Style - January 1, 2020

My 2020 & New Decade Goals

Each year, I like to do an annual review and reflect on the past year of life and work. I separate things into business and personal since I’m really trying not to blur the two so much (and they’re very different). I like having that separation and taking different days to reflect and focus on each area. I know everyone does goals/resolutions differently, but that’s how I do mine (and this BTD Personal Assessment article is VERY helpful if you need guidance).

I have to say, this year has brought many amazing things into my life, but also, I’ve found myself sort of stagnant when it comes to my personal growth. I’ve had a LOT of transitions this year and because of that, I just haven’t spent as much time sitting still. And if we don’t take time to sit and reflect on where we are and where we’ve come from, then we aren’t able to course-correct. Instead, we just keep moving forward without intention. And despite my tremendous efforts not to do that at the beginning of this year, I’ve found myself back in a cycle of GO GO GO this December.

I know I need to give myself grace and understanding for this season of life. I know this. But also, I think it’s fair to struggle in doing that? Like, I know it has been a lot to handle, but that doesn’t change my desire and longing for growth. And since I’ve had so many moving pieces over the past few months, I’ve been focusing on critical path items rather than the longer-term things like friendships and studying the Word. This is something I want to realign in the new year.

I’m looking forward to things slowing down and getting settled back into my priorities this year. After the wedding, Duncan and I plan to stay home for a bit and dig our feet into a community here in Denver. We want to try out maybe 2 more churches and then commit, choose, get plugged in. I’m sure we’ll travel a bit (we always end up needing to for something or another since our families are far from Colorado), but not much…hopefully.

I also want to keep improving my business, as always. While I’m very happy with where things (though as a perfectionist, I’m never fully content with how I’m doing), I want the BTD community to GROW. I want a product, I want less content/more impact, I want to meet more of y’all, and bottom line, I want to serve you more than ever before. This aspect takes time and effort, something I didn’t have a ton of in 2019 outside of the daily business stuff, so 2020 is my year to give back more to y’all.

Lastly, I definitely have small habits I’d like to get better at. Some are big (fitness goals), some are small (hello sunscreen!), but I love having small habits that motivate me in the new year.

OK hope y’all like seeing my lists below and hopefully by publishing this it holds me more accountable :) I’d love to hear what y’all are working on too, so please don’t be shy in the comments!



  • Workout with Brandon (my personal trainer) 3x/week. I’ve loved having a personal trainer lately and I’d like to keep it up.
  • Eat at home 2x/week. Ugh I am SO bad at eating out and lately it’s all Duncan and I have been doing. I’d like to start using my cooking, learning some basic meals, and saving money along the way.
  • Stick to my Ritual daily vitamins + Equilibria. I have found CBD to be SO helpful!
  • Stick to and find an evening skincare routine. I am so bad at being consistent here.
  • Choose a church, get plugged into the community.
  • Do a closet sale in Spring.
  • Walk 30 min/day. I have loved this habit and I want to keep it up (and get more consistent again).
  • Get back to journaling – even if just once a week to check in on things. Writing a post on this soon!
  • Make a list of traditions I want to implement with D. So excited about this!
  • Write prayers down.
  • Reflect on my relationship and future marriage. Make sure I’m meeting Duncan’s needs and vice versa.
  • Wear sunscreen daily. What’s y’alls favorite??
  • Start looking for a lot to build a house + thinking about where we want to plant ourselves. I’ve shared my thoughts on my current home but ideally would love to build something that is 100% OURS.
  • Furnish downstairs of the house and upstairs.
  • Finish basement closet.
  • Organize jewelry.