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The Vibe I’m Going for With the Nursery

The Vibe I'm Going for With the Nursery brighton butler

I’ve been meaning to put all my thoughts together in a blog post to document my process with getting the nursery ready.  I didn’t get started until pretty in my pregnancy because we weren’t sure where we were going to live. Up until late November, we had so many things were up in the air, so it was hard to make plans.  But now that we know we’ll be in Dallas and have officially closed on a home, I’m excited to start making some actual plans.

Over the past few months, I’ve gathered some inspiration and have a pretty good idea of the vibe I hope to achieve in the nursery. I’ve recently started ordering a few things and hope to share specifics soon. Most things will take 8+ weeks so I’m shooting for a finished nursery in late April or early May – although I think that might be difficult. Good things take time, right? I’m staying optimistic though!

I’m not worried about the nursery not being done when he gets here though because I’ve heard he doesn’t need much the first 2 months anyway. I’ll be sure to have a place for him to sleep and the essentials though for when we get from the hospital.

UPDATE – see the nursery photo tour in this post!

Initial Thoughts on Nursery Design

I knew from the get-go I wanted to do a mature-feeling nursery with neutral tones, lots of texture and some fun contrast.

I think baby stuff is super cute, but I just couldn’t get on board with many of the nursery themes I’d seen when looking for inspiration. I wanted to put together a nursery with items that would easily transition with him as he grows up. I want the nursery to feel light and relaxing but also have a sophisticated and grown-up feel to it. Does that make sense? 

I think having a boy makes it so much fun too because I can lean into using a moodier color scheme with touches of leather and black accents too!

Nursery Inspiration for Baby B

Like I mentioned above, I wasn’t crazy about most nurseries I’d seen online. So I actually found a lot of my inspiration from living rooms and master bedrooms. I kept landing on rooms with olive green accents, walnut wood and lots of neutral textures.

Here are a few of the images that really caught my attention: 

nursery inspiration brighton butler
Source: Heidi Caillier Design

I love all the natural tones in this bedroom (above) designed by Heidi Caillier. We have white oak floors and I love the idea of having a walnut wood dresser to add a bit of contrast and an additional neutral tone.

Source: Pure Salt Interiors

I came across this image (above) from Pure Salt Interiors and was instantly taken in with all the textures and colors of this bedding. I’m thinking I’ll definitely add some olive green somewhere in the nursery because I love how it pairs with walnut and other neutrals.

nursery wainscoating inspiration image
Source: The Heart and Haven

I also think I might add some texture to the walls with some wainscoting like in the image above. I think it would add some nice texture and warmth to the room!

brighton butler nursery inspiration
Source: Scout  & Nimble

I mean, this image above speaks to me on *so* many levels. I actually love the entire house that Scout & Nimble did – it’s stunning. But I especially love the mixture here of vintage, gold, walnut and then teh black hardware. So much swoon here! Speaking of, I literally almost bought this exact dresser. I ended up going with another one, but gosh I still LOVE this one so much.

Source: Studio McGee

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about this nursery by Studio Mcgee drew me in. I think I ultimately want more contrast and some wooden accents but I still like this one!

Joanna Gainaes Nursery
Source: Magnolia

And this nursery for Joanna Gaines’ little boy took be by surprise because it’s actually SO similar to the vibe I’m going for! It’s warm and inviting yet also feels sophistic and grown up!

A Few Items I’m Loving

I’ve purchased a few things but still have lots more to do! I thought I’d share a few things that caught my eye around the internets in case anyone else is in the market for home decor!