Style - October 17, 2018

Investment Pieces for Fall

Y’all know I’m down with budget-friendly picks to mix in with my wardrobe, but I also am a big fan of investing in certain pieces. You see, there are certain pieces and brands that are worth spending a little extra in my book because the quality just can’t compare. I’m talking items that you can literally wear for years, that go with a lot in your closet, and that always feels good to put on. And one of the brands that I always keep my eye on for investment pieces is the one and only Ralph Lauren.

They’re a staple in fashion for a reason and the RL Polo brand is actually celebrating 50 years, which is pretty amazing! I can remember my mom shopping here when I was young, and now I’m a regular there. Brands like RL are where I go for classic investments – like a sweater (love this tan-colored one!) that’ll be in style for years, or a nice cardigan that will last you a decade – literally. Ralph Lauren has such a skill for designing beautiful pieces that are classic with an Americana twist and I just love what they do over there!

Y’all have asked me how I mix in lower and higher priced items, so I thought working with RL would be the perfect match to show y’all how I do that. And to share the pieces from the brand that I’d consider investing in yourself! There are so many to choose from, but these are the ones you could mix into whatever is in your closet – and wear time after time, which obviously pays off for the investment long term.

But first, here are 2 of the pieces I chose to get this fall and work into my own wardrobe. I thought it’d be cool to show y’all three different looks I put together with the pieces; so I put together outfits for work, errands, and a date night. Fun right??

Oversized Chambray Styled For Date Night

Y’all know I’m a chambray girl, always have been, and Ralph makes some of the very very best! I live for this darker denim shade and it’s literally the coziest thing EVER. One of my fave things about chambray is how much you can dress it up or down – it’s crazy versatile. I could have easily put leggings on with this, but I thought I’d do a comfy date night look with black skinnies and a fun, printed heel.

It’d also be super cute layered over a striped turtleneck (or love this cream cashmere one if you’re looking for something nice!) or even worn unbuttoned over a white tee! And as for dressing it down, I love wearing an oversized chambray with leggings and sneakers or even some cute laofers for more of an in-between coffee-shop or work-from-home type vibe.

Black turtleneck for Errands

This is such a Brighton outfit, and it’s what I’m usually wearing most days of the week (when leaving the house). Jeans, comfy sweater and cute flats. This black sweater is BEYOND cozy and I’ve literally worn it a couple days of the week lately #nojudgement. It’s definitely an investment, but it’s cashmere and this will legit never go out of style. For the way it feels, I’d give up spending money for like a year because it’s that good.

PS: The black sweater I’m wearing is cashmere, so it’s obviously an investment item. I’ve been wanting one of their classic cable-knit cashmere sweaters since high school! But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, they’ve got a wool blend style that looks just the same (but with a better price tag) here!

Black turtleneck for Work

See, the black turtleneck again! Told y’all it gets a lot of use. I obviously don’t have to go into a traditional office, but I meet with brands, etc. and have meetings fairly regularly. For this time of year, I think black on black is so chic and easy. So again, cozy black turtleneck mixed with everything else black and done! How easy is that for the office or a meeting?

OK now that y’all have seen how I’m styling my RL investment pieces, here are some other ones I have my eye on…

  • I love these brown leather ankle booties. The heel details is AMAZING and the color of the cognac leather is just right in my opinion.
  • I’m such a sucker for a classic, brown leather belt – especially one with a simple yet statement-worthy buckle detail. My 2 favorite belts are from Ralph Lauren; I picked both of them up over the years while on family trips in Aspen (I LOVE the RL store there!). They’ve been a staple in my wardrobe ever since.
  • There’s something regal or at least super sophisticated and expensive-looking (in my opinion) about a classic tan sweater. And when I think about the “right” color tan, I always think of Ralph Lauren. I love this tan-colored crew-neck sweater. It would be so cute styled with a cream scarf (for a tone-on-tone look), black or dark denim, and then some brown leather boots!
  • Ralph Lauren is known for their classic cable-knit cashmere (like the black turtleneck sweater I’ms wearing above). I also LOVE this cream crew neck sweater with the cable-knit detail. This would be an item you’d have FOREVER.
  • and while I’m on the cable-knit train, I’ll point out one last item that I’ve actually got on my wishlist for Holidays: this cashmere shawl cardigan. OMG. So pretty. I love the grey and the cream color so much! And I love the idea of styling this with a belt around it too!

Thanks so much to Ralph Lauren for sponsoring this post! As always, ALL opinions are my own.