveling.


St. Barths Petite

This has become the bag I grab most often these days. With its crossbody strap, it’s not only cute (and trendy) but also lets be stay hands-free, which is key as a mom. You can carry plenty in this tote despite the smaller size. It’s the definition of chic yet practical!

Now that Four is fully mobile and I’m carrying Blake 99% of the time, I needed something that would free up my hands. When I saw the St. Barths Petite tote bag, which can be converted into a crossbody, I knew it would be perfect.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from y’all about my honest thoughts on it, so I’ll do my best to answer all of the questions I’ve gotten. If you have a question I missed, leave a comment below!

brighton butler St. Barths Mini tote review

St. Barths Petite Tote Review

How durable is the st. barths petite tote?

One of the biggest draws to the st. barths bags for me personally was the handwoven material they’re made from. Not only are they waterproof, but they’re also stain-resistant and super lightweight. I wipe down my bag regularly inside and out and it looks good as new afterward. The crossbody strap on this bag is made from something similar to a seatbelt material.

what’s the size of the st. barths petite tote?

There’s a lid for every pot as the saying goes – aka no matter what size you’re looking for, there’s probably a St. Barths bag that’s perfect for you. There is a petite, mini, medium, large, and shopper tote, so really, pick your poison! The petite bag works great for my needs right now, but I do love the large tote for travel and activities where I know I’ll have big things to carry.

  • Petite: 6.25″ height x 10.25″ width x 5″ depth
  • Mini: 7.5″ height x 14″ width x 6″ depth
  • Medium: 9.5″ height x 17″ width x 7″ depth
  • Large: 12.5″ height x 22″ width x 8″ depth
  • Shopper Tote: 15.5″ height x 14″ width x 7″ depth

I should mention that the petite is great for a smaller frame. It doesn’t weigh me down or overwhelm me the way some of my larger tote bags do.

brighton butler St. Barths Mini crossbody review

how much does the st. barths petite tote hold?

Having a bag that carries “the essentials” was huge for me (essentials with kids = random snacks, toys, wipes, etc.). I also typically have my phone, wallet, sunglasses, keys, and a random hair clip. This definitely couldn’t be a diaper bag per se, but I can throw in a random diaper or two if we’re on the run without any trouble.

can you use the st. barths crossbody without the strap?

Yes! The crossbody strap comes over super easily to make this a true tote. I don’t take it off often just because I usually need to be hands-free but it’s definitely an option. When you buy this tote, it comes with a dust bag too where you can store the strap if you take it off.

what colors does the ST. Barths petite tote come in?

Oh gosh, this bag comes in so many pretty colors. I know there at least 10 different color choices, but I’m pretty positive you could find more on different sites. I chose the Cashmere color because it goes with so much in my closet. I also love the black that I have for the large tote!

how much does the st. barths petite tote cost?

You can buy the St. Barths petite tote for $240. In my opinion, this is a great cost for the quality of this bag. Sure, it’s super trendy right now, but I don’t see this bag going out of style any time soon. This bag was created with a timeless design in mind and is made with ethical and sustainable practices.

do you prefer the st. barths petite or large tote better?

This is tough, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d have to say the petite tote. It still holds a lot, but it’s much easier to carry than the large tote (pictured below) thanks to the crossbody strap. I do really love to use the large tote for travel, long outings with the kids, etc.

Brighton Butler Shopbop Fall Sale St Barths Tote

is the st. barths petite tote practical with kids?

This is a personal opinion, but I definitely think it’s practical with kids. The fact that it’s waterproof and stain-proof and can be easily wiped down makes it a game-changer. Plus, it holds more than you’d think, so you can carry all of your essentials without having to lug multiple bags around.

where can I buy the st. barths petite tote?

There are several places you can find the St. Barths Petite Tote like Shopbop, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tuckernuck, Bloomingdales, and Amazon.

brighton butler St. Barths Mini crossbody review