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Evenflo Xplore Wagon vs. Radio Flyer City Luxe Wagon

Evenflo Xplore Wagon vs. Radio Flyer City Luxe Wagon

As my kids get older, it’s become more and more of a struggle getting them in and out of places. I was on the hunt for something that was easy but not a full-on stroller. A lot of people suggested I try a wagon, so I narrowed my options down to two based on recommendations and research: the Evenflo Xplore Wagon and the Radio Flyer City Luxe Wagon.

Several people recommended the Veer stroller, which I know can be a great option. But I used it last summer in Sea Island, and it was soooo heavy. Because of this, one of my main requirements for this stroller was that it be easy to collapse and open by myself (especially in the Texas heat).

After using both strollers a lot for the past two weeks, I think it’s time to offer my official thoughts on each.

Evenflo Xplore Wagon vs. Radio Flyer City Luxe Wagon

Radio Flyer

City Luxe Wagon

We’ve loved the ample storage in this wagon. It’s so nice to have a place for anything we might need when we go on a walk, especially with young kids you require plenty of snacks.


Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

Although this wagon is the more expensive of the two, I think it’s the best option if you plan to travel or explore. The all terrain tires make it super durable and easy to use on rockier roads and beaches.

General Overview

I was pleasantly surprised that both wagons were super easy to push and easily converted if you want to pull. Both the Evenflo Xplore Wagon and the Radio Flyer City Luxe Wagon have UV protective canopies — although the Radio Flyer does require slightly more setup.

Both wagons have brakes and a safety seatbelt harness so you can buckle your kiddos in. It was also important to me that we could use the wagon for several years, even as Four gets bigger. Each wagon holds roughly the same weight (between 110-120 pounds total) and are similar in weight themselves.

Thoughts On the Evenflo Xplore Wagon

The Evenflo wagon has a detachable snack tray, which I really like. We tend to bring snacks on our walks, so this was a big perk. There is also a cushioned spot designated for their feet.

I found this wagon to be super easy to use. The all terrain tires are perfect for rocky roads and beaches, so if you do any traveling or like to explore, this might be the better choice for you.

There was a bit of a learning curve when it came to folding and storage, and it took me a bit to figure out the buttons at first. But after a few practice runs, it’s extremely easy. This is the more expensive of the two wagons at $319 on Amazon.

Thoughts On the Radio Flyer City Luxe Wagon

If storage is important to you, I highly recommend the Radio Flyer wagon. It comes with a lot of storage, including cup holders and insides and outside pockets. There is a side zip flap for easy entry for kiddos too, which is great if they want to “do it myself” like most toddlers. ;)

I also think this wagon is so much easier to collapse. You literally just pull the handle and voila! I should note: Be careful getting out of your car since this wagon doesn’t latch up and can easily open up on you. For $199, this wagon is a great option.

Final takeaways on both wagons

I’ve definitely been using the Radio Flyer wagon more because of the storage and ease of use. Obviously, I can’t speak to the longevity of it since I’ve only had it a couple of weeks.

In long run, I think the Evenflo wagon would be the best investment for us since we’re hoping to use it for trips (aka places with sand and rocky terrain). Ultimately, I think your best bet will depend on what your biggest priorities are with the wagon!