Beauty - August 5, 2022

My Updated Everyday Makeup Routine

Back in February I shared a makeup routine/review of the products I use to achieve a natural everyday look. I need products that are simple and reliable because I am by no means a makeup expert. I do what I think looks best for my face and move on with my day. Over the past couple months, I have tried a few new products that have started to become staples in my routine.

I wanted to share an updated routine/review of what I use so help the some of you who are looking to add new items to your routine or have been wondering what these products are all about before pulling the trigger. You can check out my reel here!

Everyone should start their routine with some SPF. No matter what kind you use, sunscreen is my non-negotiable. I personally use the Supergoop! Unscreen Sunscreen. It has the name for a reason…its “unseen” under my makeup and doesn’t have a harsh “sunscreeny” smell.

I only recently tried the HOURGLASS Mineral Primer and I like it! Minimizes my pores/wrinkles and helps my foundation stick. To be honest I don’t always put the primer on but I do notice a difference when I use if vs. not.

After SPF and primer comes foundation. I use either the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint or the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (shade 5.5). Lately I have been leaning towards the Luminous silk because it has a bit more coverage while still giving a bit of hydration to the face. It’s lightweight but buildable so you can choose how much coverage you want depending on your mood or the day.

Concealer comes next. This soon to be mom of 2 needs to cover these dark circles. The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a classic. Another buildable coverage product with a creamy texture and luminous finish.

Now y’all know the Chanel Bronzing Cream is my go-to bronzer. I haven’t switched this up because it WORKS. I am so glad I made the switch from powder to cream bronzer because the finish just looks so much nicer in my opinion. I don’t use a ton of it so the jar has lasted me a while. It is definitely worth the price tag. I use the Ilia Multi-stick lip & cheek (shade Dreamer) for a bit of color on the apples of my cheek.

Nordstrom Beauty Current Makeup Products

Moving onto the eyes…I am NOT an eyeshadow queen. I have maybe two palettes and don’t know how to use the. But when I do use eyeshadow I gravitate towards the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (shade metallic taupe). Its sheer but gives the perfect amount of glitter to the eye. I just put it all over and then smudge out the edges with a brush. The Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner (caviar) is a bit pricer but when applied with their Fine Eyeliner Brush it glides on like butter and leaves a smooth saturated black line! To top off the eyes off with the LANCÔME Mascara Primer. The difference this makes before putting on mascara is insane. My lashes always look longer and fuller. I go through tubes of this. Mixing the primer with my HOURGLASS Extensions Mascara is my secret formula. Doesn’t smudge and last’s all day.

On to the final steps. I set my whole face with the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I just use a fluffy brush and lightly tap it onto the whole face. It gives a slight matte finish and holds everything in place allllll day. Last but no least, lips! I have Charolette Tilbury’s famous color Pillow Talk in both the lipstick and the gloss. It’s the perfect pink and I can wear it everyday.

I hope you have found this review helpful! I don’t spend much time on my makeup, probably around 10 minutes but it works! I wear it everywhere and has yet to let me down.