Beauty - October 24, 2017

Transitioning Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

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I can’t remember when exactly I learned that you shouldn’t use the same products year round, but now I can’t imaging using the same things in summer and winter. Obviously things like weather, humidity, and habits change from season to season, so it only makes sense that we tweak our beauty routines to match what’s happening, you know? I was talking to a friend about my “fall routine” recently, and she looked at me like I was cray, but she was also interested. I thought I’d write up a post in case y’all are unsure about what products to swap out and all that jazz. I promise it makes a big difference in how products work!


I tend to wear a lot less makeup in the summer, and generally lighter or brighter colors. So once fall hits, it’s kinda fun to bring in different shades and a few new products. Here are 2 things I add to my makeup routine come fall:

Darker lipstick – I love a light neutral pink during summer, even just a balm, but fall and winter are fun to experiment with different colors. I’m loving the brown tones that are back from the 90s, but with a twist. Y’all know I’m a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s line in general, and this matte lipstick is the shizz (it’s matte but easy to apply and not dry). The Bond Girl color is legit the most perfect color for fall everrrr.

Radiant primer – My skin gets real dry in the fall/winter, like it’s a problem. A makeup artist suggested this product last year, and I just ordered it again for fall because it was so fab. This Becca Primer has a tiny bit of shimmer, so I put it on right after my lotion so that my face looks a TINY bit dewy even after my makeup. Y’all know how everything can look kinda dull in winter without a tan? This stuff helps SO much. I’ve also been using TULA’s oil-free gel cream before putting my foundation on and love how refreshing and light it feels! (use code BRIGHTON for a discount!)


Skincare is where I make the most swaps when the temperatures change. I’ve learned that your skin not only needs a lot more moisture in the winter (bc we have our heat on so the air is dry and we take hotter showers, etc), but it also needs more of a few other things too. Deets below!

Exfoliation – I don’t know if this is embarrassing or common but I didn’t even know that I was supposed to exfoliate my skin until a year to two ago. I used to use like gritty face scrubs a while back, but then learned they were actually bad for your skin. SO I did some research on exfoliators slash how often I’m supposed to be doing it. And turns out you’re supposed to do it 2-3 times a week (for most ppl), and it’s especially needed in dryer months. Essentially, it’s getting rid of dead skin cells, so your face looks a lot better after and products actually get absorbed. I’ve been using this gentle Kate Somerville product on my Clarasonic 1-2 times a week and it makes a huge difference. [UPDATE for 2018 – I do sometimes still do this, but now I alternate and also use TULA’s skin-reviving treatment pads! use code BRIGHTON for a discount!)

Face oil – I’m semi good about applying lotion before I go to bed, but adding a face oil for fall/winter has been a game changer. I know it seems like a lot, but we’ve all heard it before – skincare is a lot of work. And my mama always said to start earlier, so this is me trying to get my ish together. After you apply your nighttime skin treatments, let a face oil be the last thing to go on. Oil is thick, so it should always be last. I’m obsessed with this stuff, and it lasts FOREVER. It feels SO good on dry skin too omg.

Face masks – Since my skin has all the issues in the colder months, I pretty much do a face mask every other night. It feels relaxing after a crazy day and I notice big improvements in my skin. It’s kinda fun to pick out a different one every night, depending on what my skin looks like. A few in rotation this fall: Fresh Rose Mask (hydrating), Tata Harper (makes your skin legit glow), and Kiehl’s Energizing mask. Slash should I do a full post on face masks? As I’m writing this I realize I have TONS to share. Is that interesting? Boring? LMK.


OK, I know it seems kinda crazy to make hair changes, but I asked a stylist about this after I learned that I was supposed to transition products per season, and apparently it’s true. You should also be swapping some products and habits come fall. Easy ones though!

Wet less – This isn’t a product change, but a habit one. Sometimes, even if I’m not washing my hair, I’ll get it wet. I kinda hate showering without getting my head wet, and I just feel cleaner if I get everything wet – but obviously only if I don’t need my blowout the next day. Anyways, my stylist told me to wet my hair less in fall/winter. Since the air is dryer and we’re using more heat, any escape from hot water is great for our hair. So now I try to let my hair go an extra day between washes, and I put a topknot in if I’m not washing it.

Clarifying shampoo – I tend to put more product in my hair over fall/winter, I think because I’m not washing it as much and if I do wash it, I’m applying heat tools vs. air drying it like I’ll do here and there in summer. Well, all that product leads to build up. I started using a clarifying shampoo every week or so to get rid of the build-up slash residue. My hair feels GREAT after, and things just work better. It is somewhat drying, so don’t use more than once a week at most.

Hair mask – I use this mask (smells sooo good) once a week in colder months. If I don’t have anything to do the next day and my hair can be kinda gross, I leave it on while I sleep. It feels weird, but y’all, my hair is like SILK the next day. Really good if you’ve been styling a lot and it needs major help.

OK wow that was a lot of info, but I hope it was interesting and helpful? Do y’all like informative beauty posts like this? Do y’all transition your routine? What do you do? Tell me all the things!