Makeup - October 16, 2018

Why I’m Obsessed with Mascara Primer & How it Changed My Lash Game

OK y’all, you know I like to share the goods with you when I stumble across something good, and today that involves mascara primer. It’s not something I’ve used until the last few months, and now I’m straight HOOKED. I’ve known about face primer for years and love it, but honestly, it’s nothing in comparison to mascara primer. Let me break down how it changed my lash game for ya.

It makes my mascara go on better

Y’all know how you have those good mascara days when everything glides on easily, nothing clumps, and your lashes look even? Well, that’s every day when you’re living the mascara primer life. Seriously! Just like primer on your face makes your foundation go on better, it’s the same for mascara primer. It sets your lashes up for success and does a dang good job.

It makes my lashes longer and thicker

I forgot my primer a couple weekends ago while in Austin and I literally had to go buy some because when I wasn’t wearing it, it was like I didn’t have lashes. Now that I’ve gone the primer route, I CANNOT go back. It makes your lashes so much thicker and longer and it’s wayyyy better than any mascara that’s claimed to do either. Since there’s something for the mascara to cling on to, other than lashes (that are often oily), it makes sense. Mixed with a great mascara and your lashes almost look fake (in a good, natural way) and I’ve gotten tons of compliments lately!

It helps my mascara stay on longer

If you have oily skin or your mascara tends to run easily, it’s one more reason to get yourself some primer. I’ve noticed that it helps my mascara to last all day, even when I apply it first thing in the morning and go out at night. No flakes or streaking at all. It’s freaking MAGIC friends, and you need to try.

As for which primer I like most, I’ve been hooked on the Lancome and Urban Decay primers – both are awesome and I can’t pick a favorite! Just do yourself a favor and try it – then let me know how it’s changed your lash game (aka life!).

PS: here’s a link to the shirt I’m wearing in this photo!