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3 Tips You Need to Know When Decorating for Fall

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It may be in the 90s this weekend in Dallas but fall is officially here. There’s something about this time of year that makes me so excited and eager to update my home decor. I LOVE sprinkling in pieces here and there to give my home a more cozy feel!

You might remember I used Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs to help me design my kitchen. I am so happy with the way our kitchen turned out (we seriously just clicked) that I knew she would be my go-to to help me incorporate some fall touches into my existing decor.

You may have seen on my IG stories that Ginger came over last week so we could play around in my kitchen and make it feel like October… even though it doesn’t totally feel that way outside yet. I asked Ginger if she could put together a few tips that I could share with you guys since I always learn so much when I talk with her.

So, let’s get into the three tips she gave me for decorating for the fall season, shall we?!

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fall decor kitchen styling
fall decor kitchen styling, black hood vent fall decoration

Fall Decorating Tip #1: Start With a Distraction-Free Palette

My style is pretty minimal and clean already but in order to make room for some new decor we needed to get rid of some of the pieces I already had in my house. This was something I never really thought to do before I started working with Ginger but it makes sooo much sense… and then you can bring back those pieces once you clear out your seasonal decorations.

Remove and edit out the items that you don’t need for everyday use. It’s amazing how quickly items we don’t need will pile up. Put away the things that are causing clutter like old mail, notes from school, sunglasses, etc.

Once you’ve got a distraction-free palette to work from, each new piece you place with intention will have its moment to shine and your beautiful decor no longer has to compete with clutter.

Fall Decorating Tip #2: Know Your Style & the Look You Want

Since I’ve worked with Ginger before, she knows my style and the look I’m after. I love my home and decor to feel modern, cozy, and organic. I didn’t want whatever we added to feel kitschy or like it had a theme, so we made sure to incorporate more natural and organic elements.

Ginger made sure that we had a variety of small, medium, and large items to make sure we were considering scale for the impact that we were wanting to make. She’s so great about making sure there’s a great flow with everything we add so nothing feels dominating, ya know what I mean?

fall decor kitchen styling

Fall Decorating Tip #3: Find Items From Your Own Front Yard

Ginger’s seriously a pro at knowing how to tie in items I’d never even think about as decor like a tray or basket of magnolia leaves copper side up to make that beautiful fall/rust color pop or dried foliage places in a large vessel or vase. You could seriously go explore your yard for dried tree branches (with or without leaves)!

Tip from Ginger:

“I love to incorporate at least one pot, vessel, or vase that’s vintage. This adds so much warmth, interest, and character to a space.” 

Also look for tall dried grass (that pale golden wheat color is lovely) when the freeze wiped out some of my landscaping I up-rooted it and saved it, knowing it could see new purpose/life. You could totally check your area parks for fallen branches and other foliage items that will be discarded by the groundskeeper. The most fun recycling! Also, a great activity to do with the kids!

Oven-dried lemons, oranges, apples, and pears also make for the most stunning fall presentation. You can display these in either a rustic bowl, clear glass jar, or even on a beautiful string garland. I love putting dried citrus/fruit down my holiday table for some gorgeous color and texture!

I hope these tips were helpful for y’all. I get so in my own head when I think about decorating… and then I talk to Ginger and she reminds me how easy and simple it can be. Like small changes can make a BIG difference when it comes to seasonal decorating.

I want to know some of your tips for fall (or any season) decorating! Let us know in the comments below.

fall decor kitchen styling
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