Style - July 31, 2019

My 15 Favorite Articles on BTD EVER!

Hi hello there! Whether you’ve been on Team BTD for like…years, or if you’re somewhat new here, I thought it’d be fun to round up my favorite posts on the site EVER. Well, not only mine but the ones that I’ve gotten the most/best responses to and the ones that I feel really represent everything we’re trying to do here at BTD.

We have done SO many posts over the years and sometimes I feel like the content (especially the really good stuff) gets buried, which is a bummer because I want y’all to be able to find the site really really useful. So hopefully by doing a round up like these every so often, we’re digging up what you might have missed and inspiring y’all without having to add more content to the bank.

OK here’s the list! I’d love to hear what post – on this list or off – has stood out to you on BTD!

  1. How I Round Brush My Hair Dry – Probably my most requested question through the BTD community is this – how the heck do you get so much volume and do your hair? This post covers most of it (and this one is more dry shampoo related which is another KEY to my volume sitch.).
  2. How, When & Why I Love Brain-Dumping – I’ve been brain dumping for like a decade and it’s an integral part of my life. Plus, I mention it in SO many articles on the site, it can’t not be included.
  3. 7 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox – Social media has really affected my life. It’s obviously my job and I’m grateful for it, but I’ve also REALLY struggled with it. This year was life-changing in the sense that I started taking more breaks from social media. If you feel like you might benefit from a break, definitely check out this post!
  4. How to Make Time for Your Priorities (and Prioritize Them!) – Man, I got really into priorities because I started to feel so lost in terms of what mine was. Like what was I even doing with my days? And was what I was doing moving me forward in life? Did my priorities match what made me happy? Gosh, writing this post was cathartic for me and I think it’s one of the most important topics we’ve covered!
  5. Transitioning Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall. – I had SO much fun writing and researching for this post! I remember y’all loved it too and we had so many comments and fun responses on the blog/Instagram. Definitely bookmark this for September or October, k?
  6. Sometimes I Feel Discouraged Trying to Live Like Jesus – I’ve written a lot about faith and this one sticks out to me most, so that has to be saying something. It’s a feeling I get often and I thought it was cool to open up about.
  7. How to Battle the Comparison Game on Instagram – As I mentioned above, I have struggled with social media and a big part of that is because of the comparison factor. Again, part of my job, but I go deeper into my #feels in this post.
  8. Why You Need a Self-Care Plan and How to Make One – This post just makes me feel GOOD and I think it can do the same for you! Self-care is obviously very very important, yet so many of us don’t have a plan on how to incorporate it into life on a regular basis.
  9. How to Get Better at Not Caring What Others Think – Y’all LOVED this post and I really enjoyed writing it and thinking of ways to improve this in myself. It definitely has come with age for me, but also the tips that are on this list!
  10. Summer Capsule Wardrobe – I kinda wish I had promoted this more or got y’all more involved because I do think it’s incredibly useful. I spent SO long putting it together and do love the idea of “flexible” capsule wardrobes.
  11. 5 Reasons I’m Inspired by The Pursuit of Less – Dang, I have kinda fallen off the wagon of The Pursuit of Less but it is such an awesome way to live (IMO!). I’ll be reading this again and again until I feel like I’m totally back in that mindset. If you feel like you’re suffering from TOO MUCH in life, please read this!
  12. How and Why to Do a Self-Assessment of Your Life (Free Download) – There’s really nothing better than a big cup of coffee, my couch, and a self-assessment. It’s something I do often and I always feel 1000000x better about myself, life, and my direction when I do one.
  13. 23 Ways to Get Your Act Slash Life Together ASAP – Gosh I can’t believe this post was 2.5 years ago because it feels like yesterday! I remember having a lot of fun writing this list. TBH, most of BTD is about getting your life together (and making me work on getting mine together), so this is very fitting.
  14. How to Wear Ankle Booties – This is the most popular post on BTD EVER. Part of that is Pinterest and SEO stuff but I took wayyyyy too many hours creating this and I’m actually very proud of it. At the end of the day, I started as a fashion blogger and I do truly enjoy putting together fashion content for y’all, even if my interests have taken this site in other directions!
  15. The Basics of Starting a Budget – Another one of the most read articles on BTD, it felt fitting. I actually was a CPA for a short period of time and have always felt decently confident in my budget skills. Lots of y’all told me how helpful this was so that made me happy :)

K y’all, that’s it! Please do leave a note if you have a favorite on this list (or off), as it means so much to me to hear from y’all on what has been impactful. Thanks for reading!